June 2019 Blog Update


Life Stuff

It’s been a busy month for me this June and I actually got a some time off work but sadly it went too quickly. I got married earlier in the month and went to London for my Honeymoon. Everything’s been going so fast for me these last few months it’s kinda hard to fit everything else into my schedule.

This month I didn’t play many games at the start but Crash Team Racing release and my oh my what a nostalgia trip that was and must say the switch port is pretty excellent bar the load times. I managed to 101% the Adventure Mode which I could never finish as a kid so that’s something that put a smile on my face at least. I’ve also started playing Bloodstained Ritual of the Night and while it’s a bit janky on the switch here and there it’s also a solid game so far and really addictive.

I’ll be working a lot of 9 and 12 hour shifts this month so I hope to fit a few play sessions in here and there if I get time.

I didn’t get to watch anything this month but a few months back I watched Gundam Unicorn and forgot to write about it. I really thought it was amazing and I wonder why we don’t get much licensed Gundam anime in the UK.

The Thing 2 RPG (v2.6 Update)

Production of additional artwork for the game has had to be extended into July due to busy schedules but stuff is getting done and we’ve nearly finished all the last bits and pieces. In addition to this the Private Test Build of the game has been getting me some good results and I’ve managed to fix issues and address balance changes from feedback on my Discord server (Shout out to MVK for their play testing, many thanks).

I’m currently playing through Story Mode myself to make sure my changes hold up and to keep an eye out for issues here and there. The full release of the game shouldn’t be much longer, just try to hang in there a bit more. I know it’s frustrating when delays happen (*Cough* Fire Emblem) but the extra polish will save some frustration for end users.

The Public release of the game has been delayed until further notice but a private test build of the game is available for members of my discord server, if you are interested in helping with this you can join my discord server (here) for more information.

Thing Team: Richard2410Arteaga


We aren’t making any progress on this while The Thing 2 RPG is being completed so I’ll remove it from posts for the time being. In addition I want to restructure some of my previous ideas and it’s a little up in the air what to go for at this point. I just hope we can make something decent with the assets we have.

Legend Team: Richard2410Sadonrii

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That’s about all I have to say for now. I hope that I can fill these blog posts with enough decent information each month to keep them readable. Thanks for reading this and playing my game(s) over the years :)



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