Game development isn’t cheap and I’ve been self funding myself since 2010. Life has gotten in the way a few times which is why there have been a lot of setbacks along the way. I’ve always declined donations in the past but have reached a point where I am struggling for additional resources and have finally decided to allow donations.

I know there are sites such as Patreon, Indiegogo and Kickstarter that can be used to ask for funding but I don’t feel like I have a big enough project (yet) to warrant that level of community support.

What will Donations be used for?

  1. We had to scrap our Post-Apocalyptic Open World RPG using Yanfly’s Plugins due to financial issues. With increased revenue we would like to resume development on this.
  2. Website Maintenance. I currently pay for the domain name and a WordPress premium subscription which allows me to monetize the ads (as of August 2018). As website traffic increases hopefully this will offset some of the yearly cost but any donations I receive may be used towards this.
  3. Donations may also be used towards costs for older projects such as The Thing 2 RPG which is Fan Made & Free to Play for everyone.
  4. If there is enough support I would like to make a spiritual sequel to The Thing 2 RPG in the RPG Maker MV Engine which would support better performance, better gameplay features and a bigger resolution.

If you are willing to support us at this time it would be much appreciated. I am accepting donations via Paypal.


Consider helping us out with costs for less than the price of Lunch. Any amount is appreciated.


Many Thanks,



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