Original Mode Walkthrough

The Thing 2 RPG *Spoiler Free* Original Mode Walkthrough.
Last Updated: //2016

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Original Mode Lets Play (02/02/2015)
Part 1 ‘US Outpost #31’
Part 2 ‘Norwegian Outpost’
Part 3 ‘Weather Station’
Part 4 ‘Norwegian Base’
Part 5 ‘Warehouse’
Part 6 ‘Submersible’
Part 7 ‘Gen Inc Viral Research Facility’
Part 8 ‘US Army Base’
Part 9 ‘Airstrip’
Part 10 ‘Weapons Research Facility’
Part 11 ‘AART Field Base’
Part 12 ‘Crashsite’

Part 1 ‘US Outpost #31’

Main Character – CPT J.F Blake (Captain)

Blake is your main man. He’s resourceful, a natural survivor and fairly good combatant. You can use him in a variety of roles from support buffs to flat out damage but remember you need to keep him alive. He’s fairly good with most weapons and is a reliable choice to carry any precious incendiary gear.


Part 2 ‘Norwegian Outpost’


Part 3 ‘Weather Station’


Main Character – Dave Pierce (Captain)

Pierce is a great support character. He starts off stronger than most of your starting forces and is fairly reliable in battle. It’s a good idea to try and level up some of your other characters first before using him. He plays an important role later on in the game too.


Part 4 ‘Norwegian Base’


Part 5 ‘Warehouse’


Part 6 ‘Submersible’


Main Character – DR Shaun Faraday (Doctor)

Faraday is a key objective, a VIP who must be kept alive at all costs. Hopefully before his rescue you will have cleared out most of the area but some enemies may still lurk aside waiting to take him out. He isn’t especially skilled in combat but he is a high leveled character with the potential for really useful medical skills. Keeping him off the front-lines might be a good idea.


Part 7 ‘Gen Inc Viral Research Facility’


Part 8 ‘US Army Base’


Part 9 ‘Airstrip’


Part 10 ‘Weapons Research Facility’


Part 11 ‘AART Field Base’


Part 12 ‘Crashsite’