August 2018 Blog Update


Life Stuff

I’ve worked like all day, every day. ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.

Aside from that I did get a little time to finish off Crash Bandicoot 2 and am nearing the end of Crash 3 but am struggling a little with the time trials. Monster Hunter comes out this month which I will be playing with Sadonrii. Overlord season 3 has also started and Funimation has been streaming the English Dub 1 week after the Japanese version airs so I’ve been enjoying that. I’m really looking forward to more Overlord after season 2 was so good. I also got a bit of time to watch some of Disenchantment on Netflix and it’s alright, it’s not on the same tier as say Futurama but it’s still enjoyable and I’m really digging Queen Oona.

I also upgraded my wordpress plan. Before I only used to pay for the domain name but I’m paying for a premium membership now, it’s a little more but it lets me monetize adverts on site so hopefully that will help me a little down the line. I updated the information on the Donations page to reflect this. On the Donations page I’ve also noted the estimated costs and time I’d need to port The Thing 2 RPG from the RPG Maker VX Ace engine to the RPG Maker MV Engine (which we are using for PW). It’d be around $5,000 and take 6 to 12 months to port it over. RPG Maker MV supports a lot of better functions and utility than VX Ace such as bigger resolutions and javascript support but does suffer from being more intensive to run compared to VX Ace games. Arteaga cannot run PW on his 7+ year old laptop for example but can run The Thing 2 RPG just fine.

I’m off to Vietnam in September so the next month might be pretty quiet on here unless any more enemies reveal themselves for The Thing 2 RPG.

The Thing 2 RPG v2.6 Update

Art: Arteaga is currently working on enemy graphics for the game and I will continue to share them in posts as they are made.

Dev: I just implemented some of the new enemies this month, nothing too major on my part. I still need to finish off implementing the away team mechanic in story mode when I get a chance.

Planned: A lot of the planned stuff is artwork based, all I need to do is integrate artwork as it is completed, finish the away team mechanic and test the game as much as I can before release. With the redesign of the character sprites we may also have to resize some areas so I need to comb through the game at some point looking at this.

A lot of the slowdown is due to the time it takes to make the art, Arteaga is but one man. I hope to wrap up my development work on the project this month so I only have to go into the game to replace art assets here and there. That way I can focus on PW’s development. I expected the updated to launch in 2018 and I want to keep that release but it’s looking like we might miss it but I’ll try to meet it if I can.


Nothing new to report. We are pulling resources towards The Thing 2 RPG currently.

PW Team: Richard2410, SadonriiArteaga


I am now open to taking Donations and have added a page on my site with more information about what the money (if any) will be used for. If your able to help us out I’d really appreciate it.

For more information on Donations go here.
To Donate click here. (Any amount is welcome)


That’s about all I have to say for now. I hope that I can fill these blog posts with enough decent information each month to keep them readable. Thanks for reading this and playing my game(s) over the years :)



15 comments on “August 2018 Blog Update

    • Hi Eric hows it going? By Default RPG Maker VX Ace doesn’t support mobile and the current release requires a computer with a keyboard to play. For our next game we are using the RPG Maker MV Engine which does support native HTML but we are currently unsure if that will be able to run in browser without long load times.

      • thanks for telling me oh by the way the 2.6 v. looks really good I wish I could use the cheats asap so I can beat those hard bosses I want to beat every story but every time I get far to hard things or enemies I end up dying and I love the game so much I just wish I can unlock the cheats some other way so I can beat the game on infinity health for for all squads

  1. Just wanted to say hello!

    Discovered The Thing 2 a few days ago and I want to say that I’m having a blast playing it! I’ve never found an RPG Maker game until now that hooked me even a little. But this one did! It just has all the things that click with me – randomization, high difficulty, resource management that matters, everything!

    Keep up the good work! Will be reading your blog from here on.

    Also just checked Arteaga’s art. The low resolution of VX really doesn’t make it justice.

    • Thanks for the support. It’s a little rough around the edges but I’m glad you are enjoying it.

      Yeah Arteaga is good at what he does, I’ll be working with him going forward in PW so I hope his work has more room to shine.

      • I might have missed. What is PW?

        Yeah, I’m really enjoying it. It really gives me that X-Com / roguelike vibe.

      • PW is the working title for our next game. It’s a bit of a way off yet but we’ve been considering different things for it that were not possible before in the previous RPG Maker engine.

  2. Hi to all!
    I just want to say Thanks for all the support. All the team we are really pleasure for your kind words, following the game work. We are working hard hoping the new update will be released soon. You guys give us extra forces to continue with it, thanks and don’t stop following us :)


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