The Thing 2 RPG – v2.6 Private Test Build

Hi everyone, we are coming close to finishing up work on The Thing 2 RPGs v2.6 update. While work is nearing completion the game could still use some more time to be tested and balanced before a public release. Unfortunately this means I will be delaying the Public release of the v2.6 build of the game until further notice.

However I am interested in feedback and help testing/balancing the game so despite it not being 100% complete yet I will be rolling out a Private Test Build of the game which will be available to members of my discord server later this evening. If you are interested in helping with this you can join my discord server (here) for more information.

For those of you interested, you can read a full list of the current patch notes here.

This delay will help to polish the game up as much as possible before full release so I hope everyone will understand the reasons for running the test build and I look forward to working with the community through Discord to improve the game and make it the best that it can be.



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