The Thing 2 RPG – Remaining Agents

Here are the rest of the enemy Gen Inc agent previews from The Thing 2 RPG’s v2.6 update.

Captain, Gen Inc has many agents operating in the region, one of which we have identified as a Hazmat Squad Leader known as Kemuri. She isn’t shy about hiding her identity but don’t let this fool you as she seems to carry some sort of gas that sends victims into a panic despite wearing protective equipment.

Captain, we have identified another Gen Inc agent in the field known as Nano. He is unusually large and seems to be part of Gen Inc’s secret Spectre Unit. Intel suggests he is able to mass heal his allies but we have been unable to confirm how this is possible. You may struggle to take him down without anti-armor measures.

We’ve also managed to gather some last minute intel on another Gen Inc Operative known as Frost who seems to be disguised as a US Arctic Marine. We are not sure how it is possible but along with using freezing grenades she is able to freeze enemies with her special bow. You should be cautious when dealing with any of these Gen Inc Agents in the field but taking them out may yield some useful rewards.

Also General Carruthers has received his own sprite and is more distinguished in his fight instead of just using the US Captain model.Lastly I’d like to mention one final enemy we are working on. Another Optional boss fight is going to be added to Story Mode which includes multiple variations and outcomes in the fight. It revolves around saving a Scientist with a drug that can apparently immunize someone from infection, he is being chased by a Gen Inc Assassin and her canine companion but someThing ain’t quite right… “It’s weird and pissed off whatever it is.”



24 comments on “The Thing 2 RPG – Remaining Agents

  1. Good news!
    You are doing in my opinion an excellent work, these optional bosses seem very interesting.

    P.S. About Nano, i am already guessing that the right way to avoid a game over is to take out the soldiers on his left and only after that, focus on the soldiers on his right.

    Reason is, if he can mass heal people, you want to kill as soon as possible the enemyes with less armour. The frail link of the chain.

  2. Also, i’m pleased to see a few more female enemyes.
    I mean, i understand the direction in which our society goes, but times are changing.
    Nowadays there are even more female marines, soldiers, etc etc than before.

    It should be not such a scandal thinking about a female as a soldier.

    In fact, it would be nice if some enemyes could have also female variants.

    Not that i’m asking you to do that, because what’s done is done. It would require creating new sprites, and that cost money. Not to mention figuring how to put them in game…well, it would be nice if the random encounter mechanic would also randomize the chance to find female counterparts of gen inc soldiers.

    • Thanks!
      Well the game is set in the 1980’s so Female Soldiers were not all that common but we got a few awesome action heroines in the 80’s like Ripley from Alien so I like to have more notable female enemies even though there are only a few.

      There is actually a female Gen Inc Soldier variant in the game already. The SMG variant of the soldier is female, she also appears controlling the Turret on the giant Mech enemy in the game.

      • That’s nice! Also, i’m pleased to hear your comment about Ripley. I’m a fan of Alien 1-2-3 since i was a little kid and saw the movies that my father recorded in videotapes (good times, when we recorded movies in those things that were big as a books! Who would have ever dreamed about recording things in cd roms, 15 years ago?)

        Anyway, is there a chance to have amongs the new playable characters a strong female soldier? Like we had Alpha in prequel…that squad leader was a strong soldier, very entertaining to use.

      • Yeah me and Jose both love Alien, keep a look out for a reference to it in Prequel Mode when the update launches.

        In story mode one final enemy has yet to be revealed and she may even be playable.

      • That’s nice to hear, i’ll try to see if i can get the Alien reference.

        Also, there is something that i wanted to ask you for a long time but i always forget to do that.

        Do you plan to add features to allow repeatability once that a player has cleared all the modes from prequel to Story mode, included Thing mode?

        I don’t know, like adding the next time a player plays the game from the start things like :

        1- a new difficulty level

        2- some new “recruitable” characters (not only humans, maybe also a few Things placed in some locations. Afterall, a new game+ should not be 100% logic, there should be some room for features to make the game even more interesting)

        3- Bennings mode, in which you can only recruit dogs / dogs Things for all the game modes. Bennings would be a healer and support character, while the dogs / infected dogs would be the ones delivering damage. ( i know, silly idea maybe. Just to show an example of ” different ” new gameplay mods )

      • There are some slight alterations once you beat any game mode NewGame+ includes slight changes such as the Jeep enemy spawning at airstrips and Iron Mode. The change list is pretty minor for it overall though. I have committed more efforts towards quality of life changes and increased rubber banding to curve the random nature of the game which include better resupply points and more quantities of weaponry, particularly flame weapons/ammo for realistic mode.

        There are some actual unlock-able NPC’s and some that only appear on certain difficulties but nothing out of the ordinary, there are already too large a cast of characters generally as is.

        I don’t plan to include any additional modes at this time as they are often quite a large commitment and I’m focused on improving the 3 main story modes currently.

      • One character that really gets my curiosity up is Zero in the story mode, I want to know why the specter units were chasing him and what he did in his past to be hunted down by them. Also if you do indeed do it can you add an event in which you can inject Zero with the 50/50 cure. I know I am asking a lot of the devs so don`t hate this can wait.

        Also the bennings mode would be nice but hard to make. Since i dog groups you don`t know if they are infected and dealing with mass area dmg things like #21 first attack being the 100+ SP attack that 1 shots most stuff if they don`t have at least some armor and the 2nd problem would be drones that don`t take a lot of damage from bites.

      • The idea behind the Bennins mode is exactly to make a challenging extra game mode.
        If your dogs get infected, you get to keep and use them. Even if it may lead to a not-logic game plot-wise. But afterall it would be a new game+ bonus mode. It must not be logic, it must be challenging and entertaining.

        You have the chance to have a party of Blake + dogs + infected dogs. You can deal different kind of damage + status attacks with the dog things.

        If some enemyes do not take a lot of damage from bites, use wisely Blake and his fireweapons. You have him in your party afterall, he is the main character.

        Hard situations makes you develop new strategyes and the gameplay is more entertaining.

        So, no i disagree. Bennings mode is not hard to make. The only real question is if Richard has the desire and time to do things like this one.

        But the viability of this mode is certain.

      • Zero is canonically the second confirmed survivor (with Jose being the first) from Prequel Mode and a hidden cut-scene reveals his true identity. There’s also a rare blade up for grabs. Having Zero and/or Robert in your party when visiting the Weapons Research Ruins later on in the game can trigger it. He leaves more questions than answers and is much inspired by the mysterious HUNK who was the 4th Survivor from Raccoon City in the Resident Evil Franchise.

        Dogs do lack a lot of durability and some of their issues are addressed in the update, they’ve been buffed slightly.

  3. Hey, I have a question. Don’t know if this is the right place to ask.

    Playing the Original Mode. Is there a way to cure SIckness? Currently, my main guys are sick and I’m struggling to find a way to fix them.

    And also is there a way to check who is infected so I can use the cure on the right guy?

    • Sickness (overuse of medicine) wears off after time, having a medic in your squad is a way to avoid the ailment. Time passes in 2 ways, 1) a single turn in battle takes 1 off the counter or 2) every x amount of steps reduces the counter by 1. Not sure how many steps it is but exploring around is a way to pass it.

      If you want to cheat you can save before taking a bloodtest and infected members will be revealed. You can then reload your save to try and save someone with the G31-H5 Hypo. Other than this there is no true way to know who is infected but there are some subtle ques to indicate who may or may not be a thing being 1) If a unit has been wounded or injured enemy AI will prioritize them as targets, also these units are more likely to be infected due to exposed injuries. 2) If a unit is infected enemy AI are less likely to attack them and will target non-thing units more.

      • And especially in prequel mode, save before picking new people around the ship, i would say.
        More than one time i recruited an infected man, because of the “random chance% that a recruited man is a Thing in disguise “.

        On a side note, infected people never behaved in a threatening way to me. I mean, they simply burst out while i was in the middle of a corridor. So, a simple battle against 1 enemy.

        Now, it would be more dangerous if Things would wait until you enter a battle and then burst out, joining them. If you are unlucky you would face a Boss + Burst out with a Full party – the one who burst out. Bad situation.

      • Well I am aware that certain aspects of the infection system can be cheated by the player by reloading saves which is what the Tape-Saving mode is ideal for, limiting re-rolls but still allowing the player some control over the odds. Typically the odds are in the players favour but a bad series of randomization can occur that may feel like one is being screwed over.

        In regards to the random burstouts they have always either been randomly triggered by invisible waypoints or always triggered at certain spots. From v2.6 most if not all of these have been removed, instead I have changed the system to be on a timer which will call a random event when triggered. These can range from burstouts to finding items or to NPC’s gaining new temporary buffs among other random occurrences such as idle chit chat which as a bonus for Prequel Mode idle chit chat will now use audio lines from the characters.

      • ” In regards to the random burstouts they have always either been randomly triggered by invisible waypoints or always triggered at certain spots. From v2.6 most if not all of these have been removed, instead I have changed the system to be on a timer which will call a random event when triggered. These can range from burstouts to finding items or to NPC’s gaining new temporary buffs among other random occurrences such as idle chit chat which as a bonus for Prequel Mode idle chit chat will now use audio lines from the characters. ”

        Nice, you are adding something like the companion system of Baldur’s Gate or Planescape:Torment. Time will trigger dialogues and events.

        This surely will add to the game immersion

      • Thank you for the answers. The Sickness mechanic os a good way to make you switch characters in your team. I’m starting to like it.

        It’s good to know that I’m not missing anything about the G31-H5. The bad thing is that there is no way to save one 2 characters because after you cure the first, the Rupture event fires.

        Also, is it me or in the Original Mode is full of Scientists and Engineers and very few Soldiers? (I’ve lost Avery almost immediately after I hired him… he was infected :( Didn’t load thoogh, it made a good story.)

      • It’s difficult to encourage rotation but swapping out an injured or sick character is a good idea. This mechanic is also useful for boss battles when you have your first team volley attacks and swap out where available. It can also be useful for having units that are better at fighting things (flamethrowers, grenade launchers etc) swapped out during a human encounter.

        The G31-H5 hypo can only save one character at a time to stop it being spammed although in v2.6 you will be able to split up your party so i can see this being abused but it is what it is.

        Original Mode is a remake of the first thing rpg I made but more importantly its a remake of the 2002 video game created by computer artworks. There are a few changes here and there but it should be familiar enough to people who played that game. One of the things about that game was a distinct lack of Soldiers, in fact is was very engineer heavy. With the exception of “glitched” characters there were only 3 soldiers in the 2002 game, North, Cruz and Fisk.

      • Hmm, it seems the Sickness counter is not reduced for people not in the party. I have 5 sick characters (not in the party) who are sick for more than half the game. Am I missing something?

      • Have you attempted to heal the characters that are sick? Sickness can stack on itself like other status effects.
        Another thing is if they are out of the party the counter will count down but will not clear, try rotating them into the party and their counters will likely say 0 which will then clear after a turn. This is a bug with the way status effects are handled by the engine/scripts which allows you to buff someone subbed out for longer than intended.

      • It seems the character has to stay in the party after that for a while, have a battle, walk a little and the sickness disappears.
        I’m also at the end of my Original mode playthrough. I like the difficulty of the game, but I end up with no food, although I scummed that timer via the saving trick.
        Maybe not having enough provisions is because of the bad luck I had the whole game – all the crowbars that I was finding broke on the 2 or 3rd use and many crates remained unopened.

      • It’s a bit of an odd thing how the timers work. It’s a shame they seem unable to expire out of battle but they do count down still which is weird. I can set it so they are removed after a battle but it would nullify the point of the timer.

        I wouldn’t rely on the crates too much anyway, they can contain any random item. Looks like the RNG wasn’t your friend, are there any particular areas where you didn’t have enough food? I’ll have to add some more fixed drops there.

      • Seems like there is very little food in Level 10. I also think that the problem comes from the fact that the starvation timer is ticking while I’m micromanaging my troops (I’m taking my time there) in the menus, and every time I exit, someone starts starving.

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