April 2019 Blog Update

*Grunts in Hylian*!

Life Stuff

I’ve been working as much as possible this month. My fiancee came over from Vietnam so I’ve been having to support her as well as find time for all my other crazy shenanigans. It’s times like this that I’m grateful for owning a switch as I’ve only really been able to get in quick gaming sessions on Smash Bros here and there. I do hate having to juggle so many things and I find myself in a situation where I mostly work and have hardly any time to play games (let alone make stuff) which 7 years ago I swore would never happen to me.

I was really sick for 4 days earlier in the month which knocked me about a bit but I managed to sit down and watch The Thing again. It’s still such a great movie and I can’t believe they haven’t done more with it or the premise. The 2002 game (and it’s cancelled sequel) had so much promise it’s a shame the Prequel didn’t exactly manage to light the world on fire.

I’ve been reading a lot of Reddit lately, I only really got into it last year and I came accross this awesome poster on https://www.reddit.com/r/MoviePosterPorn and I thought it was awesome.

The Thing 2 RPG (v2.6 Update)

Production of additional artwork for the game has had to be extended into May as Arteaga is a little behind schedule. Hopefully he can get all the work completed and we won’t have to delay the game at all. As of now I’m still aiming for a May 2019 release but we have to push into June, I’ll post an update if this happens as there’s still a few things I need done for the game despite cutting most of the planned workload.

I’m still play-testing the game on the Hardest settings and trying to balance drops without making it a cakewalk. I had a major issue where the new multi-squad mechanic wasn’t working correctly but I managed to find a dirty fix for it that goes around the issue. Changing this meant I had to start a new save but I managed to get back to where I was before and beat Prequel Mode on top of that.

I’m currently play-testing Original Mode which is probably the hardest of the 3 main stories. The first few areas are pretty rough on hard so I’ve been dropping more meds around the maps which will hopefully offset some difficulty here and there. Finishing Original Mode itself isn’t too bad, I am behind schedule though as I’d hoped to at least be on the Story Mode by now which is by far the longest to complete/test to 100%.

We finally finished Natalie’s additional costumes for Prequel Mode. We expanded the original 4 outfits into 20. Scattered around Prequel mode are costume lockers where you can change Natalie’s appearance. 8 can be found at first but 4 will be unlocked at each difficulty completed and yes #20 is Tofu.

Thing Team: Richard2410Arteaga


Some work has been done on the base engine but it’s still pretty much a skeleton at this point and needs more framework before I can show any gameplay. We’re still sorting out ideas but have a lot of stuff set out as guidelines for ourselves so we are getting there, slowly. The Thing 2 RPG comes first though so until that is complete work on this is a lower priority.

Legend Team: Richard2410Sadonrii

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That’s about all I have to say for now. I hope that I can fill these blog posts with enough decent information each month to keep them readable. Thanks for reading this and playing my game(s) over the years :)



4 comments on “April 2019 Blog Update

  1. The hype is at max for me. Cannot wait for the 2.6 to come out and you just keep on adding stuff that makes me smile. I have never seen such a devoted developer that always finds new ways to improve the game of come up with new features.

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