Thing 2 RPG Quick Update Post

This is just a quick(ish) post of what I’ve been doing so far and what I have planned.

Summary of Changes:

Weapon Rehaul, with equippable Mods instead of crafting weapons with mods.
Lots of minor fixes to the game (something like 100+ read ‘version history’.txt when game released), difficulty slightly increased, survival rate… decreased.
Bonus features like “Iron Mode” and the Jeep Sub-Boss appearing on a NewGame+.
Collectible Object Side Quest in Story Mode.
The Inclusion of a Friendly Outpost in Story Mode with Random Events, lots of NPCs (SideQuests) and a reputation system exclusive to the outpost.
Extra Content: A short mode titled “Pierces Story” which tells some missing parts of the game, completion unlocks small rewards in the main game and a short side quest in the story mode revolving around Pierce.
Extra Content: A short mode titled “Thing Mode – Subject #21;s Story” This tells the story of Subject #21 who escapes from the Submersible, it seems short but is quite fun being the enemy of the game, Completion can unlock Subject #21 as a boss in story mode; If this is popular and there is request an additional thing mode can be added but I’d like someone to write me some ideas first!
Remastered Tutorial: The tutorial has been redone to make it a bit easier for new players.

Planned Work:

We are in the process of redoing all the character sprites and adding some additional artwork to the game.
I want to include an online guide/walkthrough for unlockables etc but I can probably work on that after release. I will include a link to it somewhere in the game (Not sure where yet).
Extra Content: The Untitled “Ship Story” which part of me wants to name Harbringer Down as a joke, anyway its very ambitious on my part, making you survive so many days on a doomed ship before rescue. Managing little supplies and even smaller number of npc allies. There will be a lot of timed elements to this game with the inclusion of extra enemies, voice actors for the majority of characters and artistic cutscenes. I’m also included a two endings, one is secret and actually changes the outcome of story mode by revealing yet another random plot twist.
TTFAW Far North: After Sadonrii showed me the thing from another world comic I became a bit obsessed with it, I want to include a fully voiced graphic novel in the game somewhat similar to Dead Spaces Ignition without the puzzles, just pure story (it will also appear on youtube) Its a rewrite of what happens to MacReady and Childs but its cannon to the game, Blake finds bodies matching their identities at the start of original mode, but maybe thats what they wanted people to think… (It gives a lot of nods to the brilliant TTFAW comic)
Asides from this I got some minor features to do like extra side quests, extra secret sub-bosses, I can now have the flare light time out, I want to include ‘Starvation’ and ‘Fever/Sickness’ in the game too. The Idea for Fever/Sickness is that its either caught from Cold Exposure or from combat (slight chance, like Disturbed/Insane). Having Fever/Sickness would hinder a character slightly and destroy sp over time. It would only be treatable via the Antibiotic kit or higher level medi-kits. Starvation would be treatable with food, and randomly occur in random people over a period of time. Just as a layer of difficulty/managment it would reduce Health slowly. Starvation will likely appear as an additional option in the difficulty menu.

Also Sadonrii has completed “Original Mode” and is now on “Story Mode” (Playlists Below)

On another note I aim for a September 2015 release of the v2 Public. I leave one of my jobs on 31st March so my only concern is artist/voice actor time constraints, but we shall see how things progress. Thanks for waiting, Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!

The Thing v2.0 Status & “Lets Play”

Greetings everyone, its been some time so I’m going to summarize this as best as I can. I released The Thing 2 RPG in November 2013 and in March 2014 I began working on an update for the game which would feature new content, additional game modes and other changes to the core game. I intended to complete this by late 2014 but unfortunately I had to shelve it as I started a second job, 24 hours a week (+8 unpaid) as a Manager in August 2014. In combination with my part-time job making pizzas (12 hours a week) I have been working 6, sometimes 7 days a week since August 2014. My current contract as a manager ends in April (I’m only temp cover) but its been a really valuable experience for me.

Anyway, the good news is that since the end of January 2015 I have started putting in 4 hours a week on The Thing v2.0 Update. I’m intending to complete it this time and I welcome any feedback/suggestions/comments for content or improvements. I thought that I would write a summary of what I have already completed and what I plan to include below:

Work that Has Already Been Completed:

  • Massive Weapon re-haul of damage calculations and completely redone weapon attachment system as equip-able MODS in the game.
  • Updated Story Mode: There is now a community outpost which you can interact with throughout the course of the story.
  • Pierce’s Side Story (Extra Content): A short story about Pierce, filling in some of the gaps in the story, similar to Avery’s story but features a stealth based mini game/puzzle scene.
  • Tons of little fixes/changes which I will try to summarize here but the full list will be available with the updated game (see the version history.txt file)

    fixes/changes summary

  • Balanced skills, changing most formulas
  • Made bosses more resistant to status ailments
  • fixed a bunch of “crummy plot holes and spelling errors” in original mode
  • New Characters for Story Mode (Community DLC)
  • In a NewGame+ the Jeep enemy boss now appears at the Airstrip in Story Mode & Original Mode
  • Added “Iron Mode” (Unlocked on NewGame+) to make enemies always veteran when fought
  • Added 20 Gen Inc ID cards to be found in Story Mode, they can returned to a certain character to unlock rewards
  • Added a bunch of new armors, weapons, items and relics to the game
  • The Story Mode Updated Outpost features over 35 new side missions (ALL OPTIONAL)

Work that I plan to do:

  • Add Thing Mode to Extra Content: This will be a short game mode where you control the thing. It will feature stealth/detection maze puzzles, some combat and some assimilation… It fills in additional gaps in the story and attempts to tie up some loose ends :) [The creature you control in this mode will be unlocked as an optional boss fight in story mode]
  • ‘Untitled’ Ship Story added to Extra Content: This is the fan fiction story I was submitted that I have invested a lot of time into. It’s about some researches on a ship that excavate a thing buried in the ice but the boat then gets trapped in the ice, thing thaws out, you know the rest. You will struggle for survival and I’m ambitiously hoping I can make the game play out like Dead Rising in that it will take place over a set period of “game” time to unfold events/characters and influence the outcome. While this story features in the extra content section, I will do my best to make it cannon to the main game stories. This is the first addition to Extra Content that will be more than just a short story.
  • Tutorial Remake/Review: I will be redoing the game tutorial to make it more interesting and explain things better. I need to focus less on over explaining things and just going for the key aspects of the game.
  • Online Guide: This will take some work but I’m going to create an online guide/walk through that is linkable from the in-game Field Guide. I won’t delete the field guide in the game but this will be a more functional way of compiling information for people. If it is popular I may go on to adapt it into some form of wiki-like guide with enemies, weapons, npc info etc
  • Misc/other, Theres other small things I won’t mention but I hope to fix text/spelling in story mode too. I focused so much on getting the game running/working how I wanted that I often overlooked the character dialogue and it has vexed me that it is imperfect. I’d also like to mention that I am looking for voice actors for the ship story addition, I want to make it entirely spoken to replace the need for text boxes, but it depends on cost/efficiency as the game generates ZERO income for me (It’s intended to be free to play and non-profit fan based fiction)

I hope that there is still a level of interest for the game and I am glad The Thing 2 RPG has over 1000 downloads and the original RPG has over 2000! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to include/work on (Offer constructive criticism…)

Also good news ‘Sadonrii’ on YouTube has committed to a lets play of my game. Below is the part where he faces the first boss in original mode. Its been an interesting experience for me watching him play, it’s helped me understand a bit about the design process that I always felt like I was missing. Please support him if you can (links below)

The Thing 2 RPG Lets Play Playlist:

Sadonrii Channel:


Thing 2 RPG Update v2.0, Coming late 2014

The Thing RPG Continues, keep watching the skies.

The Thing RPG Continues, keep watching the skies.

Sometimes Jose really cracks me up. The Thing 2 RPG that I released in November 2013 will be getting an update later this year. I hope that the improvements and new story additions will at least entertain a few new players. I’ve been referring to this update as v2.0 but it will be the only big update for the game, I would say it is the most complete edition like how dead or alive has the ultimate expansion for example.

v2.0 Features

-Game Balancing and a bunch of minor adjustments to in game stuffs
-Weapon System redone, now all have different damage rates & equip-able Attachments
-Removed the old Attachment Crafting system in favor of equip-able Attachments
-Other small features such as crates sometimes bursting as monsters instead of loot
-The Addition of the Jeep Sub-Boss Enemy
-4 New DLC stories/modes & a new update to the games story mode
-An Online Guide/Walkthrough available on this website (can be launched from in game)

1. Story Mode Update

This will include a brand new cast of characters that have formed their own little enclave/settlement in an abandoned mining outpost. You will have the opportunity to work alongside them (gaining their trust) and recruiting new members to your cause. Comes with a bunch of new side objectives and everything in this update is completely optional but it expands and extends the experience. The main point is that it is intended to show that The Thing could never be fought alone and only by a community.

2. DLC “Pierce’s Story”

A short DLC gametype similar to that of Avery’s Story. It goes into some of the missing scenes about Pierce, like what happened on his mission and it attempts to fill in the gaps where he was separated from Blake.

3. DLC Untitled Ship Story

Probably the main feature in the v2.0 update and largely a fan request. This is a whole new separate story that takes place just before and during the events of my game. It is about a research ship on an arctic expedition and they find something buried in the ice (you know where this is going right?). Unfortunately they get trapped in the ice themselves so are forced to enhance the ships heating systems which quite the effect on our frozen friend. You take control of a researcher named Natalie and you will be on a dead rising styled timed event format sort of gameplay. This gamemode will have several endings especially considering what story objectives (Think case files) you complete and what truth you uncover aboard that doomed research vessel. This story has new enemy/boss types and I hope will be a different experience for the player.

4. DLC “Thing Mode”

Like in the original RPG I made back in 2010 this mode puts you in control of the thing creature. I’m still thinking about interesting ways to incorporate this story but it will be the tale of Subject #21 and its escape from the Submersible. It will tell the tale of behind the scenes of the stories and may run into several familiar characters along the way. Its basically evil mode.

5. DLC “US Outpost #31″

This is going to be a bit different from other game modes and I’m still working out how to go about it but you will be in control of MacReady. The game style will be in the form of a detective sort of story where you have to work out who is infected or not among your team. I will be making it random so its not the same culprits every time but hope to maybe have misleading clues and stuff like that. I don’t want it to be easy and without enough hard evidence will you be able to take an innocent life? I mean Mac’s only got to have so much flamethrower fuel…

Looking towards the Future

So I made a game, What happens now? Well other than trying to round up the funds to invest in a good computer (Not even at software yet, great!) I can’t say I’m exactly sure what I should be doing. As everyone knows “Underwear + ? = Profit” but what is “?”? I have given it some thought and my general plan of action is to team up with a friend and try and make something in Unity together (Baby Steps!) hopefully this “Something” will be fairly decent and sell-able (Apps, Steam etc). As for now I guess I just have to clear my head of anxiety and take actions for myself, I am in the process of thinking of ideas for a game as well as doing some side work (DLC) for my recent (only) release (Thing 2). If anyone stumbling across this happens to be in the games industry or has any helpful hints on how someone can get started on the right path I’d appreciate useful comments.

Anyway asides from my deranged ramblings and general pessimism I thought I’d write a few things about the work and ideas I’ve come up with.

Next Project, Goals:

I don’t really wanna say too much but I’ve sort of got this idea in my head that with my friend we will make a horror game. Lately I’ve been playing quite a few horror games and I find that for the most part the majority of them are not scary and too easy. I think its important for a game to keep tension throughout but I know this can be difficult especially with horror games being somewhat predictable, having “set events” and easy retries. Also I find that the survival aspect is watered down a lot too in these modern games. I’m not that old really (I’m not that young either) but I had a Play Station One as a child (PsX) and I remember how horrifying and scary games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill & Alone in the Dark actually were. While I’m sure there are older games on older platforms with probably the same effect those are the games I remember always being unable to play, even my older (late teens, early 20’s) relatives at the time struggled to get to the grips with the sheer horror. In the last 15 years with the advances in film and graphics those horror games have lost a lot of their original effect. I guess the ambition is to bring back that old school horror. (I admit the Silent Hill 2 HD Release was pretty scary, minus the bad voice acting and certain graphics) Its somewhat of a challenge but I’m willing to try and take a crack at it, keeping that tension is the key element without being cheap with over the top gore or jump scares.

The Thing 2 v2.0 Updates & DLC

I’ve been mulling this over in my head for a while. Sometimes I question if it is worth it, I didn’t reach my personal ‘Download’ target and I never actually received that much feedback but I am glad for the somewhat 600+ people who downloaded and played it. Anyway I’m still in the prep stages but I have come up with a bunch of ideas for improvements to the game as well as additional content that explores other parts of the story. For starters the crafting system needs sorting out which is a messy, long and frustrating task (Puts me off a bit) as well as there needs to be some changes to the exp system and new features like enemies bursting out of crates. I did have a lot of fun coming up with Story DLC and Extra Content DLC however and I would like to list some of my ideas.

Story Mode; “Mining Outpost”: I had this idea that there was this old outpost taken over by Gen Inc staff who had defected from the company. In this way they start their own settlement (as the Captain has the FieldBase). Over time various people and misfits would settle into this location and it would offer the player a “community” to interact with and support over the course of the story. It also shows that sense of not being able to survive alone.

Extra Content; “Pierce’s Lost Story”: There are some parts of the story where Pierce goes off on his own and I have written quite a few plot elements that tie together nicely and also effect / crossover with other stories (so everything makes sense).

Extra Content; “Thing Mode”: This would be the mode where you play as the thing entity and have to escape your containment. Once escaped you would be able to grow in mass/strength by assimilating others and be able to hide out among the humans. This story ties into the events of Avery’s, Pierce’s, Charlie Teams, Orton’s and Whitley’s Stories while aiming to create a different experience.

Extra Content; “Alaska Based Story”: I’ve thought about maybe having a shipment or something arrive in Alaska which effects a remote community (of which you are either staying or live there). It would be like a short story based on the story that I read for the Redwood falls video game. I probably overkill it with the tie ins and miscellaneous references sometimes.

Extra Content; “Who Goes There?”: I was thinking about a game where you are human and its sort of like murder mystery/broken sword type game where you have to play detective in order to find out who is human. This would involve you making (potentially wrong) decisions based on random evidence found in your search of the area. I was thinking about US Outpost #31 as a setting as I’m quite familiar with the character personalities. It would be interesting, probably not very action packed though. Cluedo on steroids.

Even if I don’t follow up most of these ideas I had fun working on them at least. If there is much of a demand for certain additions / modes / functions in The Thing 2 RPG then I will be happy to oblige.

Thanks for Reading, it was nice to express my ideas.

The Thing 2 RPG Game Release & Downloads

So the time is finally here, the time to release my fragile game into the shark infested waters of reality. Its taken quite a long time and cost me more than I expected but I feel that the journey was worth it and at least I can say “Hey, I made that”. I hope that fans of the movie(s) and dare I say the 2002 video game will appreciate the fiction I have tried to create. I would kindly request that you keep criticism and comments as constructive as possible, if you don’t like it tell me how I can improve it or better still tell me what I did well.

Please keep in mind that this game is FREE and there is no monetary gain to be made from it as I do not own the rights to the Thing (I believe Universal hold them rights) and I would like people to consider this as “Fan Fiction”. Any external media used is subject to removal at the proper authors request although I cannot see any problems occurring myself. Anyway now that all that is out of the way I can move on with the important stuff.

I would class this game as Sci-Fi RPG with elements of horror and would like to point out that the in game imagery may be unsuitable for audiences below 15. The game is about 14-20 hours long if playing both Story and Original modes. The trailer is attached to this post for people curious about what the gameplay is going to be like so please view that before downloading. The game download links will be attached below (when they are uploaded) and the game comes in two different builds. I will now explain the difference between the builds;

Regular Build, v1.0

This is the standard build of the game, This build may be difficult for some players to run depending on how old their PC is. I have what I believe to be the recommended specifications for running this build:*
Operating System Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU Intel Core 5 or Higher
Memory 2GB RAM or Higher

Lite Build, v1.0

If you Do Not meet the above requirements then I would recommend you download the “Lite” Build of the game. Ironically the Lite build disables the dynamic in game lighting effects making it quite dark in places. However it is just a substitute for people with weaker machines. Here are the minimum specifications for running the LITE build:*
Operating System Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or Higher
Memory 512MB RAM or Higher
Video 1024 x 768 or better resolution
Storage 167MB Free Hard Drive Space

*Specifications mentioned above are just estimated guidelines


I hope you enjoy playing this game and I hope that you leave me some feedback for improvements or ideas for new content I could add to the game. I will be working on a Game Guide which I hope to release soon to detail all the missions, weapons etc included in the game, thanks for reading.

Download Game

Regular Build, v1.0
ModDB: Here
Mediafire: Here

Lite Build, v1.0
ModDB: Here
Mediafire: Here

You can find more information on this game at:


The Thing 2 RPG Full Release Date & Trailer

Story, Original and Survival modes are now complete and have been tested several times. All that really remains now before the First Full Public Release is Cosmetic and Minor Things. The Reason for Delaying the game is that the Ending artwork is not yet complete and it feels somewhat wrong to make the player complete the game and short change them. The release date has been moved to the 28.11.2013 which should give me enough time to crack the whip and get any final testing done. If I have any remaining time left I will use it to create extra DLC and such. If anyone has any recommendations for content that I can turn into DLC (Such as Fan-Fiction stories) then please post them on the most recent news article (or inbox me). When the 28th November arrives the game will be freely available for PC download via ModDB or Mediafire links. (This will include both the standard and lite versions). Anyway here is a cheesy trailer I created;



You can find more information on this game at:

Thing 2 RPG The Next Few Releases

The public test builds have come to an end for now. The feedback I received was very helpful in getting broader opinions on the game. With the Release of Test Build 8 I have gone back to a select few private testers who are helping me to refine a better game.

I estimated a release of October the 28th 2013 and it looks like I am on track for this release. I do want to say that this is not set in stone as I can foresee certain factors hindering my progress especially work that is getting done on my behalf (of which I cannot control the timescale). I will try to get it released on this time but in the meantime I will be very busy working on the game as much as I can.

Here is an overview of what the next few releases will be;

Test Build 8 (Released, Private):

This was the efficiency update (larger screen and lots of fixes) as well as an update to the story mode of the game (Chapter 3).

Test Build 9 (In Progress, Private):

This update will have the full story mode gameplay, that being Chapters 4 and 5 as well as the ending scenes processed. What I look forward to most with this update is the inclusion of a “New Game+” feature which will provide some re-playability to both the Story & Original Modes of the game. New Game Plus will carry over bonus items for the player as well as extra rewards.

Test Build 10 (Private):

This will be my final test build. The main feature will be the inclusion of the games Survival Mode. I will also be working on the structuring for the Extra Content (DLC) mode as well as some sample DLC to be included. There will be 3 types of content available to the game and they will come with future downloads/releases and will be free of charge. Content 1 is additional areas for Story Mode (I already have a few planned), Content 2 is maps for Survival Mode as well as any New Scenarios for Extra Content Mode (Like Dragon Age Origins ‘Witch Hunt’ type) and Content 3 would be updates to gameplay such as new features or items/weapons.

Beta Build (Undecided):

Assuming my Test Build phase was the “Alpha Build” this type of build would basically bring everything together. Everything here would then be polished up as much as possible and attempts to refine the system would be finalized here. This exists to remove any bugs and make fixes to the game before full release.

The Thing 2 v1.0 (Full Release):

This will be the first full public version of the game with all the benefits of the changes made from the beta build. The game will be freely available for download from ModDB and my website via a mediafire download link. The first game had at least 100 downloads and I am hoping that this one will do at least 200. I understand that not everyone will like the style of gameplay but you cannot please everyone.


Any Questions or comments please post on this article as it is very hard for me to know if I have anything to respond to otherwise.

Thanks for reading and please wait for the v1.0 release.

You can find more information on this game at:

Thing 2 RPG ‘Test Build 7′ / Updates

It was in May that the last test build was released. I got some good feedback and I want to say thanks for that. Since then I have made over 100 changes to the game (some minor, some major) & I have begun to work on the Main Story Mode of the game. Granted my spelling and grammar needs some serious correction but I’ll get around to that last.


-Major Changes to the Games Formula
-Story Mode Chapter 2 of 5 Ready for Testing
-Crafting System cleaned up a bit & organized
-Lots of Battle Alterations
-At least 80 Minor Changes, probably not noticable

For a full list of updates please read the ‘Version History’.txt file within The Thing 2 [TB7] Downloaded folder.

Test Build 8

Please note for this build I have not accompanied it with a ‘Lite Version’. The reason for this is that I want to test the Anti-Lag Code I am using and see how it effects players performance.

Modes that work:
Tutorial Mode (Altered) 100%
Original Mode 100%
Story Mode, Chapter 2 of 5 (40%)

Please note that Survival Mode and the Extra Content (DLC) function do not work and will send you to the test map. Any questions please comment on THIS post/article.

#Edit (08/07/13): It has come to my attention that there is a section of the original mode that appears bugged. This is due to the anti-lag script preventing a scene from processing correctly, the scene is updated in this release (If you have already downloaded TB7 then you will have to download this new file) I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. As for save file backwards compatibility that is untested, This is an opportunity to see if that works..


The next update (nicknamed the Efficiency Update) Will improve lighting and make the game window size noticeably bigger. There will be more story mode gameplay for this version as well as updated graphics. I am currently in the process of getting artwork completed for the game even though its fairly expensive. There should be new battle backgrounds, new enemy stock images (original designs), resized/edited game images and New Ending Images all of which will be original and more suited to the project. There will also be a large overhaul to the way items are dropped in the game. I think some weapons are far too common in comparison to others.

Thing2 RPG PLAY “Test Build 6″ / “Lite Build 2″

Over the course of the past 4 months or so I have been doing private test builds to iron out the game as much as possible before general release. I have decided that I need to expand on my feedback and criticism as much as I can so while I am working on the game hopefully people will play what I have already done and tell me what they think. I don’t think everyone will like it but I would appreciate it if you kept snide remarks to yourselves.

At the bottom of this post you will find the links (mediafire) to various builds of the game. Please read the rest of this post carefully to understand what BUILD you need and what game play has been completed so far.

Build Information

Test Build 6
This is the regular / standard build of the game. It is the recommended Build for players.
If you have a slower computer or older computer then I would advise you get the Lite Build.

Lite Build 2
Less tested than the Regular build but should work fine. This build is best for players with older machines as it is less laggy.
Please be aware that the lite build disables dynamic lighting (so some junction boxes may become redundant) and also be aware that Torches and Flares DO NOT work because they are disabled due to the removal of the dynamic lighting function.

Game Modes

There are 5 major game modes in the game.
When you select “New Game” you will be met by a pre-loader and then you will be offered the TUTORIAL MODE. Please play this, especially if you did not play the first game. It will teach you all the basics of the game. I also want to note that there is a command in the menu called FIELD GUIDE please reference this for in game help / tutorials on the fly.

Breakdown of Game Modes

Story Mode
The main game story, I have only just finished making the intro chapters (about 30 mins gameplay) so you may find that your progress is halted when you reach the Field Base. Please try it and tell me what you think, it is an original story of my own and I hope it makes sense.

Original Mode
A complete remake of the first game. With all the new gameplay features and an extended story. This mode is 100% complete and takes around 10 hours to finish. It has 12 Levels and please tell me if you make it past Level 9 “Airstrip” as none of my testers have passed this point. Also note that this is the main mode that has been tested so a lot of the game tweaking is according to how this mode plays.

Survival Mode
Survival mode IS NOT started. It will send you to the TEST MAP

Extra Content
Reserved for DLC. Extra Content Mode IS NOT started. It will send you to the TEST MAP

Test Map
Built for my use mainly. You may find that things do not make sense on it, just play around with it.

Game Download Links

Test Build 6

Lite Build 2

Please enjoy the game and note that these links will not stay up forever.
Thank you for your time.

You can find more information on this game at:

One Year Later…

It has been over an entire year since I started The Thing 2. Considering I made the first one in about 8 weeks it feels like a lifetime. I must admit it doesn’t look like I have done an awful lot but I have come a long way in a year. Between balancing a job and volunteering I have still managed to find some time every week to work on this. I think I overshot it with a October 2012 release and I sure as hell overestimated the amount of work that had to be done.

As it stands I am happy with how the game plays, I have worked hard to make sure events within the game are as random as possible. The original mode is complete and I have tested it a bunch of times, I would say time wise that it takes between 6 to 8 hours to complete. I am happy with it and will not be making any major changes to it, I consider it complete.

I have recently started the story mode. This is the main part of the game itself. It is my own tale that puts a player created character in charge of a task force sent to recover the missing Captain Blake (Hero of the Original Mode). While I am no good at setting myself a deadline to work too, I would like to think it will take 10 – 12 weeks to have the majority of it completed and hopefully working.

After that its the Survival Mode which I am still undecided on and then the template for the Extra Content (Or DLC) that will be added to the game over time. It might be ambitious but lets hope that I can finish the game by the end of this year.

I have been wondering if there is any point in me releasing a demo for people to play. It would be nice to get some feedback I guess. I am considering it.

Anyway here is an updated video of Original Mode: Level 04 [Norwegian Base]. I am using a new screen recorder that records sound too! So let me know how the game sound, sounds. I would like to point out that the enemy graphics are just placeholders for the moment I am still hoping to get some custom ones drawn.


You can find more information on this game at:

Thanks for Reading!