December 2018 Blog Update

Hello, I hope everyone had a good Christmas? I didn’t have much time off but I at least took a brief moment to rest.

Did anyone see this awesome print by Matthew Peak?

Life Stuff

It was a really busy festive season this month for me as I spent most of it at work helping other people to get the things they need for their holiday season. I’m really glad that it’s nearly over but it means there will be less work available for me which is both a good and a bad thing. With some upcoming time off I will return to work on The Thing 2 RPG and hopefully we can push the update out in 2019.

The last year or so has brought us many challenges, between us as a group we’ve had a few issues trying to sort things out in our personal lives and more so my financial situation is about to change as I will be supporting my fiancee when she comes to the UK. Unfortunately this means while I will have time to work on games I will no longer have the funds required to support production so it’s looking like we will have to cease production on PW until things settle down for me (we will still finish work on the thing first). This is a bit of a blow for me as PW was meant to be a our first commercial project but in the period of 2 years all I really have to show for it is some artwork. With the extra time available to me I’ll see if we can work on something else but it’s a struggle without a budget. We could use stock assets and make “Just another RPG Maker Game”…

In more sad news Donald Moffat died this month (he played Garry, the station manager in The Thing 1982 Movie). Of the 12 actors who played the US Outpost #31 crew 3 of them have passed away since the movie came out which just bums me out. Moffat now joins Charles Hallahan (Norris) and Richard Dysart (Dr. Copper) wherever they may be.

No one could have delivered such a great line as Moffat, it’s such a great scene.

The Thing 2 RPG (v2.6 Update)

Art: Arteaga has finished the second set of sprites for some of the Prequel Mode characters. He is updating the CHIBI sprites too as he goes along so it’s taking some time to get it right. It’s going to take a lot of work on my part to get both of them working in harmony.

Dev: I still haven’t finished the Away Team mechanic, I’ve been busy at work but will get on it soon. I want to do a bunch of QA and iron out the bugs afterwards. We’re focused on more on visuals this time as I’ve already made a long list of mechanical changes to the game (I’ll share it soon).

Planned: There’s so much to do but we are just focusing on the NEW Character Sprites and Faces for now. This will take some time but it should look a lot flashier.

Release: It’s hard to tell if I’m on track for it or not but I am aiming for a Q2 Spring 2019 release for the update. Of course any number of things could go wrong so please continue to be patient.



We will be taking a Hiatus from this for a while until funding can be secured or we put some sort of plan in release. I wan’t to come back to it someday but for now we will be taking a break from it. Until there is news on it, PW will no longer appear in the monthly blog post.

PW Team: Richard2410SadonriiArteaga



I am now open to taking Donations and have added a page on my site with more information about what the money (if any) will be used for. If your able to help us out I’d really appreciate it.

For more information on Donations go here.
To Donate click here. (Any amount is welcome)


Sorry if this blog post was more depressing than usual, there is a lot going on right now. Hopefully I’ll feel better next month, I’m on and off most days.

That’s about all I have to say for now. I hope that I can fill these blog posts with enough decent information each month to keep them readable. Thanks for reading this and playing my game(s) over the years :)



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