The Thing 2 RPG v2.5

Here it is, the v2.5 update.


This ‘Traditional Style’ Sci-Fi RPG is a “Non-Profit” Fan Made game based on the events after the 1982 movie “The Thing” created by John Carpenter. It is in no way endorsed by John Carpenter or Universal Studios and shares likeness only in name. In my eyes it is the same as drawing a picture of a popular character and posting it online for all to see. I funded this game with my own money and I do not generate any revenue from ModDB or the ads displayed on my website (which I also pay for). If there are grounds for an issue with copyright then I am willing to take responsibility for that and make the appropriate changes where needed to resolve the issue. The Majority of the content (music, artwork, code) in the game is either licensed for use, originally created or credit is given where due for work used in ‘Free’ projects.

System Specs

Since the v1 there have been massive improvements to overall performance. I believe the game will run on a wide range of Windows Computers now and the v2 tanks far less in comparison to the v1. Below are the recommended specs based on those provided by the RPG Maker Team. (Official Specs)

OS: Windows XP or later
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
Storage: 400mb

Please note that previous saves may not work with the v2.5 Build.


See Here for the Credits.

Whats New?

Lots of Fixes.
Some Game Balancing.
New Skills, Status Effects, Weapons, Items and attachments.
Additional Voice Acting.
Additional Enemies, Content and Characters for Prequel Mode.
New Enemies and additional bonus scene added for Story Mode.

You can find the full changelog here.




Thank you all for your support over the years. Please enjoy the game. If there is any feedback or bug reports please post them on this article as I am more likely to see them and respond that way. I will be working on a walkthrough for the game on my website but the unlockables guide is already live. You can also check Sadonrii’s channel for playthroughs of the game if you are stuck.

Good luck, Captain(s).


The Thing 2 RPG v2.5 Update #3

Captain; Here’s the brief on some changes and new features to the game & v2.5 release info.

v2.5 Changes

General Fixes

Fixed Bashford not Appearing in Thing Mode Scene
Disabled Starvation in Prequel Mode “Bridge” Area (Both Safe & Assault Variants)
Added a Save Station to Prequel Mode “Male Wash Room” Area
Fixed Prequel Mode Crate Drops so when “SMG” is rolled it will drop HG ammo instead of MG
Improved “Research”, “Survival” and “Scavenger” Skills to give more desirable boosts
Improved “Ghost Stim” and “Recovery Stim” to balance the risk/reward a little
Balanced Spectre and Spectre Elite to be more fair
Changed Jose Radio calls from 7.5 minutes to 10 minutes to spread out events and stop spam
“Walker” Things have been given the ability ‘Rage’ which gives them a chance to go Berserk
Increased Starvation Timer to 18 (easy) 15 (normal) 12 (Swedish) minutes
Infection rates have been increased by +1% for all enemies
Iron Strikes Skill is OP Lowered Chance to Stun from 50 to 20%
Added SP cost for Engineer to use “Petrol Bomb”
40mm Incendiary Rounds were classed as “Explosives” they are now set to “Flame” element
Reduced the Chances of Stun and other ailments for ALL skills; Chances are a lot lower for more risk/reward
STUN status is OP so I have reduced its chance to happen
Added “Skip Intro” for Prequel Mode to skip the long ass cutscene intro for returning players
Crafting Crate added to Facility Survival
Added a Random Trait Gainer to Facility Survival every time you beat 5 floors and return to the hub
Extended some status ailments to last after battles have ended
Flareguns and Melee Weapons should now come with a random mod
Made Starvation/Fever notice less annoying (Now has minor notice instead of text popup)
Fixed Fever happening during main story cutscenes, hopefully this should stop constant fever
Fixed tutorial issue with save stations
Fixed tutorial map with weird background

Mechanics & Gameplay

Added the “Blitz” Skill for SMG’s (Enemy too) Allows x2 multi attack to all enemies on screen
Added the “Ruptured Armor” Status Effect which reduces enemy armor by 30% and increases gun damage on them
Armor Piercing, High Caliber, Slug shells, MARS & AM Ammo all have a chance to “Rupture Armor”
Equipped some enemies with “CS Gas” Grenades which May Stun, Disorient and Blind twice as long and May cause fever
New Enemy: Spectre ODIN added, Orange Spectre that Packs a Spas Shotgun and Grenades
New Enemy: Spectre ASIN added, Black Spectre that Carries a L96A1 Sniper Rifle and Sword
Spectre Variant Added: Spectre (Normal, Blue) with Dual SIG Handguns
Spectre Variant Added: Spectre (Elite, Red) with HK33 Assault Rifle
Spectre Variant Added: Spectre (Elite, Red) with Dual SMG’s
Spectre Variant Added: Spectre (ODIN, Orange) with Magnum & Riot Shield Combo!
Spectre Variant Added: Spectre (ASIN, Black) with SMG and Sword
New Enemy: “Alpha” (Boss) Added, A special Red Spectre as part of the new Prequel Mode subplot.
New Enemy: Seeker, A mutation of the normal spectre. The most common mutation. Basic abilities.
New Enemy: Riler, A mutation of the Elite Spectre. Tough and can “call” more mutants to battle.
New Enemy: Bulwark, A mutation of the ODIN spectre. Strong, Defesnive, Aggressive and rages out.
New Enemy: Ghost, A mutation of the ASIN spectre. Weak but Evasive and Lethal.
New Enemy: Banshee, ?????
Added 10 New NPC’s to Prequel Mode with additional missions and content
Added a new special spectre enemy sub-boss
Added 4 new mutated-thing enemies that appear in Prequel Mode
Dogs have a medical aid skill so they can carry medical aid to allies in battle at an SP cost
Dogs have a Resupply skill so they can carry supplies to allies in battle to restore some SP
New Status: “Tracer Rounds”; A unit with this has a -15% penalty to evade all damage making them easier to hit
Enemies with Assault Rifles or LMG’s now have Tracer Rounds loaded to their weapons
Added “Fear Effect” Difficulty Modifier (Units can be “worse” in the dark, being more prone to fear, slower in combat and overall less accurate)
Gen Inc have now deployed MLNR mobile sentry units to support ground forces (Story Mode Only)
New Enemy: MLNR Urban, This mobile sentry uses an SMG and deploys flash and CS gas grenades for crowd control
New Enemy: MLNR Assault, A tougher sentry using assault weapons, deploys explosive and CS gas grenades
New Enemy: MLNR Heavy, A literal tank with an LMG; deploys explosives and CS gas grenades
New Enemy: MLNR Hellfire, An anti-viral sentry with a flamethrower, Incendiary & Nitrogen Grenades

Items & Equipment

Added “Mac-10” SMG to the Game; Special Variant added too
Added “Ventilator” Mask to the game
Added “Vibroblade” Melee Weapon to the Game; Special Variant added too
Added “Power Armor” Armor Vest to the game (Relic)
New Mod for SMG: “MG Ammo”; Allows an SMG to use Machinegun ammo (+15% DMG Boost)
New Mod for SMG/ARF/BRF/LMG: “Tracer Rounds”; Applies Tracer Rounds Status on ranged attacks
New Mod “Hair Trigger” for various weapons; Gives a 10% chance for an extra action in battle


Added extra voices to Prequel Mode to support the new characters and content
Additional scene added to Story Mode as part of an exisiting side mission, connects Prequel and Story Modes slightly


I am just waiting on the final artwork for the new sentry units for story mode. Only 6 of 12 new audio is recorded for Prequel Characters so far but I will release the v2.5 when the sentry units are ready with or without the audio and just update the game when that is done to save people waiting. I would estimate Mid-April 2016 for v2.5 release as I would like to divert my time to other projects.

If you are interested in small voice acting roles please message me. Also you can catch Supah Deku playing the game on twitch here at the moment; If there are any other lets plays let me know I like to watch them.

Gen Inc appear to have deployed Mobile Sentry Units to the battlefield Captain; The fight just got a lot tougher…

The Thing 2 RPG v2.5 Update #2

Hello Captain, It’s been some… time since our last contact. I have been occupied with certain other matters but now I am back with some new intel on The Thing 2 RPG v2.5 update.

Summary of v2.5 Update

A bunch of tweaks, balances and minor new features in game such as extra skills, some new weapons/items etc.

Prequel Mode
4 New *Voiced* Crew Members to appear scattered around the ship (You are not notified about these by Jose)
A New subplot on the ship involving a group of Spectres that change sides. There are 6 New *Voiced* characters who can be recruited if you follow this plotline. It’s optional but the soldiers are well trained and come with extra gear. This comes with a new boss battle and special relic gear.
A big difficulty rebalance for the Spectres introducing new variants and special types. Generally the more common ones are a lot easier to fight now. These New Spectres also appear in other modes in events where you fight spectres.
A new “Outbreak” on the ship. There’s been some sort of mutation! This introduces new enemies exclusive to Prequel Mode. These are Thing/Spectre Hybrids.

Story Mode
A new event during Robert’s Sidequest (where you help Grim/Keller). If a certain character is recruited in your team the dialogue will play differently and unlock a new relic weapon but if this character is not present the event will play differently but there will be no reward to it.

Facility Survival
There’s some minor tweaks in places planned for this mode.

If anyone is interested in Voice Acting please send me a Private Message. I have a few places left to fill.

New Enemies


“Alpha” is a new optional boss in Prequel Mode. Defeating him will advance the new subplot and allow you to recruit him. He’s tough but he’s a valuable recruit to your team. He wields special dual Mac-10’s which you can obtain after beating him.


The “Seeker” is a new enemy exclusive to Prequel Mode. There has been a viral leak in the lower ship levels and several Spectres have been exposed directly to a special variant of the Thing’s DNA. The seeker is the basic mutation and isn’t much of a threat alone…


The “Riler” is another new mutation. The Riler is tougher than the seeker and has a special ability to “call” extra mutants to the battle. Do not underestimate this one…


The “Bulwark” is another new mutation. This horrible fiend is brutish and relentless. It deals heavy damage, utilizes the “Odin”s armor for defense and can flip into a rage anytime. The chance of this appearing is lower than other mutations but if you’re unlucky you may have to fight up to 2 at once!


The “Ghost” is another, rarer mutation. It sneaks around and while it isn’t particularly strong it’s evasive and has a higher than normal chance to deal critical damage.



Let’s Play

YouTube user Sadonrii has beaten the 3 main stories in the game now. You can find the playlists on his Youtube channel. Until I complete the walkthrough on my website I recommend using his videos as reference if you get stuck. I have completed the Unlockables Guide on my website if you want to know how to unlock things (spoilers there).

What comes Next

I was busy modding & playing Xcom2 when it released and I spent the last couple of weeks making a demo for someone too. A new version of RPG Maker came out in 2015 and I did consider porting the thing over for a while and I’ve had numerous requests from people to work with them but I have had to think about what is most beneficial to me. I will be taking a course soon but I will also be teaming up with Sadonrii to make a new game taking features from The Thing 2 RPG as a foundation. I will release more information about this on my website as things get more organised.

Xcom 2 Mods:
My Website:

I can’t really give an estimated time for the v2.5 update yet, the audio is being remastered and I’m getting help with some test runs and of course Audio still needs recording for the game. I hope for those of you that played the game you got a lot of value out of it and hopefully you enjoyed it. If you’re new then download the game, it’s free. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Be Prepared Captain…

The Thing 2 RPG v2.5 Update (2)

Here’s a quick update for any of the news/images missed on the ModDB site Captain.

New Features/Balancing:

Lowered Stun Chance across the board, Melee Stun was way too OP
Infection Chance Increased (You’re Welcome)
Added an additional scene to a side mission in Swedish Story Mode with a unique relic reward
Recorded & Mastered 7 of 12 new NPC Voice Acting for Prequel Mode
Implemented the Spectre “Suicide Squad” that you can meet & recruit in Prequel Mode
Implemented 4 New Hidden Ship Crew Members for Prequel Mode (Normal+)
Revealed 5 of 13 New Prequel Mode Enemies
Added New Melee Weapon to the Game

Planned/In Progress

Record & Master the 5 remaining VA sets needed (Having Trouble with this)
Test New Prequel Content & additional Story Scene to make sure they work
Get Artwork Completed for the Remaining Spectre Enemies (3 Variants for the Spectre Elite and 1 New Spectre-Boss enemy)
Get Artwork Complete for & Reveal the 4 New ???? Enemies exclusive to a new event that occurs in Prequel Mode… (SomeThings goes wrong in the B4 Epidemic Prevention Block)
Release v2.5 Update

Let’s Play

YouTube user Sadonrii has finished his let’s play of Prequel Mode. He did a fairly good job and exceeded expectations. (Spoiler Warnings)



Blue Spectres have a 2/16 chance of being replaced by new types. One of these is the “ODIN”; A Mighty Juggernaut suited up to take damage in the field. The ODIN has 2 variants. One that uses a Magnum & Shield to protect weak allies. The Other opts for the shotgun approach. Both of these pack Hand Grenades, Nitro Grenades and CS Gas Grenades. Beware the ODIN Captain…


Blue Spectres have a 2/16 chance of being replaced by new types. One of these is the “ASIN”; A sneaky ninja-like assassin that uses stealth and trickery to evade enemies and hunt down its target. The ASIN has 2 varaints. One that uses a Micro SMG and Sword (You may be able to ‘acquire’ this sword) who slashes foes and sprays a hail of gunfire. The Other does have the sword but opts for taking enemies out at range with a sniper rifle. Both of these pack Flash, Gas and Smoke Grenades. Before you even see the ASIN in battle it will already be too late Captain…


Spectre HG

I don’t like reducing difficulty of enemies. The Regular Spectre has been weakened a lot and so I introduced the ODIN & ASIN variants to counter some of that. Another complaint/annoyance with the average spectre was the SMG. Damn that SMG is deadly and so we have introduced the Dual Handgun version to ease up on the player a little. Don’t get too comfortable though as sometimes you might get an ODIN or ASIN to fight instead!


The Elite Spectre (Red) is next on my list for changes so stay tuned to ModDB for image updates as they become available. Be careful out there Captain; oh and one more Thing… SomeThing stirs inside the ship captain, some sort of… mutation….

The Thing 2 RPG v2.5 Update

It’s the new year Captain! What better way to start it off then to take a nice cruise in the Arctic? Below are the details for what’s coming in the short v2.5 Update. Most of the content will be utilized by Prequel Mode as there has been some disagreements over the difficulty of the Spectres.

Work Completed:

Fixed a couple of bugs in the game, nothing major.
Changed the way “Research”, “Survival” and the “Scavenger” skills work. They are now more appealing.
Improved “Ghost Stim” and “Recovery Stim” items.
Reduced Jose’s Radio call timer in prequel mode so he will call you every 10 minutes instead of every 7.5.
Added new SMG Skill “Blitz” for enemies and the player. Blitz allows a x2 attack on all on screen enemies in an attempt to spread enemy SMG attacks out a little.
Added new status “Ruptured Armor”. Whenever you attack an enemy with ammo such as ‘AP Ammo’ you may have a chance to inflict this status. It will lower enemy DEF by 30% and reduce their resistance to bullets in general. This is useful to counter some of the enemy armor perks.
Gave some enemies “CS Gas” grenades. These may stun/disorient/blind twice as long and have a chance to cause fever.
All Human Soldier Enemies now drop supplies to help in Prequel/Story Mode. Supplies gained in other modes carry forward from most modes on your save anyway.
Added the “Mac-10” Machine Pistol as an SMG type weapon to the game. It is low accuracy but an even higher CRI than the Uzi. It also has a special variant.

Work Planned/In Progress:

The Spectre enemy (the blue one) is being weakened due to complaints about their difficulty. There is also going to be an alternative version with dual handguns.
The Elite Spectre enemy (the red one) is being weakened too slightly. There will also be an alternate version of this one with an assault rifle.
2 New Spectre’s are being added (each with an alternate version) which will make up for the lost difficulty of the basic/blue spectre. I will release details of these via screenshots when further intel is available.
Infection chance will be increased by 1 to 2% as I don’t feel like it is enough of an issue to annoy the player. It hurts when you loose someone you spent time on but burstouts rarely happen to me personally.
A secret bonus scene is going to be added to a side mission in story mode. It reveals someones identity from Prequel Mode. It’s really obscure but will give a special weapon.
A New Melee weapon is going to be added to the game as a special rare drop from a new spectre type.
4 New *Voiced* NPC’s are being added to the Prequel Mode ship crew. These guys will appear at a certain point in the story but will not be announced by Jose and will be scattered throughout the ship. They will appear on Normal difficulty and above just to give an extra helping hand to those who can find them.
A new event is being added to Prequel Mode. Something goes wrong in the “Epidemic Prevention Block” on the B4 levels and causes someThing to infest the ship; This will introduce 4 new enemies exclusive to Prequel Mode. By weakening the Spectres I had to add challenge somewhere else :P
A new set of side missions are being added to Prequel Mode. Now when you get an “Incoming Transmission” it might no longer be Jose calling you. You might pick up radio chatter from a special Gen Inc Suicide Squad. Following these transmissions will be able to get you 6 New *Voiced* NPC characters and extra weapons and ordnance that you so desperately need; especially to deal with what’s to come. This also introduces a special fights and a human sub-boss to Prequel Mode.

Let’s Play

YouTube user Sadonrii is kicking ass in his let’s play. It was a slow start for him but on normal he easily mops up the enemy crew. (Spoiler Warnings)

It’s unclear if v2.4 saves will work with the v2.5 when it comes out as I’ve made some changes to the scripts (things that run code) and added new database objects. The v2.5 should come out in February as it’s only a short update contributing to Prequel Mode mainly. I’ll post screenshots on ModDB as content becomes available.

Gen Inc are still out there Captain and there not giving up just yet. Keep fighting the good fight.

The Thing v2.4 Release

We’re finally here now Captain! The long overdue v2 expansion of the game is ready; free for you all to enjoy. I’ve attached some system spec guidelines and some other key notes I think people should read before downloading the game.


This ‘Traditional Style’ Sci-Fi RPG is a “Non-Profit” Fan Made game based on the events after the 1982 movie “The Thing” created by John Carpenter. It is in no way endorsed by John Carpenter or Universal Studios and shares likeness only in name. In my eyes it is the same as drawing a picture of a popular character and posting it online for all to see. I funded this game with my own money and I do not generate any revenue from ModDB or the ads displayed on my website (which I also pay for). If there are grounds for an issue with copyright then I am willing to take responsibility for that and make the appropriate changes where needed to resolve the issue. The Majority of the content (music, artwork, code) in the game is either licensed for use, originally created or credit is given where due for work used in ‘Free’ projects.

Now that’s out of the way I just want to say that I hope you enjoy the game and any constructive feedback or general comments you can give me would be great. I think that this tested my mettle at times but I’m happy with the final product. YouTube user Sadonrii who did a let’s play of my game before has kindly agreed to play more of the game; you can see that below if you are unsure of what to expect. (Spoiler Warnings)

System Specs

Since the v1 there have been massive improvements to overall performance. I believe the game will run on a wide range of Windows Computers now and the v2 tanks far less in comparison to the v1. Below are the recommended specs based on those provided by the RPG Maker Team. (Official Specs)

OS: Windows XP or later
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
Storage: 400mb

You can delete your old v1 copies as the v2.4 is treated as a new game. Please note that previous saves will not work with the v2.4.


Mediafire Link:

ModDB Link:

Good luck Captain, we’re counting on you…

Thing 2 RPG November Update #4

Greetings Captain! We’ve got some interesting new Intel from the field for you for this last November post.

Last week I only did about 60% of the work I set out to do. Having said that upon testing what I’ve done it works (after a few minor adjustments) so that is progress. Based on my own personal schedule I can suggest that the release date for the v2 expansion/update of the Thing 2 RPG may be released on Friday the 11th December 2015. This heavily depends on work I am waiting on alongside my own testing and schedule.

Here is a breakdown of what’s left to do:

Voice Acting: Last week 1 character was completed leaving 2 more to do. They should both be in by the end of the next week (6/11/15). If this goes well I can begin testing the voiced section of the game properly to do any last minute audio balancing (Headset users you are welcome :P).
Once Voice Acting is complete and I am satisfied with testing I will be handing over an early copy of the game to my friend Sadonrii who will be doing a YouTube let’s play of the new voiced campaign which will feature as promotional content for me instead of making another trailer (I’m lazy but I think it’s a good idea).
Artwork: Jose is busting his ass off getting in Art to me. I think in the last 3 weeks he’s handed in 16 of the 32 images I asked him for. I’m hoping he will finish Mac’s artwork by 11/12 in time for release but you have to appreciate it’s not easy to draw a lot of images on demand.
MacReady now appears as a random encounter in the game, retells the events of US Outpost #31 and now I am at the stage where you take control of him for a “Choose Your own Adventure” story where you experience Mac’s adventure first hand. Having him retell it in flashbacks wasn’t as fun to me. I’m about half way done with telling his story so when it’s finished it will switch back to the main story again.
It’s just the start of Mac’s subplot as he has more stuff for you to do afterwards before eventually going back to US Outpost #31 with you for some unfinished business.

I’m hoping there’s 1 weeks’ worth of work left and 1 weeks testing. Based on scheduling myself and those I am dependent on for this final crunch time. You won’t get an update post off me until closer to release now as I focus my efforts on that. If there’s any questions feel free to ask but for the meantime here’s some spoiler free shots of Mac’s Story:

Mac 01
Mac 02
Mac 03
Mac 04

Be careful who you trust this winter Captain…

Thing 2 RPG November Update #3

Hello Captain! It’s been a busy month, a lot of games came out in November. The Delay of X-Com 2 surely proves that Jake Solomon predicted these turn of events…

I’ve personally got my hands full but I’ve managed to get a bit done this week, here’s my report:

The v2.3a Test Build was released to selected players. It’s been productive feedback thus far but we still have a way to go to fix up the game for public release.
Sprites and Tile Graphics relating to MacReady’s Story are complete, in game and ready to go.
MacReady’s story has started, He now appears in story mode, explains the events of US Outpost #31 (Skip-able but recommended if for some reason you haven’t seen the awesome 1982 movie) and is ready to begin his “choose your own adventure” flashback sequence.
Artwork for MacReady’s Story is currently being made, 6 of 32 images are complete.
Corpses and more gore have been added to the game to replace most of the skeletons found previously. The Dead Space series approves.
Voice Acting is nearing a close (Finally!)
4 more voiced characters have finished recording and editing and are now setup in the game.
2 more voiced characters have just been handed in for me to edit and will be in game shortly.
1 more character needs recording and has just been assigned a voice actor (fingers crossed)
As requested I added an option to toggle voice acting on or off when starting Prequel Mode. It should be fine but no promises…
A missing file error has been fixed. I am attempting to keep download size low (its about 350mb currently) and I’m looking at ways to cut excess/unused files such as audio down. It’s hard to track what files are/are not used in the game.

If all goes well the game should be release in 2 to 3 weeks. Aside from Art/VA work; the work I am responsible for will take 2 weeks roughly to finish. I just need a week to test everything and play the 50 hour RPG making sure its smooth. It’s stable for the most part but I’m very picky about minor graphical/display issues. My spelling isn’t the best but I assume most people are creative when reading my text…

One other thing Captain; There have been rumours circulating about an 80’s Arcade Game ‘lost’ in the Arctic. I wonder who holds the high score…

Jet Defender 1

Thing 2 RPG November Update #1

Captain! October was a slow month and we’re a little behind but a good portion of work was turned in at the last minute so let’s hope we can make that release deadline!

Work Complete / New Features:

Major Bugfix (I hope). I’ve removed a script that allows enemy summoning/spawning and replaced it with a less fancy but still effective approach. I believed that this script was responsible for not only enemy battle graphics remaining in battle when dead but was the cause of one significant and annoying game crash where RPG Maker would just, well… crash. It’s only happened to me a handful of times (for some reason especially at the medi-center in original mode) but it was annoying. Hopefully this fatal flaw is now resolved. I think the issue was the game didn’t know how to dispose of the spawned units and there was likely conflict with other scripts.
The game audio has been lowered for the most part across the whole game. This decision was made because the voice acting was hard to hear. I think I have struck a better balance now.
General changes and fixes have been made to the game and I am mostly personally responsible for testing game modes to make sure they work now.
Several new game sprites have been added to the game which include several more pop culture references and weirdness on my part…
Finally Jose has redone ALL the existing backgrounds in the game in a more updated style.

Background 01

Background 02

Work to Do / In Progress:

Voice Acting. I have good news and bad news. Good news I have edited over 600 files which are now placed in the game. I worked with amateurs and professionals so the quality is a bit mixed but I hope you all appreciate the effort and added immersion it brings.
More good news is that 1 more character is near completion 2 just need some retakes and 5 have just been handed in to me which I need to edit for game use.
The Bad news is that there is still 1 character left to do, one of the important story characters but I have someone trying to resolve that for me so I’m hoping that this doesn’t cause any delays and it can be complete this month.
MacReady’s Story. We have just started on sprite work for this, once that is done I will move away from testing and work directly on this. I will finish this in November BUT there are 30 art images that the story requires which is quite heavy work to get done in the month so I’m going to see what sort of timescale Jose needs for this. I’m hoping it can be done this month but I feel these images make MacReady’s mutli-choice story more immersive and personal as he’s a core character to the film.
Generally all I have to do is test things and fix things mostly. Survival Mode is being testing right now but Prequel Mode (voice acting/audio balancing test) and MacReady’s addition to Story Mode need testing when work outside my control is complete.

Steam Update

I fall into the category of a fan based game which Steam doesn’t really accept. I think largely it would be due to the grounds of “copyright”. The main issues I can see would be the games name and names of characters potentially. In the v2 a lot of the movie and 2002 game audio has been removed and replaced so that is no longer an issue but in short it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be accepted onto steam as it would likely bring me unwanted complications.

Release Date

I still want to say this month, November 2015. I will do my best to give weekly updates from this point as we move closer but 2 things hang in the balance of affecting the release. One is the last voice actor (sounds like an indie movie) and the other is the big old 30 art images I need after Mac’s sprites are done. At worst you can expect December as I really don’t want this to go into 2016. I’ll do the best I can to smooth things along and I’ll play every card I have left to try and get this November release going. I should have a video for you in next weeks post of prequel mode in action. I really hope it’s worth the wait.


Thing 2 RPG October Update

Greetings Captain! It’s now October so here’s the update on the status of the v2 update of the game. It’s early in the month so I’m having to anticipate the timing of a few things..

Work Complete / New Features:

I’ve tweaked a lot of stuff in the game, there is a lot of balancing that needs perfecting but as of now it’s a lot better in comparison to the v1 game.
The game is still being tested by certain individuals and I am working on the various feedback I get where possible, the latest build released privately was the v2.2 which included the addition of the special enemy variants and a lot of the features I mentioned in the September Update.
Facility Survival (Survival Mode) is also now complete. It’s a 25 floor simulation that focuses purely on the combat side of the game. It took me a lot of effort to beat it, it’s not easy. Originally you could only save every 5 floors but I now have the option to save at the end of each floor to help counter the sometimes random punishment the game deals out. This has been the BULK of my workload last month. It took longer than expected but I enjoy the new survival mode compared to the old one. It also features a level based on US Outpost #31 with all 12 characters from the movie lovingly redesigned by Jose.
Enemy Art/Battle Graphics are all complete thanks to Jose and we have moved on to designing new battle background art assets for the ship story. His style is different to Shinn’s and I’ve had more budget to use this time around for more “realistic” backgrounds.
4 New Title Screens have been created for the game.

Title 7

Title Screen 7 of 9, Blake leads his motley crew away from the crashsite

Title 8

Title Screen 8 of 9, Blake and Faraday’s Bogus Adventure featuring old man Whitley

Work to Do / In Progress:

As for me I just have testing and tweaking to do really. The only real work left is MacReady’s Story but that’s not going to be too time consuming. What will take up a lot of my time is editing the audio from the voice actors…
In terms of Voice Acting I’m still trying to fill 2 more roles and am awaiting work to be sent in for 12 characters. It’s dragging out a lot and I hoped it would of been done by now, I dislike micromanaging and chasing people up but I’ll keep on it. Due to time constrictions I have decided not to pursue voice acting for MacReady’s style but will retain the art direction I wanted.
For Artwork Jose is currently creating backgrounds for me, after this I am going to get him to fix and update some of the game sprites (I’ve added new characters/changes since he last did it) and then he needs to create sprites, graphics and artwork for Mac’s story as well as voice one of the characters for me.

Spectres 2

Jose’s more realistic background style/approach for Prequel Mode.

Ship Lab


Release Date and other information

I want to get video footage for the v2 uploaded asap but with missing art assets and VA work it’s selling the game a bit short. As for release I’ve said November a few times and I want to deliver on that but I’m very pessimistic about work that is outside of my control such as the Voice Acting. I also want to deliver a good experience, overall its so much better than the v1 in terms of efficiency and extra content. I’ll do my best to get the voice acting finished up this month, edited and in the game but I don’t want to rush Jose. So I’m going to say November but don’t hold me to that :)

On a side note there’s a lot of RPG Maker Games featuring on steam lately (most are very expensive) but I was wondering how much interest there would be if this game was released on steam (It would still be FREE) or do people just prefer to get it via ModDB and mediafire?