The Thing v2.4.1

Captain them things are everywhere! Looks like it’s time for some bugfixes!

v2.4.1 Fixes

SMG Burst fire was displaying 2 animations instead of 1, Fixed for all ammo types.
“Perry” in story mode wanted a Sledgehammer to be recruited but the game decided you should have a Spike Maul as the condition. This is now fixed back to Sledgehammer.
*Major Bug* After playing Thing Mode and starting a NewGame+ file with the thing mode save data the in-game menu access was still disabled. This causes the game to be largely unplayable. I will remove the v2.4 download and have uploaded the v2.4.1 in its place which resolves the issue. Your save files from v2.4 MAY work in v2.4.1 but I don’t guarantee that.


This ‘Traditional Style’ Sci-Fi RPG is a “Non-Profit” Fan Made game based on the events after the 1982 movie “The Thing” created by John Carpenter. It is in no way endorsed by John Carpenter or Universal Studios and shares likeness only in name. In my eyes it is the same as drawing a picture of a popular character and posting it online for all to see. I funded this game with my own money and I do not generate any revenue from ModDB or the ads displayed on my website (which I also pay for). If there are grounds for an issue with copyright then I am willing to take responsibility for that and make the appropriate changes where needed to resolve the issue. The Majority of the content (music, artwork, code) in the game is either licensed for use, originally created or credit is given where due for work used in ‘Free’ projects.

Let’s Play

YouTube user Sadonrii who did a let’s play of my game before has kindly agreed to play more of the game; you can see that below if you are unsure of what to expect. (Spoiler Warnings)

System Specs

Since the v1 there have been massive improvements to overall performance. I believe the game will run on a wide range of Windows Computers now and the v2 tanks far less in comparison to the v1. Below are the recommended specs based on those provided by the RPG Maker Team. (Official Specs)

OS: Windows XP or later
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
Storage: 400mb

You can delete your old copies of the game as the v2.4.1 is treated as a new game. Please note that previous saves may not work with the v2.4.1.


Mediafire Link

ModDB Link

Let’s hope there’s not too many rounds of bug-fixing Captain…


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