The Thing 2 RPG v2.5.1

Here it is, the v2.5.1 update.


This ‘Traditional Style’ Sci-Fi RPG is a “Non-Profit” Fan Made game based on the events after the 1982 movie “The Thing” created by John Carpenter. It is in no way endorsed by John Carpenter or Universal Studios and shares likeness only in name. In my eyes it is the same as drawing a picture of a popular character and posting it online for all to see. I funded this game with my own money and I do not generate any revenue from ModDB or the ads displayed on my website (which I also pay for). If there are grounds for an issue with copyright then I am willing to take responsibility for that and make the appropriate changes where needed to resolve the issue. The Majority of the content (music, artwork, code) in the game is either licensed for use, originally created or credit is given where due for work used in ‘Free’ projects.

System Specs

Since the v1 there have been massive improvements to overall performance. I believe the game will run on a wide range of Windows Computers now and the v2 tanks far less in comparison to the v1. Below are the recommended specs based on those provided by the RPG Maker Team. (Official Specs)

OS: Windows XP or later
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
Storage: 400mb

Please note that previous version(s) saves may not work with the v2.5 Build.


See Here for the Credits.

Whats New?

v2.5.1 Changes:
Fixed an exploit in Prequel Modes Final Battle
Difficulties are now easier than before; This was in response to the game being “too Hard” on Swedish difficulty
Added “Aim Assist” Game Modifier that makes the game easier for you by giving all your NPC’s +15% HIT chance (Aim Assist can be toggled on or off when starting a game mode)
If you copy your v2.5 saves to the v2.5.1 Folder you should be able to load them, Of course you can only toggle aim assist when starting a new game mode but difficulty effects should be retroactive.

You can the v2.5 Main changelog here.




Thank you all for your support over the years. Please enjoy the game. If there is any feedback or bug reports please post them on this article or in the forums as I am more likely to see them and respond that way. I will be working on a walkthrough for the game on my website but the unlockables guide is already live. You can also check Sadonrii’s channel for playthroughs of the game if you are stuck.

Good luck, Captain(s).


11 comments on “The Thing 2 RPG v2.5.1

  1. Hey Richard I know I didn’t make the game but I’m having trouble beating the game I want to beat everything would you by any chance put infinity health for main players and squad players just asking

  2. What Build of the game are you running?
    In addition to this if the game is too hard play on a lower setting or just don’t play it. Try reloading saves if characters die too often or if you get bad RNG rolls on loot. I’d also advise using weaker characters as Stronger ones make the game harder.
    I’ll get the cheats working as soon as I figure out whats wrong with them.

  3. No I couldn’t figure it out, it works fine in test but I couldn’t load that save with the cheats even though I am playing v2.5.1 too
    I can release v2.5.2 (has bugfixes) with an unlocked save but you would have to start the game again.
    Which Foley, Sniper Foley (story mode) or Rachel Foley (Prequel Mode). For Rachel you want to try and gather explosives; waiting until your main character is a higher level before looting the ship will give you better drops. Also Irvin gives you a blowtorch pre-fight which you can use to set her on fire. Also dont start the fight with Harding in your team or any strong characters as this will make rachel stronger (Alpha, Beta, Omega versions). You can switch harding and co in during the level. Natalie can use the Ignite Skill (costs flares) to set rachel on fire too.
    In v2.5.1 “Rosso” & “Ramirez” have a lot of explosives near them when they spawn.
    What difficulty is it? If it’s Swedish I would recommend playing Survival Mode first to get some of the special key card weapons.

    • I allready figure it out…. i play things mod first… and complete it… then i get New Game+… its work perfectly fine… xD Doumo Arigato for the save file… Thank you for your time, sorry for disturbing you

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