January 2020 Blog Update

Hello! Happy New Year, have you all ditched your resolutions to loose weight yet? I know I have!

Life Stuff

January has been such a cold month, people don’t really have much money so work has been quite dead for the most part though lack of staff has made up for that I suppose. I haven’t really done much this month it feels like, I made a new map in warcraft 3 (classic) and worked on some of my ideas a little but that feels like it really.

I find that I lack time for most things these days, so many films, series and games to enjoy but no time to do so. It kinda bums me out a lot and I try not to think about it too much but life kinda sucks that way. So much for kicking off the new year with “New Year New Me” right? I wanna be more positive in February, let’s hope the world doesn’t end or something in the meantime…

The Thing x Shaggy Memes, Perfection.

The Thing 2 RPG (v3.0 Update)

I’m quite behind on work I have to catch up with currently. Arteaga has been producing tiles faster than I can work them into the game and I haven’t really had much time off work lately so it’s somewhat frustrating. I do want to get the update out at some-point in 2020 though so please stand by for more details.

I’d also like to note that while I do intend this to be the last update some rather interesting news keeps circulating about a new Thing Movie in production. From what I understand its going to be a remake, using both carpenters work and the extended version of Who Goes There (see Frozen Hell) as groundwork to tell the full tale. Personally its going to take a lot of effort to top the 1982 movie but we shall see. Characters or story elements from this movie may feature in the game in a future update if the new material is any good.

A private test build of the game is available for members of my discord server, if you are interested in helping with this you can join my discord server (here) for more information. Just say hi in the public chat and I’ll grant you access to the channel that has the test build in it.

Thing Team: Richard2410Arteaga

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That’s about all I have to say for now. I hope that I can fill these blog posts with enough decent information each month to keep them readable. Thanks for reading this and playing my game(s) over the years :)



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