Engine Overhaul ~ 29/01/2013

I have decided to completely review and edit the entire engine and battle system. I am going to go in favor of longer lasting battles with them being less frequent than they were. I will be making a lot of changes and will be focusing more on how status ailments effect battles.

As for the engine itself I am reviewing the game NPC’s, modifying existing scripts and editing all the systems that I built. My random level modifier worked quite well but I want to expand it so that it places items in more random locations making the gameplay different every single time.

I have been focusing on character development and character loss as well. As you play through both stories in the game you can recruit over 80 NPC characters. Obviously I want to make higher leveled characters more valuable and for them to show some experience but its the character loss that I need to focus on. As it stands characters seem to either die (that may be because of my piss poor command) or they get infected. For some reason an attack with 6% chance infection commonly infects NPC units. What I intend to do is have armor protect NPCs from infection more and use the wound/injury system I built to manipulate infection rates. So for example a character who is bleeding will be more prone to infection than a character that is okay.

In the preview for this news you can see an early design for an enemy battler.
Here is the artists page Aashur.deviantart.com


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