Gen Inc ID Cards

The Thing 2 RPG *Spoiler Free* Gen Inc ID Cards and Rewards Guide.

In Story Mode there are 20 hidden Gen Inc ID Cards to collect. Below is a list of their “vague” locations and what rewards you unlock.
You can unlock rewards when you meet an NPC named “Akane”. Through conversation with her you will learn about these ID Cards and trigger the side mission.
Once the Side Mission is triggered you may turn ID cards into her for rewards.
It is worth noting that any relics found can be saved to a NewGame+ file upon completion and carried over if they remain in the save file(s) data. (They can be retrieved from relic crates: NewGame+ Item Locations Guide)

List of Gen Inc ID Card Locations

01. Weapons Research Ruins, Storage Room Near a Corpse
02. French Outpost, Main Building near West Entrance
03. Abandoned Base, Main Building near East Entrance
04. Abandoned Base, Lab Area
05. Enco Oil Outpost, North-West Corner of the Outside Area
06. Crash Site, East Area of Crater
07. Army Base Ruins, Kennels Area
08. Gen Inc Ruins, South Section of Ruins in the most Southern Room
09. Gen Inc Ruins, East Section of Ruins in the North-East in a Room
10. US Army Camp, Medi-Tent
11. Ruined Outpost, West Dorm
12. Access Tunnels, Central Area
13. Gen Inc Underground, Main Area in the North-East Section on the way to the Elevator
14. Gen Inc Underground, Viral & Testing Facility in the Area where you face “Subject X80”
15. Gen Inc Underground, Medical Facility in the North Area
16. Quintel’s Outpost, Hidden in Quintel’s Mines
17. Bakers Point, Watchtower Building
18. Frozen Ruins, Facility T18-Hz in the Firing Range Area
19. Frozen Ruins, Hazmat Corpse (During “Motherly Love” Side Mission)
20. Quintel’s Outpost, Foremans Office (During “Evacuation” Side Mission)

List of Rewards Given by Akane based on ID Cards returned

01/20: Supplies +10
02/20: +1 Rank point for Custom ‘Captain’ Character
03/20: Supplies +20
04/20: Survival Kit Bonus Relic
05/20: Survival Kit Bonus Relic
06/20: Supplies +30
07/20: “Red 9” Legendary Relic
08/20: Special ‘Side Mission’ Triggered
09/20: Survival Kit Bonus Relic (x2)
10/20: +75 Bonus EXP
11/20: Medical Journal +2
12/20: Supplies +40
13/20: “Boomstick” Legendary Relic
14/20: Special Mods, “Accuracy +” / “Damage +” / “Critical +” (x2, of each)
15/20: +150 Bonus EXP
16/20: Special ‘Side Mission’ Triggered
17/20: “Thunderstorm” Legendary Relic
18/20: Special Mods, “Accuracy ++” / “Damage ++” / “Critical ++” (x2, of each)
19/20: +300 Bonus EXP
20/20: Supplies +100 & Special Mod “GKW Overpower.”


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