Game Credits

Credits Revision: 02.12.2015

-\ The Thing 2 RPG \-

–Created By–

Richard Smith

–Engine Used–

RPG Maker VX Ace

–Code Used–

Main Engine Scripts

Lighting Effects

v2 Menu (Large Party Menu) / “Invaders” Minigame

v2 Passive Skill System
NeonBlack for Passive Skill System

v2 Battle Updates (Cursor Memory, Reactions, Random Troops)

Monsterguide/State Viewer/Quest Log/Website Links
Modern Algebra

Fast Travel System
XS System / Nicke

Timers / Timer Tracking

Splash Logo

Anti-Lag / Picture Gallery (Blake’s Notebook)
Mog Hunter

Keyboard Input
Neon Black / EST

Throw-Items System

–Original Artwork–

v2 Backgrounds, Enemy Graphics, Title Screens, Endings, Mac & Prequel Art Scenes
Jose Luis Serrano Silva

v1 Backgrounds, Endings, Prequel “Map” and Blake’s Notebook Graphics
Christie Shinn aka TerriblisGesserit

Ending Artwork
Nic Walker


v2 Character Sprites & Jet Defender Graphics
Jose Luis Serrano Silva

Mechanical Sprites & Some Updated v2 Icons
Christie Shinn aka TerriblisGesserit

Custom Icons
Richard Smith

Zero Plumber

“Blood” Tiles

–Images Used/Concepts–

‘Comet’ Credits Background
David Parkes

Thing II Concept Artwork
Cumron Ashtiani, Former Computer Artworks Artist.

Original Enemy Artwork (Used in pre-v1)

Base Image for Prequel Mode “Map”

Base Image for Blake’s Notebook

–Voice Acting–

Adrien G. “Philosophocles” (Blake, Cpt. Harding)
Chris Perks “OptimumPullum” (Walker)
Cliff Thompson (‘Alpha’, Medlock, Stobart)
Connor Shaw “Midori” (Walsh)
Danielle Brown (Moreau)
DuckyGamerDeluxe (Kovac)
Ely Marie (Chang)
Elissa Park “Adoxographist” (Dr. Erika, Female 1/2/3, The Narrator, Rachel Foley)
Jared Jacobs “Jibb1324” (Pierce)
Jathan Nichols (Diaz, Kimbala, Shay)
Jett Prescott (Garnett, Dr. Perkins, Rollins)
Joe Filippone (Benson, Blakley, Floyd, Ghalib, Greene, Dr. Thompson)
Joe Filippone (Ballinger, Gentry, SS Operator, Trippe, ‘Vector’)
Jose Luis Serrano Silva (Jose, Rosso)
Julia Steincross “Trulyamindlost” (Natalie Tran)
Kitsune (Yamato)
Luca Borgonovo (Male 3)
Marc Singer (Male 1)
Miguel Ornelas “Sadonrii” (Ornelas, Ramirez)
Oscar Leopold “Oscarad” (Male 6, Ritter)
Shannon “Forceonature” (Female 4/5, Kelly, Marin, S.Richards)
Stephen Farbman (Davis, Kimm, Irvin Sykes)
S W Salzman (RJ. MacReady)
Sean Brown (Male 4)
Thomas Denton (Husky, Male 2, Parkman, Spectre, White)
Tuong Klein “Volt” (Allen, Kawada, Male Voice 5, Marsh, Orinter, Tanaka)


JBD Artist

Joel Steudler

Custom Tracks by Richard Smith
Created in Dance Ejay 6 (Reloaded)

–Sound Effects–

The Thing (2002 Video Game) Ripped SE
Copyright Universal/Computer Artworks

Snow Mobile Sound (Public Domain)

–Special Thanks–

Blak Dragon
For his testing, ideas and support since 2012

Christie Shinn
For being an awesome artist and friend

Cody Ball
For helping to create Prequel Mode

David Parkes & Hayley Flynn
For their support during the first year

Jose Luis Serrano Silva
For being a great artist and bringing Things to life

Lee Van Cliff
For all the funny times :)

Manami Tonosaki
For being cute and supportive

For his youtube playthrough and support

Everyone Involved
For all their hard work

Everyone on ModDB
For the much needed support


The Thing 2 RPG is a fan based non-profit game.
It is loosely based on the 1982 Movie “The Thing” directed by John Carpenter.
All articles mentioned above belong to their respective copyright holders.
‘The Thing’ is copyright Universal Studios.
All Media is subject to removal at request by authors if necessary.
If you see anything miscredited please contact me via my website:

Thank You For Playing!


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