This is a place where I intend to host all the games and content that I have designed / helped design.
To quote Tenacious D it’s not just a list of bullshit we’ve done in the past. It’s a chronicling of our rise, to power!”

Anyway I am not going to give you a bunch of crap about how this is my dream etc. I just hope that you will enjoy what I make here, if not tell me how I can make it better!

-About the Author-

Hi, I am Richard and I was born in the 90’s in Birmingham, England. Through my life I have always played a lot of video games and I have a keen interest in Films (World Cinema / Japanese), 90’s Punk Music and Japan. My main aspiration in life is to contribute towards the video game industry in my own way and ideally I would love to make my own video games or even own my own company one day. In the last few years Video Games have gained a lot of recognition as art formats and is more recognized globally as “Career” in society. There is not much to say about my character, I am very passive and quite quiet but I have this strange sense of ambition that keeps me aiming forward. I hope you enjoy my works and I hope that over the years they will only get better and better. Even if this ends up as a hobby I will keep at it~


Early Square Soft & Nobuo Uematsu for the creativity and wonder that is Final Fantasy IX
Peter Molyneux for his early work with Bullfrog, most notably on Dungeon Keeper
Markus Persson & Jens Bergensten not for their work on Minecraft but the way in which it was a success
Jake Solomon & Garth DeAngelis for the brilliant revival of Xcom and the way it is designed

Games Developed:

The Thing 2 RPG (ModDB Page)

Other Projects:

XCOM 2 Mods (Steam Workshop)


Get in touch, Join my Discord Server:


25 comments on “About

  1. Mr Smith! Your biggest fan is here, trying to find you! It is I, Mr Lee! Someone hacked into my old email account so I can’t use it. I can’t seem to find you on Skype so here I am! Add me if I don’t add you first: (-1110101010101101011-). Cheers!

    • Thats a bit gross but I guess everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes. If you fought ‘the violater’ in my game at the japanese outpost i hoped that made you chuckle. The update is taking me a long time, I have life issues at the moment and ive been going to work a lot more. Im in the process of testing the game at this time 2 of 5 updates are completed (Pierces Story extra content and the Story Mode Community update *testing*). 3 modes remain, Thing Mode, A US outpost 31 themed game type and the Stranded Ship Fan Fiction story that I hope people will enjoy. I hope for late summer but Im a bit off with my goal. Im going to likely aim for November 28th as its a year since release then (already!?). Domo Arigato Gozaimashita.

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