The Thing 2 RPG

The Thing II


Genre: Sci-Fi RPG
PlatformWindows, Download.
EngineRPG Maker VX Ace
Release Date: 11.12.2015
Download: Download Page


This game follows the story of what happens after the John Carpenter 1982 movie adaptation of the John W. Campbell JR Novel “Who Goes There?“. The original game borrows heavily on the story from the 2002 video game and this sequel expands further on the plot after Captain Blake defeats the Thing entity. After the death of Whitley and the destruction of Gen Inc Property; Captain J.F. Blake boards a rescue plane and leaves Antarctica. Complications arise and the aircraft malfunctions and crashes. With no report from Blake the Alaska base sends in a new Rescue team of which you the player take control. Your task is to find Captain Blake and escort him back to Alaska. However things are not as they seem…

-v2.4 Video Preview-


-In Depth Management features (Squad & Equipment) influence your overall chances of survival and success
-Random Infection System, Squad Members lost upon death
-Explore environments and loot objects / Random Loot System
-3 Levels of Difficulty, Additional Modifiers and Gameplay Options
-Everything is as Randomized as possible aka. Crazy RNG
-Skill learning system and Weapon alteration system
-40+ Hours of gameplay across multiple stories
-Free to Play!

-Game Modes-

Story Mode

Play as a new hero and embark on a mission to recover Captain Blake and bring him back to Alaska. Experience a free roam / open world type experience utilizing a base camp interface. Journey through the various events of the mysterious story and unravel conspiracies and cover ups all relating to horrific unknown forces. Take your battle against Gen Inc a step further in this Campaign, they are out to stop you no matter the cost. With the v2 expansion of the game several new locations, characters and secrets are waiting to be revealed including a new “Community” that you can help if you want to. The v2 also has a second expansion of side missions, items, locations and a familiar character from the 1982 movie may make a appearance…

Original Mode

A Complete remake of the Original Thing RPG I made back in 2010. Go back to the beginning of the Story and re-discover what happened with the Early Gen Inc. Play as Captain Blake of the AART (Alaska Antarctic Rescue Team) and embark on a search & rescue mission that turns into a full on battle against unknown forces and corrupt military personal. The Original story has been completely re designed, new levels added and has all the improved game play updates. Best of all any survivors who make it through can be transferred to a new Story Mode file.

Prquel Mode

Part of the v2 Expansion; This story tells the tale of a research ship that excavates someThing from the ice. Inspired by Resident Evil Revelations and a 2014 news article and co-written by Cody Ball you take the place of Natalie Tran; A young researcher who gets caught up in a struggle for survival and a hunt for the truth. This mode helps to form a trilogy story arc taking place BEFORE Story and Original Mode, features artistic scenes and supports a full cast of talented voice actors to help bring the story to life.

Survival Mode

The new v2 “Facility Survival” replaces the old broken survival mode and features 25 floors of varying difficulty/scenarios. Every 5 floors you beat will unlock a new weapon to be used in the main game stories.

Remastered Tutorial

The new v2 “Remastered Tutorial” replaces the old ugly tutorial from the v1 and utilizes the in-game “Field Guide” to help explain gameplay features and mechanics. The mode has been fully revamped too with better explained tutorials and improved looking loactions.

Avery’s Story

Set before the events of “Original Mode” and with nods to the ‘Doom’ Movie; Play as US Rapid Response Team leader ‘Avery’ and take your squad deep into the Submersible to rescue Doctor Shaun Faraday. There has been some sort of classified containment breach and Colonel Whitley entrusts you to rescue the good Doctor.

Pierce’s Story

New to the v2 expansion is a short story about Pierce. Figure out what happened to his squad and follow his adventure during the times in the story when he split from Blake. Features a stealth-puzzle minigame and plot revelations about Pierce’s Fate…

Subject #21’s Story (Thing Mode)

Returning from the 2010 “The Thing RPG” with the release of the v2 expansion is ‘Thing Mode’. You will take control of dangerous specimen “Subject #21” and go on a journey in search of truth, answers and… revenge. Features mixed stealth-puzzle sections and RPG combat from The Thing’s perspective.


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  1. Hi, i have to say that your rpg is great.

    I could write a poem about how right the atmosphere is, or about how nice the creature’s art is… but instead i wanted to point out something else.

    Issue about the difficulty.

    I enjoy challenges and this game IS a challenge. I’m doing it for the first time in story mode, normal difficulty and realistic option. The game is interesting and difficult, because Things can be killed only with flares from flareguns : other fireweapons are useless.

    But i really hate the Fever status. Let me tell you why. 2 reasons :

    1- There are almost no way to cure a fever.

    Antibiotics? Very rare to find.

    Advanced med packs ? Ah, but there is a big chance that it won’t cure the fever.

    2- You can catch a fever so easily that it’s not even funny.

    Example : the community mission in which you have to kill the 3 stray dogs around the base.

    …i was running and i found each one of them in a very short time. Not even 30 seconds of exploring the map. And guess what ?

    4 of my 7 party members now have a fever that can’t be cured because there are not antibiotics around.

    This is absurd. I’m not whining, i’m simply telling you that your ” fever status ” mechanic is too brutal and not at all realistic.

    It’s a pity, because the game is exceptional but the fever mechanic drains all the fun out of the game.

    • Hello, Thank you for playing my game.
      Some of the extra options such as Fear Effect or Realistic Mode may be unbeatable for certain game modes. I have run the game myself on Swedish and beaten all the story modes / extra modes but never ran a full Realistic etc.

      There are some ways you can curb the difficulty and I have some tips that may assist you in combating Fever etc.
      1/ You have 16 save slots, the game is VERY RNG heavy so sometimes it may just screw you over for no good reason. Load and Save as often as possible, don’t be afraid to reload and do a fight or search an area again for better loot (unless of course you have Tape Saving on, which is beatable but with Realistic, I’m not sure lol)

      2/ Enemies can give you fever but you are most likely to suffer a Fever from being outside; But the Fever Timer also depends on Time of Day and Weather. A heavy storm at night will give your guys fever in a very short time, where as clear conditions in day will not.

      3/ Fever is on a timer. The timer runs when you are in the game/pause menu managing your squad and it runs in battle. However you may have noticed you get a fever after a battle or when exiting the management menu. This then resets the timer. Also going inside then back outside resets the Fever timer so there are ways you can use this to your advantage.

      4/ There are a few items that have a 100% fever cure chance. The Antibiotic Kit, Surgeon Kit and Life Support Kit are rare to very rare to find early in the game. However as your main character progresses in level it increases the loot tables in the game. A level 10 character has access to more loot tables than a level 1 character. In addition in battle the difficulty is dependent on the average level of your first 7 party members so keep this in mind, using a level 10 character to help you when most of your squad is below level 3 will make it harder on you. This serves as rubber banding incase a player looses too many high level characters the game will adjust to make itself a bit easier.

      5/ If you level up a medic or doctor high enough and get them the “Craft Meds” skill, this can be used to turn Scrap Meds into useful items at a crafting Station. There is an item called a “Remedy” (Scrap Meds + J&B Rare) that can heal Fever 100% chance but may cause side effects like sickness or starvation. This is a useful last resort.

      6/ I mentioned saving earlier, save before you use important medical items. If the RNG rolls bad and it doesnt remove a status effect, reload the save.

      7/ In some/most cases you can run past enemies. You don’t have to fight every single encounter, the downside is less XP but this can be easily gained via completing objectives. You risk infection with every encounter.

      I hope this information helps you a little.

      • Mmm… thank you for your detailed reply. I think i get it.

        In short, fever mechanic is a consequence of the one and only problem of your RPG : randomness.

        Am i right ?

        ” You have 16 save slots, the game is VERY RNG heavy so sometimes it may just screw you over for no good reason. Load and Save as often as possible, don’t be afraid to reload and do a fight or search an area again for better loot ”

        This explain it all. Sadly a lot of times my usual find in chests and such were antidotes. Not so useful compared to bandages and such.

        So, i was wondering…what about fixing ( in the new updates ) the randomness ?
        You could for example choose some chests (and in general item to pick up) in each location and fix the % so that, for example, there is a 90% chance that this chest will give you X item.

        Where X could be antibiotics.

        The point is, let all the pick ups random, but fix many chests so that they will always give the player a certain item. That way, a player could be unlucky and have a difficult game, but at least he will have antibiotics of flareguns, etc etc because you made these items a sure find in some of the chests.

        Realistic is fun but weird. I mean, it’s the way to play the game ( because as we saw in the movie, you need fire to destroy a Thing) but it completely destroys your game mechanic.

        Based on my gameplay ( i think i’m at half or 3 / 4 of the game…i’m at Power Station) i can tell you that fireweapons are useless on realistic. For example, the average damage to Things is 11 if you are lucky. Flares instead deals even 74 damage.

      • As a developer I am open to designs and ideas but for the most part I design the game for myself and I think to myself, Do I enjoy it? For some the RNG is off putting, I get it but its something I really like. It provides a lot of replay value and it challenges people to face the struggles. I understand when people say they do not like it, A common complaint for games such as XCOM is that people feel like they rely on luck as opposed to playing the game. I do think however that it forces the player to try to find ways to fight against the RNG and mitigate it for the best possible results. So personally I really like it, even though I know how to trick and exploit the game to beat it, it always seems to find ways to fight me back.

        There are in many places around the game “fixed” item drops lying around on tables and such, these measures are a form of rubber-banding to help curb the RNG slightly and are not completely affected by the loot table (although quantity of ammunition still is). Realistic Mode was added to the game to be more in line with the movie, I can say that I have only beaten “Avery’s Story” on Swedish Realistic so doing a full run on Story etc needs testing. It’s not something that I have fully gotten around to testing myself but I will say it needs work. “Fire” and “Explosives” could use more of a damage bonus versus thing enemies and the places where fire ammo/weapons need to be found needs balancing for Realistic mode.

        In terms of updates, next time I look at the game I will focus on the realistic mode and will look at including more fixed antibiotic kit drops near the start of story mode to try and mitigate the difficulty. I enjoy the game myself as is and do not want to ease the randomness too much.

        Some other advice I can give you;
        “Burning” & “Bleeding” Status against large enemies is very effective and can make them loose a lot of HP every turn in combat.
        “Molotovs” can be made (using bandages + whisky) at a crafting station with the Engineer (at a higher level, with the right skill).
        The Strongest Flame weapon in the game is the Shotgun equipped with Dragons Breath Shells. They will destroy anything but are hard to find and expensive to craft/buy.
        Flares can be combined with arrows to make flare-arrows (crafting station, need engineer) these can help you greatly.
        If you beat Prequel Mode you can get the “Arc Welder” on NewGame+, It has infinite ammo (is a flame weapon but weak).
        If you are at the power station you are very early in the game. To beat Story Mode it can take between 15 and 30 hours.
        Typically to beat all the modes in the game it takes anywhere from 60 to 80 hours.
        You might enjoy Prequel Mode more; It has voice acting and is set on a ship so you don’t go outside much.
        Here is some gameplay (

        The Thing 2 RPG is no longer my primary focus as I am working on a commercial game; but I do appreciate honest feedback and I know its not perfect. I think your the only person whos mentioned Realistic Mode to me in like 4+ years so well done for being brave and giving it a go. If your still struggling on it, I’ll try release an update for the game as soon as I can, or I can patch your save.

      • ” As a developer I am open to designs and ideas but for the most part I design the game for myself and I think to myself ”

        That’s absolutely right. And i’m simply pointing out things, but i’m not trying to change your mind. It’s your game, and i respect it.

        Well, if i can help you with realistic mode, just ask. Afterall i’m doing story mode on normal with realistic setting. I’m sure i can provide you info about possible issues etc etc. 1 thing is sure, realistic mode rocks. You have to save ammo for normal enemyes and fight Things with fire or melee attacks. Things are harder to kill, battles are longer and infections could more likely happens. ( I already lost Spencer and Avery…)

        Prequel mode will be done, i plan on doing evrything. In fact, i enjoy the game and i love challenges. I’m going to beat story mode on realistic and also all the other modes on realistic. It may take time, it will surely be hard, but i don’t give up. ( I only fear bosses. Soon or later i will found one and i only have a flaregun and some molotovs. Anything else on realistic is useless. Save for granades and tnt. )

        On a side note, are there some NPC of your party that won’t get infected ? Because there are a few boys and girls ( like K. Keyes ) that i would not like to see infected.

        On a second side note, infection mechanic made me use all the tomes on my main character. Better improve stats of someone who will never burst out, don’t you think ?

        I think that soon or later my Capitain girl PC could be playing solo. Now, that would be a challenge.

      • Well as you are playing realistic mode; just let me know if there are any particular sections that need more “fixed” flame/explosive equipment. I will also play it myself on Normal-Realistic and see how it handles.

        There is a shop-mechanic in story mode that you can utilize at Quintel’s Outpost, the Main Field Base and The Mercenary Outpost. Items can be quite expensive however. You may find that some equipment you don’t use can be traded in.

        Only “Main Characters” are immune to infection to start with. There is however a bonus if you get a character to rank 25 (max level) they get a passive bonus of infection immunity. Also complete some tasks for some characters and they can give you special unique items/equipment. You may have also noticed that when a character joins your team they get random passive traits/bonuses (there are also some negative ones). It is possible to fight with less than 7 characters and the game will adjust to be a bit easier if your struggling but it depends on your equipment. A 5 character team is the minimum I can usually scrape by with. There is a mode called “Original Mode” where there are only about 40 ish NPC’s so that can be difficult if you loose too many people.

        The Stat books can be useful for non-primary characters too. Giving a Medic the SP and INT books can be useful, if you don’t use them in combat they can be a good source of non-combat healing. I think the AGI book is the most important as it dictates who attacks first.

      • Ok, first of all i don’t use supplies. Why ?

        1- Because i have to figure out if Quintel’s outpost reputation is worth a try. And for that i need supplies ( 10 supply –> 1 Rep point )

        2- Supplyes are not a lot. So, i can’t afford to pay for medic items because ( see point 3 )

        3- Realistic mode force you to rely on flares. Flares cost 1 supply, so i need to use a lot of supply to have always at least 70 flares in my inventory.

        So, as you see i have a bit of a problem. I have the shops but i can’t afford to use them as i would , because the first time things get really hard, i will need all i could afford to buy and craft. Remember that this is my first time playing the game, i have no idea about what kind of challenges awaits me in the future.

        Well , i think that an extra flaregun could be handy. Maybe you could give us another one in the power station, before the battle with the first boss ?

        On a side note, the first boss was good. But i killed him without efforts, because of grenades that freeze / stun etc etc. It never had a chance to attack, in the meantime i kept using molotovs and flares.

        About the last part, i use a different tactic.

        I keep my medics in battle because i need them to level up so that they increase SP and learn new skills. Plus, i usually buy energy drinks. 1 energy drink replenish my medic’s SP, so i can heal all my party with a medic and 1 drink.

        I think that i will keep Blake in my party, because he surely can’t get infected. And if he dies, it’s game over. Nice

      • For Quintels Community you get a lot of sidequests etc if you check the noticeboard often (it will update when more Main Story progress has been completed). You will likely get enough reputation points without needing to spend any supplies.

        It’s good that you are prepared, especially considering the challenge. Do consider selling unwanted outfits and accessories however. I will say that in the Story a lot of the content is completely optional (such as Quintels Outpost stuff) but there are rewards that will help you with the main stuff. Considering before the first boss you have to fight a lot of things I might place a blowtorch and some flame fuel in the area, as well as some explosives. It’s likely Blake would have stuff like this lying around in the area.

        There are a lot of bosses in story mode (most of them are optional) but the first boss is only slightly stronger than a large thing enemy for example so is fairly easy. Also as the game progresses later bosses will have immunity or less chance versus effects like stun or freeze to prevent exploit, so dont rely on it too much. (I feel like the first boss needs to be easy to help the player level up a bit)

        Well your medic tactic is interesting, I usually have at least one on the sideline to heal after battles (usually the highest level one and swap them around when one gets higher than the other). I also tend to have a team that I use just for fighting bosses and a team I use for fighting everything else. Squad Rotation can help a lot and can also save characters from dying.

        Blake is useful indeed but his high level can make the battles more difficult for you. He has his own story (Original Mode) which is a challenge for sure.

      • A question. What’s the point of the ” storm ” location ?

        Game says that it is for training, but there is a big problem that make this area useless. Monsters give 0 rewards. But your party members will surely get poison / wounds / fear etc etc for each fight. So in the end you only get a few exp points but you also get many negative status that you can’t afford to heal. Oh, and you also waste lots of flares, each one cost 1 supply.

        In realistic i would suggest to fix a bit the balance by giving the players more healing items. I mean or decrease enemy chances to cause negative status or increase the supplies that can be found around the levels. But it’s only a suggestion. Realistic is already brutal enough i fear.

        No, i don’t rely too much on status effect in battles against bosses. I have better : 3 Captain in my party. Each of them buff my party + i can use the No Mercy skill to have 2 actions for each character. This helped me a lot like 20 minutes ago when i fought the 3 mercenary boss. Oh, nice idea having the sniper invincible untill you kill the guard with the shield.

        ” Blake is useful indeed but his high level can make the battles more difficult for you. ”

        I don’t fear challenging battles, because it’s all about strategy. I fear running always low on supply and healing items.

      • “The Storm” is intended for training. The only point of it is for experience but as you say yes, to venture out is costly. I will up the XP given by most of the normal enemies in the next update.

        I think the best solution for difficulty all-around is to increase supplies and crafting items. This way the Player can decide what is important to them and/or purchase items they are missing. This would prevent a situation of having 20+ bandages but no painkillers for example.

        Yes the Captain class has invaluable buffs but there are only a few of them in the game. Most of the time they are essential however so become quite valuable.
        There is also a stim item called the Impulse Stim that has a similar effect to No Mercy.

        Enemies with a “Shield” can protect allies with low health. There is a rare chance those shielded enemies will drop the shield as loot to give your team the same effect when someone equips it. However you can “stun” or “freeze” a shield enemy to stop them protecting allies.

      • Yes, i think that more supplies is the way to go. That way, it’s up to us decide to do how to use them.

        Also, what about this : in ” the storm ” , if you encounter strong opponents you recieve at the end of the battle some supplies. ( 13 – 25 supplies for example ). As a reward for the battle. But also, you could add the chance that the player could encounter a ” stonger version” of one of the ” boss ” he has already killed during main story. So, for example, i could find for now only a stronger version of the first boss. It would reward me with something like x > 30 supplies, but it would deal more damage and it would have more health points. ( And maybe the boss music could play during the battle ).

        I think that it could help solving the shortage of supplies and it will also make ” the storm ” an entertaining experience. If you are lucky, you fight against weak and strong creatures, earning exp and supplies. If you are unluky, you gain more exp and supplies…if you survive the battle against a ” stronger ” boss.

      • Sorry for the double post, but i have another thing to point out :

        Crowbars. Their use is not really very intuitive.

        I mean, a first-time player like me, also so unlucky that each crowbar got destroyed alwas after 2 times, could be led to think that each crowbar last only for 2 times.

        And so it would think : if a crowbar opens 2 boxes and there are a lot of boxes around the levels, it means that i will find lots of crowbars.

        Wrong. The truth, as i discovered, is that crowbars are random. This means that you only need to save before opening a box. You have 50% chance of success. And if things go bad, simply reload.

        But a new player could need some time to understand this. But crowbars are rare. You find 3 in the beginning, but from military training facility to mercenary base you find 0 crowbars.

        So, if a newbie waste the first 3 crowbars, he can’t open any box for a very long time.

        I suggest to put a note to the players. Or else, maybe putting 1 crowbar for each location.

      • The Crowbar is a melee weapon. As a tool it can be used to open certain crates in the game. The durability of the crowbar is entirely random and the contents of the crates are also, entirely random… I agree that the game could use more crowbars and more crowbar durability chance. I broke 2 crowbars earlier which both opened 0 crates each but had another crowbar that opened at least 20. I will look at having 1 or 2 more crowbars per area where there are crates dependent upon the amount of crates.

        For the storm I am unlikely to reuse boss fights. Currently the fights are all auto-generated from a list. I think I will make crates and enemies appear out there over time as the game progresses to make it a risk/reward type venture.

        It is likely that I will patch the game within the next few weeks as I have a list of stuff I want to fix/balance as well as some smaller features I want to add. Save files can be loaded in newer versions but I font guarantee compatibility. I am currently playing through all the game modes on Hard (swedish) with the realistic setting where applicable. In Particular I have noticed that in a battle, enemies that are introduced after the battle has started do not have realistic or difficulty modifiers (or traits).

        I have currently completed the Tutorial, Survival Mode, Avery’s Story, Pierce’s Story and Thing Mode on Swedish and am working through Prequel on Realistic Swedish and there are times where there clearly a shortage of certain items. I will also play Original and then finally Story when I get chance.

      • Yes, now i’m 100% sure that i think you need to fix Fever status effect.

        Optional battles or not, there are too many battles in the outside. And on realistic battles get longer because Things resist firearms.

        Result : each time i do a battle in the outside, one of my party crew gets a fever. Add to this the fact that healing a fever is damn hard and i think that we have a big balance problem.

        I mean, i walk ouside for a short time and i get a fever.

        I fight a battle outside for a short time and i get a fever.

        I fight normal monsters and sometimes they give me a fever.

        And in all this, i have found at max 4 antibiotic kits, and making remedy is not that simple because you need wine bottles.

      • First of all, i desire to point out that sometimes i may seems ” harsh ” , but that’s simply how i talk. So if my way of talking may offend you, i apologize. Keep in mind that. I am direct, i know, sadly noone is perfect.

        Well, first of all i suggest you to disable the countdown during battles. For example, if you need to stay outside for 30 seconds in order to get a fever, you should do that during battles the countdown of these 30 seconds is disabled.

        Else, noone will have fun fighting outside because the price of a battle is a sure fever.

        Also, i suggest to cut the time needed to refuel the chopter. Why ? Take the map ” plane crash site ” , a place you can go with Quintel’s missions. You are forced to stay outside ( because there are no buildings in the area ) for 2 minutes ( refuel time ). This is almost a sure fever.

        Afterall, what’s thepoint of the 2 minutes ? If a player wants to escape a place, in 2 minutes there are a lot of things we can do to buy time, avoiding monsters.

        So, in short :

        1- Fever countdown disable during battles

        2- cut the chopter’s refuel time

        3- maybe allow the players to find in the inventory, in the beginning of the story, something like 5-6 remedy so that we can have a mean to heal ourselves until we unlock the shops.

        4- To balance this, introduce a penalty. Something like : if player is fighting outside –> ToHit chance % is lowered of X . Because during the night it’s harder to see / during the day the reflection of light in the snow blinds you. Or lower the speed of the party. As you wish.

      • On a side note, could you kindly tell me the chances items / healing skills has to heal wounds, injuries and so on ?

        Because it would be useful. For example if injury 3 could be healed with a skill, i would use way less morphine. And so on.

      • Gen. Inc. Ruins.

        When you accept the mission from Black ( kill 12 Things ) , her party has 2 men that you can recruit.

        The problem is that after a few minutes, one of them ruptured ( Robertson ).

        Considering that i never used him in battle, and so he never got infected…

        Is it a bug or did you script this to happen, as if he was infected before joining your party ?

      • Hello, you can say what you like I do not mind. I learned a long time ago not to get upset about things, I’ve already been called all sorts of names and had a lot of abuse thrown my way. The internet in general is not a place you can be soft, you just wind up getting upset like the developer of Rime did. The worst of grief I’ve had is off of fans of “The Thing”, I’ve been called a cuck and all sorts. I don’t understand why people like to shit on things, if they don’t like something they should ignore it or be more proactive to do more with their own lives, like make their own game for example. I can deal with valid criticism, I have time for that. As long as its fair and constructive its the only way to grow.

        Okay, Fever. I will look into it, I don’t feel like I have the solution for it yet. It’s unclear what a better alternative is to me yet. Chopper Refuel time is to prevent an exploit where you could fast travel to the same location thus changing the weather/time of day so I will look into cutting the refuel time down a little once I have a solution for Fever.

        I will be looking at adding more items at the start of the game modes to help deal with some of the difficulty curve. It tends to start out with overwhelming odds then eventually flat lines as the party gets the skills and resources to handle the situation before them, like a learning experience. More fire is needed though, especially around certain boss battles and depending on the Fever changes more Antibiotic kits may be needed. The issue is in large a story issue as in the other game modes you do not stay outside for too long, or are required to do so.

        In terms of items versus skills, items are more effective but risk sickness (added in v2.5.3 which will be reviewed in v2.5.4 based on my experience with it). HOWEVER the Medic can find ways to regain SP via items or passive skills (such as gearhead) or even equipment. This means that while the skills are inferior compared to items (for 3rd tier wound/injury its like 10/20% chance), skills are essentially “free” and an experienced medic can keep an entire team alive forever. At the start rely on items until the medic is starting to regen SP and has the skills needed then you only use items in emergencies. INT also effects how much a medic heals but in battle items can be more useful and heal more than a medic can do depending on the circumstances.

        For NPC’s a lot of things happen when you meet them.
        They can roll random traits (positive and negative passive abilities).
        They can have a random loadout sometimes (usually theres only like 3/4 variations).
        Most importantly they can be infected, depending on the situation most cases has a 10% chance. In some cases even up to 20% chance if an NPC was more likely to have been isolated or exposed to a thing story wise.
        Some characters do not have this random infection chance if it doesnt make sense such as the characters you start with and for example Doctor Black who starts out human for story reasons but can be infected if exposed too much.

        Like I said before the game can be exploited via saving and loading. This is why I added Tape-Saving which discourages save-abuse as it makes you find tapes to save the game (like resident evil ink ribbons). Tapes are limited in number and cost 20 supplies each so it makes it more intense is you want to try and save before looting an area or recruiting some NPC’s.

        I have a list of fixes and balance I wish to make based on your feedback and my gameplay experience with changes to v2.5.3 so I will send you an early version of v2.5.4 when its ready. You can load your save into it but there may be issues and I don’t guarantee full-compatibility. Some things that might happen for example is if I add loot to an area you have already explored that loot will spawn there.

      • ” Chopper Refuel time is to prevent an exploit where you could fast travel to the same location thus changing the weather/time of day ”

        Why should a player do that ?

        Anyway, i am not using the tape saving feature. And i’m glad that i did not enable it. I learned only yesterday that you can exploit the game with save / load to find better items in boxes and such. But i have to admit that it is a required tactic if you want to survive. I , for example, relyed for too much on the random factor of the game. As a result, i have lots and lots of firearms ammo, weapon mods and weapons. But on realistic this is more or less rubbish, because if your strategy is to kill a Thing with a gun, you will never clear the game.

        So, some exploit is needed. Mostly i use it to try and find more useful items. Lke morphine or adv. medickit. I know that this exploit should be avoided, but it either doing this or face later a possible game over scenario.

        And while i accept screwing a game because of a fault in my strategy, i do not accept screwing a game because being unlucky led me to never find medical items.

        That said, i wanted to ask you how does infection works in terms of game mechanic.

        As you say, each character you take has a small chance to be infected. So, if you really are unlucky, you reclute a guy that burst out only a few minutes later.

        But lets consider a non infected NPC that you use in your party. What is the chance that he gets infected during a battle ?

        Also, he has the chance of getting infected is only 1 per battle, if he gets attacked by a Thing, or it is something like ” each time NPC X get hit, he has a x% chance to become infected ” ?

        Because if my second guess is right, it’s very important to protect the NPC you care about. The less he gets hit during a battle, the less he has the chance to get infected.

        But how does items work ? There are headgears likt the hazmat one, or the ventilator that reduce the chance of an infection. But how much ?

        Also, there is this special syringe thati foud that says it has a 50% chance ( 100% with save load exploit ) to cure infection on a crew member.

        This is good, because i plan to use it before the last boss. All i need to ensure that i will clear the game, is having in my party at least Blake and a medic.

        My current tactic works a lot, and all i need to win battles are captain class and medic class.

        The basic is to cover each crew member at the start of the battle.

        What i do then is simply buffing my party with inspire 1 and 2 , rally, leadership 2. Then one captain ( my pc, blake or the other captain) use No Mercy.

        While i am under No Mercy status the 1-2 of the captains only use Stay Frosty. So, if i use 2 captains under No Mercy, it meand each round i restore 4 times some SP to all my party. And each round my 2 medics heal all the ones that get wounded.

        This way i am always healty and with full SP bars. I fight only with sledgehammers, knives, hatchets.

        Of curse things change while fighting Things, i am more aggressive with flareguns because my defensive style of game lead to longer battles. And against infection chance, long battles only lead to loose your party members.

      • A player may want to change the time of day or weather for a few reasons;
        1) If its dark & stormy you are very likely to get a fever quickly. If its bright and clear it takes a lot longer to get a fever.
        2) Some areas like Quintel’s outpost have “random events” that can occur each time you visit.

        In Most cases I don’t need to save or load a lot but I find on the highest difficulty with Realistic it is quite a challenge otherwise. I would recommend the tape-saving feature when the game is more fixed up, it really adds more tension.

        In Battles, Thing creatures have their own move sets like light attack, medium attack, bite, spit etc etc.
        The strength of the attack and the size of the thing creature dictate how much the infection case is. It can be anything from 4% to 10%.
        Items like the Hazmat Mask and the Survival Perk can reduce infection chance by a set percent (10/15%) so for example a 10% chance is reduced by 10% (1%) so it becomes a 9% chance.
        There are status effects that increase the chances of infection however, these include bleeding, injuries and fever. This gives the game a chance to claim the humanity of some of your NPC’s.
        It all comes down to random luck, I find that in most cases people don’t get infected very often.

        I didn’t write any of the code for the game, it’s all taken from free to use places within the RPG Maker Community. I’ve never had that crash before so I’m not sure why it happens. I’ll keep an eye on it. There is a crash if you load a save too quickly from a gameover battle, the next battle you fight will crash the game.

      • Ok, sop far so good but i’m stopping playing the game until the new patch will be done.

        The reason is the quest to find the armory key for your field base + a mercenary attack in my main base.

        Why ?

        Because the ambush battles while doing the quest were outside –> had to use 2-3 antibiotic kits

        Now, the mercenary that attack the field camp are at least 4 groups and are outside. Meaning that minimum i would need to use 4-5 antibiotic kits.

        Frankly…i refuse to be forced to waste such precious items in such a meaningless way.

      • Okay here is an alpha build of v2.5.4, see the “Version history.txt” for the changes made in this build.

        I suppose the most important thing to you is the fever changes. Now it probably still needs work but I was reading about exposure in the arctic and it can take less than 5 minutes in a winters storm to give soemone hypothermia.
        Fever time is very dependent on if it is day or night and how bad the storm is. On a clear day it now takes 20 minutes to get a fever so its unlikely you will catch one but on a heavy stormy night it can take 4 minutes to get a fever (before it was about 20 seconds). The chopper still takes 2 minutes to refuel so in the case of the plane crashsite it is possible to leave there without getting a fever in the worst conditions now.

        I’ve added a lot of items and put focus on the 3 main modes (Story, Original & Prequel). I am a little worried that it will be too easy as in my experience I have too many NPC’s and items by the end of the game as it is. Fever was intended to increase infection chance, so without it there will likely be more humans.

        A lot of flares have been added to the game as well as more crowbars and flame stuffs in key areas where I felt the difficulty spiked.

        Preferably start a new game if you can.

      • Mmm… a bug occurred.

        I finished Blake quest and killed the almost-boss infected guard ( almost boss because you have to admit that it is stronger than normal burstouts ).

        At the end of the fight, there is a dialogue with Black that ends with a crash to desktop.

        Script MA_QuestJournalV2 line 6836: NoMethodError occurred.

        I’m trying again now.

  2. Well, luckily the bug did not happen again. Anyway, now you have the line.

    There must be something in that line you wrote that sometimes makes the game crash.

    Happy to be helpful

  3. Oh, interesting bug. Sure makes the game challenging.

    Anyway, nice putting 3 antibiotic kits into the Field base, plus some flares. More would have been an overkill.

      • No, i think that this is too much. The problem was the lack of flares in the beginning, but if you also increase the fire damage that Things take…it will be too much easy.

        Flares should do more damage, because they are wack to it, but the damage dealt by flame weapons, grenades etc etc was well balanced.

        Increase it and the game gets too much easy.

      • I think that flamethrower’s damage need a fix.

        While i’m sure that it deserve to do some serious damage to Things, 1200 hp is way too much.

        1200 hp is the kind of damage one would think a rocket launcher will do.

        If you ask me, this is how i would fix flame weapons for a better balance :

        1- Flaregun deals 55 – 105 damage ( and i would increase the chance to hit to something like 90%, assuring that almost always you hit the target)

        So, flaregun would be effective but not powerful. A meaning to kill fast normal Things with low hp. So, if a Thing has many hp, the flaregun becomes anyway better than any other firearm, but at the same time it will keep being the weakest of flame weapons.

        2- Blowtorch deals 90 – 175 damage. And increased chance to give burns that last for 2-3 turns. This way we have a flame weapon stronger than the flaregun.

        But there is a problem : blowtorch can’t be found. There is only 2 blowtorch placed in fixed locations ( + 1 extra blowtorch as a quest reward or something). That way, having a blowtorch will feel like a reward and a player would value it.

        3- Flamethrower deals 160 – 240 damage. 25% chance to give burns that last for 3-4 turns. And has 90% chance to hit, but the heat produced by the weapon damage the player : each time you use it the character loose 10% of his/her hp.

        Also, when you hit a target, the character that use it get healed of all the fear status. I think that the best way to cure a panic attack is incinerating something. Using a flamethrower should make you feel less scared, afterall you are using a deadly weapon super effective against those monsters.

        Flamethrower should be a weapon found only 2 times. 1st time more or less where i am, that feels like 1 / 3 of the game. So, after rescuing Black.

        2nd time, at more or less 3 / 4 of the game, when your reputation in Quintel’s outpost is at least 150.

        4- I have never seen other fireweapons, so i assume that the next and best weapon is the roket launcher ( i never found it, but i have ammo for it ).

        So, roket launcher deals 450 – 620 damage. Never miss, give burns that last for 1-2 rounds and give injuries / wounds.

        You find only 1 rocket launcher whereever you feel like, but ammo is ONLY in fixed locations and the max you can find is 10 on easy, 3 on normal and 1 on swedish.

        So on normal you would want to keep it for the last boss, because in 3 turns you will deal a minimum of 1350 fire damage. ( i expect the boss to have not less than 10000 hp, so the 3 rockets would help in the battle. )

        An ideal team near endgame will have so 2-3 blowtorches, 2 flamethrowers, 1 rocketlauncher and 1-2 flareguns ( meaning that 1-2 crew members would have to rely on molotovs, fire grenades, etc etc ).

        Grenade launcher is something i reallu don’t know where to place it. I don’t know how the difficult will increase, but i would remove incendiary wounds to make it useless on realistic. Maybe making that it deals a flamegun damage but has a chance to stun / blind / fear / disorient / wound / injury a target.

        In short, grenadelauncher is a flamegun that can add status effects, and you find only 1 of it with not more than…let’s say… 30 ammo in all the game.

      • Merc Trading post.

        It sells too manyuseful things, i think you should unlock it only much later in the game. Also, the shop sells unlimited stat books : this is a fast way to build an overpowered main PC and Blake. I suggest you to allow only 1 book of each kind to be sold. Or make it 2 of each kind, but increase the price from 25 to 40 supplyes.

      • Can’t access to Subterrain Base.

        I don’t understand your puzzle.

        I need a code, and the only clues are :

        ###6 , #600## and ##30#

        Frankly, i don’t get it. Help please ?

    • The file seems to have inspired :\

      Could it be uploaded again? I would really want to play a version with nerfed Fever mechanic too.


    • Ended. I have to say that it was very entertaining, all the game. Well, the last boss was weak but nevermind. My party was level 25.

      I have started The Prequel mode on Swedish Realistic. If prequel is like Story, i expect a first half very hard and a second half very easy.

      On a side note, your prequel is like the prequel’s movie : beautiful girls die first and all you have around are ugly men. It is such a pity. Oh, and even if censured i would have never expected nude art in this game. That was not an unpleasant surprise. And i like the voiceacting. For a game made without professional voice actors, the voices are not bad. ( Well, the one of the old doctor makes me smile a bit. Seems like a young man trying to imitate the voice of an old wizard. But these small imperfections makes the game even more beautiful. Clearly you all show dedication. )

      Oh, also art is very good. I have seen only the intro, but the drawings are very well made. The one / ones who did it is / are very talented.

      • I know that prequel mode has 2 endings. Could you kindly tell me ( with a minimum of spoilers ) what should i do to unlock the ending in which i think that Natalie survive ?

        Because in story mode i got my team killed ( and i would do it again. Simply killing Makalov seems a bad choice to do ). So, this time i would like to have someone survive at the end of the game

  4. Story Mode has 5 normal endings plus 2 secret endings. I take it you let Makalov go and got the “nuke” ending? (while its a bad end for our characters its surely for the greater good, right?)

    In Prequel Mode there are 4 normal endings plus 1 secret ending. You get to choose the ending yourself at the end when the crew ask you what you want to do (after the final boss). The Secret ending involves a certain crew member who is not who they seem to be, so I wont go into that.

    Original Mode and every other game mode only have 1 ending each as they all tie into each other or build up to Story Mode. Originally I did plan a secret ending where Blake would have been infected like I did in the first Thing RPG I made but I scrapped it as it wouldn’t make sense for Story Mode.

    • Thank you for your reply.

      I am only 2 minutes after the intro, so i can say that Prequel mode is new for me. But it seems so far way better than Story mode.

      Voiceacting, cutscenes well drawn…very entertaining and interesting. I hope it will be a long gameplay.

      • Prequel Mode is about 6 to 8 hours. It’s a fixed experience set in one location, it takes a lot of inspiration from Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil Revelations. It is the best experience the game has to offer and sets up the events of Original & Story Mode nicely. It was also a lot of fun to make, it gets away from the core story about Blake’s mission too which is refreshing.

        Story Mode is only really long because of side quests, but it was nice to try an “open world” experience which is what the actual cancelled The Thing 2 Video Game was going to be.

        Original Mode is about 8 hours long, its linear and level based. It’s a remake of the 2002 The Thing video game and also a remake of my first Thing RPG.

        All the side stories are like 1-2 hours long if that and are all pretty linear. They mostly experiment with other ideas or mechanics I wanted to try out.

      • Maybe Prequel mode is only 7-8 hours long, but on swedish realistic i fear it will be longer.

        Now as now, monsters kill me in 2 hits, so i have to avoid area with monsters. I’m scavenging items and supplyes for now. 13 adv. medickit and 71 supplyes are a nice start.

    • ” I take it you let Makalov go and got the “nuke” ending? ”

      Sure, because only a fool would do otherwise. This way, if Blake failed his mission the world would nonetheless survive.

      Else, without Makalov and Blake noone could have stopped the infection.

      It’s the same old story. Better save billions of people , even if the price is a few thousands.

      • Well yeah its like Resident Evil in that your not supposed to fight every zombie in the mansion, as Natalie its best to avoid enemies until you have the strength to take them down. Its a bit different than being a squad of military guys for instance so the experience is a lot different. Natalie is also weaker than other main characters as she is a researcher with no military training.

      • The main problem will be getting the experience points needed for a rank 25.

        On a side note, considering that i would have liked to have Rachel in the party , now at least i hope to be able to fight her somewhere in the ship. The problem with The Thing is the lack of female characters, in my opinion.

  5. You won’t and don’t have to get to rank 25 to beat the game.

    Well you say that but I disagree, women added nothing to the Prequel movie. There were also women in the 1950’s movie The Thing from another world that again added nothing. It doesn’t matter if it is men or women to me, I think the cast of the 1982 movie is really strong regardless.

    • It just seems strange. There are a lot of female scientists , doctors, geologists, and so on.

      It’s as if the movies try to suggest us that females avoid working in those kind of places. Something that i think is a lie.

      It’s like in Resident Evil 2, where you find countless male zombies and…what, 3-4 female ones ? As if in a city there are only males ? ( well, in RE2 you also had a police station without toilets. At least in Silent Hill the developers remembered that people need to go to the toilet )

      All in all, it’s not that i defend the rights of women or something like that. I belive in meritocracy, regardless of the gender. I simply try to use common sense, it seems strange this almost lack of females in outposts in Antartica.

  6. Games are games sometimes.
    Well in terms of Antarctica, If I was a women I’d be uncomfortable being stuck out there with a bunch of guys for months at a time, doesn’t seem very safe personally. It doesn’t take much in the 1982 movie for everyone to loose their shit, Clark goes to stab MacReady with a knife and gets straight up murdered.

    • Bug.

      Garnet, the medic, has ” talented ” and ” gearhead 1 “. For a total of + 4% SP regen.

      As you know, this mean that while i walk he regains SP. ( like others characters do ).

      Well, Garnet does not regain SP. I walk around the map, my other medic has an SP increase while Garnet keep having 0 SP.

      Obvious, but Garnet is fine. No status effects.

      • How much SP does Garnett have? For example 4% regen will not work if you have 10sp. For 4% sp regen to work you need at least 25 SP then he would gain 1 sp every few steps,

      • 16 SP.

        4% would be 0,64. So he should get 1 SP each X steps.

        But i get from your words that SP regen works only if the minumum SP regen is 1 SP.

        Less than 1 SP and regen doesn’t work.

        That’s a pity. I was hoping to exploit the SP regen to heal my party. Swedish is brutal, each fight can lead to a game over.

  7. It’s just the way the RPG Maker VX Ace Engine works, most RPG games have larger “mana bars” where as I focused on smaller numbers. It will be difficult yes but once you get Doctor Perkins it will be a lot easier for the free SP Regen Healing.

    • Understood.

      Well, there are bigger problems. Like being short of morphine, the only item that can heal injury 3. Unless you have a surgeon kit

      • Most medical items have a chance to heal injury 3. It only displays the ones it has 100% chance to heal in the menu (another issue with the engine). Just save and use painkillers or a medikit until it works.

      • Good to know, thank you. You should write this somewhere. Afterall, injury 3 is a common status

      • Knowing that i’m doing Swedish Realistic, i need to plan very careful who i’m going to use in battle.

        In short, I need both the Doctor you find at the very beginning on the deck and the medic Garnett.

        Now, after the rupture of the latter ( and a reload ), i have to ask you :

        1- in Swedish, infection chances are higher than normal ?

        2- How do infection works. I mean, let’s say that i do a battle and a character gets infected.

        If i do the blood test, i find the infected OR infection has a timer ? ( like : a character got infected but the bloodtest show infection after X minutes ).

        I know, it’s abusing the save / load system.

        But Swedish realistic is not a walk in the park. And i am one who like to plan. I don’t leave things to chance or luck.

  8. Well first of all when you meet a character there is a random chance they are infected. So its best to save before you talk to anyone on the bridge.

    Infection chance and all status chances are the same regardless of difficulty mode. In Swedish enemies are just faster and have better overall stats.

    Each enemy attack has a x% chance (depending on the attack) to infect someone, people who have a fever or are wounded/injured are more likely to be infected. It can be mitigated with the use of the survival perk and certain equip-able items.

    Bloodtest can be done anytime and can detect infection at any point there is no time. Infection is instant.

    I completed Prequel on Swedish, Realistic with Tape Saving and yes it is difficult but careful planning of saves is actually a strategic way to play and I had fun deciding when it was best to save or not (as I had limited saves) but I never got to a point where I ran out of saves or set myself too far back.

    I will warn you about Prequel though, towards the end there is an objective that is almost like a gauntlet of challenges to complete (although it is optional). So keep in mind that having a lot of people will help you later on. It’s far more important to save people in Prequel than any other mode.

    I also completed Original Mode (On Swedish Realistic, normal saves) and I found that was a good challenge. In total there are only around 50 NPC’s for the whole campaign and I ended it with Blake +3 survivors so I feel like the challenge is just right (I did loose some people due to bad decisions and didn’t want to reload back at points so often pushed through at the cost of NPC’s). I also like in realistic how useless the guns are against the things, its such a contrast to playing without it.

    I am currently playing Story Mode (Swedish, Realistic ,Tape-Saving) but I have to say I haven’t got a fever at all from the weather (only from enemies) so I feel like the fever timer is way to long now.

    I will be doing a balance update at some point for the weapons and armor. I will be looking at the thing enemies too, Generally the final bosses are too easy, or don’t have enough health to sustain a big dramatic showdown (especially in like story mode if you have loads of spare npcs to fight).

    • Well, i think i will do as i did in the Story mode then. Avoid infection, if i can, for my chosen ones.

      Survival trait is the first skill each of my character learns, because there is no use in creating a strong character if he gets infected.

      I will search also for ventilators and masks that lower infection chance.

      And finally, i will try to reach level 25. Last Action Hero will geve me immunity to infection.

      One thing is sure…i’m, developing a strategy. Let’s see if it works :

      1- Harding can’t be infected, so i increase his health and defense and i let him use Taunt. Things that aim him won’t infect other characters.

      2- Party of 7 people. If each attack can infect you, the more people you have in battle the less chance that a character X will be attacked repeatedly. ( and infected )

      3- A scout in the party, with items that increase Evasion and with the skill that increase Evasion of 50%. That way, i will have a character that will be aimed by Things but that hopefully will evade many attacks. So less chances of infection for him and other characters.

      About difficulty. Yes, i believe that final bosses needs more health. Afterall, it’s the final battle.

    • If i could, could you answer me to a few questions ?

      Injury 1 / 2 and 3 –> the medic skill can heal all of these ?

      wounds 1 / 2 / 3 –> the medic skill can heal all of these ?

      poison and fever, is there a skill that heal these status? ( i highly doubt it, but no harm in asking )

      Fear. The level 1 skill of the Captain class can remove all the levels of fear ?

    • And another question.

      I am at the beginning, i recruited Harding and my objective now is to find the Doctor.

      Considering that i have only 50 flares, when will i be able to buy flares ?

      Because i should train in other ship areas to become stronger, but if i waste my flares…i’m done for, especially if the shop that sells flares is far from my current position

      • The Medic first aid skill has a low chance to remove wounds. The Medic Resuscitate skill has a low chance to remove injuries.

        There is no way to remove poison or fever without items.

        The Captains Reason skill can remove fear and mistrust but is low chance, Reason 2 has a slightly better chance. However you can just do a bloodtest to remove fear. Also the medic/doctor can give sedatives to cure fear.

        There isn’t a shop in every mode because it doesn’t make sense. In Story mode the Quintel and Mercenary one makes sense but these were added at later stages so originally only the field base had shops; I am currently unsure if I should remove them or not because they don’t make sense at the field base (it would also make the other shops more important).

        Prequel Mode does have a shop, after the first boss fight one of Jose’s calls to you on the radio will tell you to see him at the bridge about a trade system. It is random when you will get this call but it always happens before other bridge events occur. However it is on a separate list to survivor calls.

      • Yes, i found that radio call for the trade system, exactly after the hardest battle so far.

        You know, when you recruit Rosso. Many Swedish Things to kill, only 2 flareguns and hoping to stay alive and not infected. Now, staying alive was simple, after Story Mode i know more or less how to play.

        But not getting infected in that long battle? I have been very lucky.

        Finally i have the trade system. I already used all my supplyes, but now i have 101 flares.

        I figured out that all i need to buy with supplyes are anti-venom, food , remedy and flares. Other items are useless because a medic can heal all the other status effects.

        Anyway, so far Prequel Mode on Swedish Realistic is the best.

        But probably it’s not very suited for a newbie. I think that in this mode, in order to avoid stupid mistakes, you need to know better the game. That’s why it’s good to be played after Story or Original mode.

        Avoid monsters, use wisely your flares, planning ahead things : it’s not something you can do if you do not know the game.

        Unless you play on easy. I have the feeling that easy would be a piece of cake.

  9. The Soldiers you find in Prequel Mode are all optional allies, however finding them does have its advantages. Rosso and Ramirez are pretty experienced and come with a bunch of grenade launcher stuff for example which you will likely need for boss #2.

    Playing the game first on Normal is recommended yes, as it lets you experience the game at the intended pacing. Playing a game first on an easier mode could be said to be true about any game however.

    Avoiding monsters is actually a very good strategy in itself. There are only a few occasions in game where you are forced into battle. In at least 75% of cases you can avoid enemies, which a lot of people seem reluctant to do for some reason.

    I will let you know when the next version is ready.

    • I don’t like grenade Launcher, somehow i feel that flamethrowers and blowtorches are more reliable.

      Yes, Resident Evil 1 teaches a lot. It’s impossible to clear that game on hard IF you don’t know the places of ammo and monsters.

      I usually destroy all the monsters. Now, for example, i’m clearing all the floors of Things and Spectres. Don’t get me wrong, i know that avoiding monsters is important. But this is not Resident Evil, this is an RPG. Killing monsters give you experience and makes you stronger.

      Plus, there is the challenge of fighting monsters. And now that i have many flares to ” buy “, fighting is way more profitable than running away.

      At the beginning you had to avoid monster, but only at that time. ( Unless you desire to do a battle involving you feeble PC against a Bio Thing or a Walker)

    • On a side note.

      In the mission in which you have to kill Diaz or Walker in order to recruit the one that survive, was it intended that one of them was infected ?

      Because i killed Diaz and he was not a Thing. So, i did a bloodtest but Walker is human too.

      Is this a bug or they both where humans? Something like Paranoia led them to think that one of them was infected.

      • Just because its an RPG doesn’t mean it has to conform to normal RPG standards. Yes you will become experienced fighting the enemies that is the point but there are a lot of risks involved.

        The Grenade Launcher deals half damage but hits 2 targets. It also has better status chances for things like gas and flash grenades. (the idea was like more blast radius)

        Diaz and Walker are randomly infected. Sometimes they can both be human or just paranoid. They can also both be things ironically but the player (and even me) cannot possibly know which is human or a thing as it is entirely random.

        There might be an updated build later today, I’m messing with the weapons and armor.

      • Now as now i’m exploiting the lockers. I like that each time you put the code, you find a weapon and a lot of ammo.

        Saving / loading now i have, thanks to the lockers, 83 magnum bullet ( my favourite weapon, because it deals a lot of damage to human enemyes) and a blowtorch.

        Oh, i have just found who is going to be the second boss. Or at least i think that she is going to be a boss. Mostly because i feel as if Rachel is a tribute to another Rachel of another Resident Evil located on a certain Queen Zenobia.

        So, considering that now my mission is to meet Irvin and Rachel, what’s going to happen is clear.

      • I think that Enemy’s design of Prequel mode is great. The artist is very skilled, that’s undoubtely sure.

        I like the concept of the Riler. In short, it is like a Cleric. It summons allyes and boost them.

        Anyway, now that i have Alpha in my team i am unbeatable even on Swedish.

        Leadership 3 + Fearless Aura( Rosso ) + Inspire 1 & 2 + No Mercy + Stay Frosty.

        With these boosts i have the upper hand.

      • Vibroblade is an excellent item. I was lucky to find it as a drop.

        That blade cuts the human enemyes like butter.

        On a side note, Find Weakness + Find Advantage is a exceptional combo. If you use it on an enemy and buff your party with damage buffs like Fearless Aura and Leadership 3 , you can deal some serious damage with simple ammo like flares.

        So far i’ve cleared all levels from top to B3 ( in B3 i killed all enemyes but i have to pick all the items )

        B4 is almost cleared too, and i have the key to B5 ( but first i need to take all items scattered around B3 and B4)

        Prequel is by far the best mode of the rpg.

      • Ok, i ended the Prequel mode and i watched all 4 endings.

        Very nice mode, i had a lot of fun. a pity that there ” good” ending is an open ending.

      • I don’t get the bonus ending. I see only 4 endings. If by bonus ending you mean Jose escaping the ship, i got it.

        But i don’t consider that an ending, because i don’t care about him. He did nothing for the plot, he was simply the NPC that traded items with you. Nothing more, nothing less.
        So, how could someone feel something for a character that meant nothing ?

        Anyway , i like to think that the group walked off into the Storm and somehow got to safety.

  10. Amazing game. The pure I don`t know what is gonna happen this time is what makes this game special, also John Carpenter said that in the ending of the original childs or mac was indeed infected. After 30 years he finally comments about that.
    I am going to recommend this game to a lot of ppl and is it normal for a doctor to have 300+sp, a soldier with the death machine and the strongest armor to have over 90 speed and to be able to always have no mercy on because of gear head 1 and 2?

    • ” also John Carpenter said that in the ending of the original childs or mac was indeed infected. After 30 years he finally comments about that. ”

      When did Carpenter said that? Because in these years i have followed many fan websites of the movie, i have seen all the behind the scenes and such things, and purposely the ending was left ambiguous. No one knows if Mac or Childs are infected.

      But i admit that in the last 2-3 years i stopped looking for things about the movie.

      So, first of all i politely ask you to put a link to the article about ” John Carpenter said that in the ending of the original childs or mac was indeed infected ”

      Because what you are talking about is a years-long discussion that never had a solution, because Carpenter purposely left things ambiguous. You can find evidence pointing on them being humans but also on them being infected.

      Let’s be sure about what you are saying. So, please, point to the link/article. Else, it is just an opinion.

      If you are right, that means Carpenter did what Lucas did too.
      Direct a movie, but years later change something in the plot of its movie/s for apparent no reason.

      If that’s the case, personally i’m not going to believe Carpenter now. The plot of a movie is the plot of a movie.

      It’s cheap years later say things like ” No guys, i left the ending ambiguous, but now i really want to tell you that Mac is infected “.

      If Mac was going to end up infected, he should have done that inside the movie, with a less ambiguous ending. Not outside of the movie, more than 20 years later.

      Or in short, if Carpenter recently took a decision about the ending of the movie, i call it bullshit.

    • I don’t think John Carpenter ever actually said who was infected, it’s never really resolved but you can find MacReady in my adaptation of the story and hell even Childs if you follow Mac’s story.

      Some stuff can get pretty broken in the game, I am trying to rebalance some things but generally if people survive long enough the idea is they are supposed to become like 80’s action movie bad-asses.

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