Miscellaneous Unlockables

The Thing 2 RPG *Spoiler Free* Miscellaneous Unlockables Guide.

There are rewards for completing short modes within the game or any other minor rewards or hidden game secrets you need to know about.
It is worth noting that any relics found can be saved to a NewGame+ file upon completion and carried over if they remain in the save file(s) data. (They can be retrieved from relic crates: NewGame+ Item Locations Guide)

Survival Mode

Beat 5 Waves

Grey Keycard
Legendary Relic: “Big Thunder”

Beat 10 Waves

Cyan Keycard
Legendary Relic: “SAMUS”

Beat 15 Waves

Ruby Keycard
Legendary Relic: “Avenger SVD”

Beat 20 Waves

Onyx Keycard
Legendary Relic: “The Twins”

Beat 25 Waves

Gold Keycard
Legendary Relic: “Francisca”

Avery’s Story

Easy Difficulty

New Custom Skins for ‘Story Mode’ Custom ‘Captain’ Character
Bonus Relic: “Death Machine”

Normal Difficulty

NPC “Avery” gets extra RP in Original & Story Mode when recruited

Swedish Difficulty

Legendary Relic: “Flynn’s Jacket”

Pierce’s Story

Easy Difficulty

Legendary Relic: “M1911 Custom”
Special Mod: “HG Cus. Slide” (x2)

Normal Difficulty

NPC ‘Captured’ “Pierce” gets extra RP in Original Mode
Special Mod: “HG Cus. Pin” (x2)

Swedish Difficulty

Special Mod: “HG Mag. Ammo” (x2)
Special Mod: “SMG Mag. Ammo” (x2)

Subject #21’s Story (Thing Mode)

Easy Difficulty

Legendary Relic: “Hazmat Headgear”

Normal Difficulty

Special Event: “Subject #21” will appear in Story Mode via a Random Encounter

Swedish Difficulty

Legendary Relic: “La Cosa”

Other/Misc Unlocks

Tutorial Bonus

Beat the games tutorial to unlock these sweet features:
Bonus Relic: “Alaskan Jacket”
Bonus Relic: “Vietnam Handbook”
+2 Random Starting Stat Books on New Story/Original Mode Games (Added to Inventory)
Blake and Story Mode ‘Captain’ are given +2 Bonus RP
‘Trait’ Books are unlocked and appear throughout Story/Original Mode

Play on the “Test Map”

In the main game menu when selecting a game mode select ‘0’ to go to the Test Map.
The games “old survival mode” can also be found here (Beware its a little buggy)

Unlock Cheats

You need to unlock “Bonus Ending #1” (Story Mode) and then you can enter cheats via the in-game menu.
To see a full list of cheats find and interact with a “Chess Wizard” Terminal once Bonus Ending #1 is unlocked.


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