Thing 2 RPG Update v2.0, Coming late 2014

The Thing RPG Continues, keep watching the skies.

The Thing RPG Continues, keep watching the skies.

Sometimes Jose really cracks me up. The Thing 2 RPG that I released in November 2013 will be getting an update later this year. I hope that the improvements and new story additions will at least entertain a few new players. I’ve been referring to this update as v2.0 but it will be the only big update for the game, I would say it is the most complete edition like how dead or alive has the ultimate expansion for example.

v2.0 Features

-Game Balancing and a bunch of minor adjustments to in game stuffs
-Weapon System redone, now all have different damage rates & equip-able Attachments
-Removed the old Attachment Crafting system in favor of equip-able Attachments
-Other small features such as crates sometimes bursting as monsters instead of loot
-The Addition of the Jeep Sub-Boss Enemy
-4 New DLC stories/modes & a new update to the games story mode
-An Online Guide/Walkthrough available on this website (can be launched from in game)

1. Story Mode Update

This will include a brand new cast of characters that have formed their own little enclave/settlement in an abandoned mining outpost. You will have the opportunity to work alongside them (gaining their trust) and recruiting new members to your cause. Comes with a bunch of new side objectives and everything in this update is completely optional but it expands and extends the experience. The main point is that it is intended to show that The Thing could never be fought alone and only by a community.

2. DLC “Pierce’s Story”

A short DLC gametype similar to that of Avery’s Story. It goes into some of the missing scenes about Pierce, like what happened on his mission and it attempts to fill in the gaps where he was separated from Blake.

3. DLC Untitled Ship Story

Probably the main feature in the v2.0 update and largely a fan request. This is a whole new separate story that takes place just before and during the events of my game. It is about a research ship on an arctic expedition and they find something buried in the ice (you know where this is going right?). Unfortunately they get trapped in the ice themselves so are forced to enhance the ships heating systems which quite the effect on our frozen friend. You take control of a researcher named Natalie and you will be on a dead rising styled timed event format sort of gameplay. This gamemode will have several endings especially considering what story objectives (Think case files) you complete and what truth you uncover aboard that doomed research vessel. This story has new enemy/boss types and I hope will be a different experience for the player.

4. DLC “Thing Mode”

Like in the original RPG I made back in 2010 this mode puts you in control of the thing creature. I’m still thinking about interesting ways to incorporate this story but it will be the tale of Subject #21 and its escape from the Submersible. It will tell the tale of behind the scenes of the stories and may run into several familiar characters along the way. Its basically evil mode.

5. DLC “US Outpost #31”

This is going to be a bit different from other game modes and I’m still working out how to go about it but you will be in control of MacReady. The game style will be in the form of a detective sort of story where you have to work out who is infected or not among your team. I will be making it random so its not the same culprits every time but hope to maybe have misleading clues and stuff like that. I don’t want it to be easy and without enough hard evidence will you be able to take an innocent life? I mean Mac’s only got to have so much flamethrower fuel…


2 comments on “Thing 2 RPG Update v2.0, Coming late 2014

    • I’ve taken up a second job working for a humanitarian organisation; Pierce’s DLC is complete and most of the Story Mode Update is too (Quintels Outpost and Side Quests), some of the Ship Story DLC is done but its unlikely anything will be released as I can’t find the time between my 2 jobs to complete the rest of the stuff. I’m afraid the released game will remain as it is so sorry about that.

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