The Thing 2 RPG – v2.6 Release Delay

This probably isn’t good news for most of you but we won’t be able to get the v2.6 update out in 2018. The main reason for this is we are doing a big overhaul with a lot of the art assets in game with the most time consuming ones being the character sprites and the “tiles” (the graphics used to make up the areas in-game). I will say that I never promised a 2018 release but I was aiming for that window but it’s looking like Spring 2019 at this point based on the amount of work Arteaga has left to do for me.

On the plus side the game will look a lot better and I’m aiming for more cohesion between everything in the game. Below is a sample of what you can expect from the new character sprites, you have Natalie (from The Thing 2 RPG) compared to Logan (Our Test Dummy from PW who has been scaled down to match the older engine). The characters proportions will look more realistic and will also be getting face portraits to match. In addition we are increasing the frames of animation, before everyone had 3 frames but now they will have 9 frames making the movement look more fluid than before.

RIP Chibi Style

I hope everyone will understand and I apologize in advance, since we started developing PW I’ve looked back a lot on The Thing 2 RPG and thought it could be so much better. Spending the time to improve the assets now also makes it easier later on if we get the chance to port The Thing 2 RPG to the RPG Maker MV engine as a sort of remaster (although don’t hold your breath on this).


6 comments on “The Thing 2 RPG – v2.6 Release Delay

      • I think it should be a option right off the bat so that anyone (myself included) who enjoyed the original chibi style can choose to try that out instead.

  1. The new character model is as scary as those nightmare fuel things.
    I don`t know who to shoot the burst-out that is in front of me or the dude that looks like the aliens from Super Mario galaxy.
    Still it will make the game more enjoyable than before and from what I`ve seen here you are making a game so good that it`s 10/10 compared to the off brand garbage we get today.
    Amazing work.

    • Thanks, while the change may be a little jarring at first I think people will get more used to it. It’s been one of the most common complaints I’ve had is that the Chibi style doesn’t suit the game or make it scary enough.

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