The Thing 2 RPG – “Chanka” & “Eliza” + Misc.

Here are some enemy previews from The Thing 2 RPG’s v2.6 update along with some more updated screenshots of the new icons in place.

Captain, Gen Inc has many agents operating in the region, one of which we have identified as a Mercenary named Chanka. Reports suggest he is heavily armored and lugs around a heavy turret which can unload some serious firepower. Rumors indicate that he is also affiliated with Russian Mercenaries so you should be be cautious when engaging him.

Captain, we have identified another Gen Inc agent in the field known as Eliza. Eliza isn’t subtle about disguise and seems to have other Gen Inc units under her command. Intel indicates she uses squad tactics and an under barrel grenade launcher to takedown her foes. You should be prepared for a bloody fight when encountering her.

Mirage has received some slight changes worth noting. Her proportions have been tweaked a little and her formation changed. In addition I have randomized the fight so that the real version of her can appear in any of the 5 places so you can never really predict where she is now.

Finally I’d like to show off some more of the icons that Arteaga worked so hard on. Below are some screenshots showcasing passive skills, traits, states and action skills. To keep things simple we’ve used a green box to represent positive effects, a red box to represent negative effects and a purple box to represent mixed (both positive and negative) effects. There are some other color boxes used in game but they are just cosmetic and don’t represent anything in particular but are distinguished not to be within the green, red and purple categories. Special abilities and Action skills have had a nice comic book splash effect added behind their icons to also distinguish them a little.


7 comments on “The Thing 2 RPG – “Chanka” & “Eliza” + Misc.

  1. I will mention this at the end of the month in my blog update but I have updated the information on my donations page. I am now able to monetize the ads on this website although I’m not sure how much money this will generate.

  2. It’s getting better and better!

    Now, optional bosses sound entertaining, can’t wait to see them in action.

    But i think that the real juicy morsel is the icon update. People often do not do these kind of things, especially in old school RPG.

    Normal rule is : i’m not babysitting the players. They will learn with experience and trial / errors.

    While it is true, i think that making the game easy to understand with things like this one is not babysitting a player.

    On the contrary, it is pleasant having a different colour to icons, so that we know what to expect.

    This way, a player can fast and easily scroll skills, traits, etc etc…

      • Eheheh prequel improvements?
        It is true that the best things come always at the end of the journey.

        I believe that i will enjoy the whole game with the new improvements, but probably i will enjoy even more the improved prequel

      • When is gonna be the august blog also I have at least 200 H in this game already and it has only been 2 months. Fun as hell.
        There is a bug where characters might get fever in the cutscenes mike mac`s flashback which is annoying on Swedish difficulty.
        We can wait till 2019 for the 2.6 but please take your time to double check everything.
        Its about the fun that the devs have making the game and the players playing it.

      • Typically I do blog posts at the end of the month now but I have been late on a few. 200H is a lot, make sure you are taking reasonable breaks!

        Yeah there are a few issues here and there that I need to iron out. When I move to the testing phase I will fix anything I come across.

        I’m still hoping for 2018 as we wanna move on with out other project PW but we’ll see what it progress is like a few months down the line.

  3. Life is long, Richard.
    No one is going to scold you or worse if you go behind your schedule.
    Good things requires time and inspiration, if you rush you may ruin something.

    Take your time, enjoy life. If the game won’t be complete in 2018, it will be in 2019. Or even 2020.

    And if someone will ever dare to complain, ignore him or her for the ungrateful people they are.

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