“Lite” Version

For people with older CPU like me I will be releasing a lite version of the game. It will be exactly the same as the full game but without the dynamic lighting effects. Optimum FPS in RPG Maker is 60. On my CPU I get 20 – 30, sometimes even less than 15 FPS which is causing the game to run slow and choppy. I have implemented scaffolding for a “Lite” Version and in testing it gives me around 50 FPS to 55 FPS which is far better than what I have now.

The Dynamic Lighting in the game is thanks to a script by Khas (Here) and is very impressive.

In the “Lite” Version the lighting will be very basic and controlled by Tinting the In Game Screen. Flares and Torch effects will no longer work in the Lite version and when used will do nothing. Also in game lights such as CPU Screen monitors, Light from Fire or Light from Objects on Walls will no longer appear, effectively being reduced to just scenery.


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