Story Mode Walkthrough

The Thing 2 RPG *Spoiler Free* Story Mode Walkthrough.
Last Updated: //2016

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Story Mode Lets Play (10/03/2015)
Part 1 ‘Search & Rescue’
Part 2A ‘Finding Blake’
Part 2B ”
Part 2? ‘Survival’

Character Creation

Overall the player skin, name and voice are just purely cosmetic. The key decision is in your starting class. As mentioned in the Updated Tutorial each class starts with a series of perks and advantages with varying skill sets. Below is a quick summary of the pros/cons to each select-able class:

Captain, A leadership class efficient in combat. Your combat stats will generally be quite good and you will have special set skills to manage your NPC’s; However you do rescue Blake later in the story mode so it really depends how much you use/need the class skills.

Soldier, Probably the best fighting class. There will be lots of enemies over the course of the game and having a tougher character will improve your overall odds of survival. You do get other soldiers in the game so the class skills are not really that important, This class is a good choice for beginners.

Engineer, With this class you will never have to worry about junction boxes as you will be trained to fix them. You also start with Incendiary Novice and there are some useful class skills along with balanced combat stats and high sp values. Probably a good choice for people who utilize class/weapon skills more often.

Researcher, This is the hardest class to play as. They have a high sp which is useful for utilizing weapon skills but generally do not have any amazing or special properties. If your looking for more of a challenge this is a good choice but beware the low combat stats.

Medic, Theres a lot of advantages to this class and if played right can make your game a lot easier. For starters there is the “Double Act” skill which lets you take 2 turns in a combat round. Secondly you have access to healing skills/abilities which with a high sp and double act will keep your party alive a lot longer. This is an easy class to play but may reduce the survival aspect of the game somewhat.

Scout, This class is generally considered the fastest human unit. The scout relies a lot on critical hits and dodging enemy attacks. Playing this class in the game will leave a lot of your survival mainly up to chance.

Sniper, Not as fast as the scout but better in combat. The Sniper starts off not only being able to equip bows but basic rifles too. This is efficient at the start of the game especially when npc’s are too low leveled to learn to equip weapons. Overall its an improvement over the soldier (but with less hp) and would be recommended as an average class to play.

Pilot, Balanced in combat and somewhat like the scout in terms of critical hits. The pilot is an average class to play and provides balanced abilities/progression.

Part 1 ‘Search & Rescue’

When you are first able to control your character you will have to investigate a crashsite, the progression here is fairly straightforward just go to each of the green waypoint arrows and the story will progress.

After this you will find yourself at the Abandoned mining outpost where you will have to investigate the main building and talk to an NPC inside. Messing around with the dialogue choices will eventually give you a hint of where you have to go, so you will need to return outside (save on the way).

Outside you will need to progress to the far area of the map (Mine Entrance). You will find the ‘Pilot’ NPC in the north western area of the map. Speak to him to progress the story, he will tell you to go back outside. Once outside you will have to return to the main building and speak to the US Army Sniper NPC ‘Foley’. Foley will leave with his men and the objectives prompt will indicate that you need to speak to the Pilot NPC (now inside). After talking to the Pilot you will need to go back outside to investigate a Helicopter arriving.

Once outside find the green waypoint arrow and a short cutscene will begin. After this cutscene you will need to return to the main building.

In the main building a key will be on the floor near a locked door, grab the key and open the door. Follow the path along to find an exit back outside. Once outside again head up the nearby ladder to leave the area.

A short series of cutscenes will play and eventually player control will be returned when you are at the “Field Base”. The Search & Rescue Objective will be complete and 2 additional Main Objectives will be added to your objective window.

The Field Base

This is your base of operations for Story Mode. Found NPC’s will appear here offering you additional side missions. You will also be able to trade goods around your base utilizing supplies found throughout the game. Your main resource here is your Helicopter which you will use to travel around the continent exploring areas and completing objectives.

Part 2A ‘Finding Blake’

Once you first have access to a Helicopter there won’t be many places that you can go. Your first stop will be the Weapons Research Ruins where you will look for evidence of Blakes whereabouts and may find surviving members of his team. An additional main objective will also unlock in this area in which you must find Chopper Parts and Chopper Fuel for your Helicopter otherwise you won’t be able to travel anywhere.

In the main section of this area (where you first enter via the elevator) you will find an NPC to the far east called “Pegg”. Pegg will instruct you to follow him and he will go to the next area. Travel east and you should enter into a hallway where you can speak to him again and he will continue to travel east. Again follow him and you will be in the Garage area where you find “Frost”. After the short cutscene “Pegg” will have retreated back to the Main Area. Go back here to talk to him and he will reveal the British Base location to you. That will be your next destination after you have repaired your  helicopter.

The Chopper Fuel can be found in the Main Area of the Research Ruins; On the east side where you met Pegg there are several hallways. The very first one (most western passage) is the way you need to go; In there you will enter a small room and the Chopper Fuel can be found in a locker (Marked by Green Waypoint Arrow).

The Chopper Parts can be found in the Garage area where you met Frost. Again they are in a locker marked by a green waypoint arrow.

Once you have got everything together its time to return to the elevator and climb the ladder to “exit” this area. The fast travel screen will come up and you will want to travel to the British Base Next.

At the British Base enter the main building and find an NPC called “Spencer”. Finding him will engage a cutscene and trigger a side quest but you just need to talk to him to get the information you need. Once you have spoke with him you will learn the locations of the British Camp and the French Camp. You will need to return to your Helicopter and travel to the British Camp.

At the British Camp you will need to enter one of the tents and find an NPC named “Brown”. You will have to Question him to get the information that you need. Upon doing so you will learn the location of the Abandoned Base which will be your next destination.

At the Abandoned Base enter the Main Building and in the middle most section there will be a Save Station and what appears to be a book/manual on the table. This is an extract from Blakes Journal and reading it will reveal the next clue to where Blake may be, You will learn the Ice Caves location from the journal and that will be your next destination.

At the Ice Caves travel to the most south-eastern area of the map to find another extract from Blakes Journal. This time it will reveal the Power Station location where you guess it, will be your next destination.

At the Power Station you will have to enter the main building and make your way north once inside, the building path will lead you around and through the canteen area where you will meet an NPC named “Dwight”. After the short cutscene keep going along (east) and you will travel around and there will be a passage that leads back outside. Once outside there will be 2 additional small buildings you can access. The first building to the north is the one you need to go to. Inside you will finally find Blake completing this portion of the storyline. From here an additional main objective will unlock (see below).

Part 2B ”

Part 2? ‘Survival’


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