The Thing 2 RPG – v2.6 Progress

Hello everyone, how’s it going? I’m back from Vietnam now and I’ve been working on the game a lot more since I’ve come back and made some good progress.

I finally finished the “Away Team” mechanic for Story Mode. It took me a lot longer than I originally hoped and I had to divert from some of my planned features a little but in the end I got there. What this mechanic lets you do is send out a squad who go on a mini raid of sorts to one of ten generic locations (that will be reused, I added 10 for variety). Once they arrive at their destination you can switch to control of them and carry out their mission. This mechanic will allow you to spread training out among more party members and allow you to snag some extra loot but it’s not without it’s risks of course and you can actually loose the squad if all it’s members perish (along with any gear/items you gave them). I’m currently testing this alongside other new content to make sure it works.

Once I have tested the new content to make sure it’s stable I’ll be doing a run of the entire game on the hardest settings to balance difficulty and to make sure I stamp out any bugs. If anyone notices any issues with the game please let me know, even if I’ve already addressed them I’d like to double check them. I’ll also be posting the Change Notes soon so you can see a full list of all the features and changes I’ve made since v2.5.3 so look forward to that (there’s a lot of small stuff).

Outside of my own efforts Arteaga is hard at work on little tasks here and there for me. I’ve cut a lot of the planned art overhauls due to budget and time but I’m trying to get him to do as much as possible before release. He is currently providing new CHIBI Sprites for the game and has just completed new sprites for the Gen Inc Agents and along with new sprites for the custom character creation. Sometime back I decided to overhaul the Custom Character skins and removed a lot of the old ones and will be replacing/changing most of the unlock-able skins.

Here are the new “Male” and “Female” options for the Character Creator.

Finally, Release Date. I have Arteaga until the end of April so hopefully the bits he has left to do will be finished by then. During that time I will continue to test and balance the game as mentioned above. If everything goes to plan (which it usually doesn’t) I hope to release the game in May 2019.

Hopefully this is good news for all as there isn’t long left to go. I’ll write a blog post at the end of the month so see you then.



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