October 2018 Blog Update

Hello, How is everyone?


Life Stuff

I had some time off from work this month and got a few things done but the workload of everything is starting to pile up a bit. Aside from that it’s just really cold in the UK (especially after coming back from 32c Vietnam) so I’m really freezing here!

This month a new XCOM 2 DLC dropped which was free for War of the Chosen Owners. It was alright I managed to beat all the mini-stories they added, it didn’t really add much overall though and I just hope to see them work on XCOM 3 next. Dark Souls Remastered also dropped for the Switch and I’ve been loving it, I’ve just reached Anor Londo and have been praising the sun everywhere I go.

Overlord season 3 (English Dub) came to an end this month. It was alright though I’m pretty disappointed by the ending and heavy use of CGI, it felt rushed and there wasn’t enough Albedo in it. I’ve also started watching the English Dubs of “Goblin Slayer” (aka WTF did I just watch?) and “Ulysees: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight” (aka Waifu Wars) on Funimation every Thursday. Goblin Slayer is about adventurers doing quests in a pretty messed up fantasy setting (rape and child murder) and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. The first episode definitely has way too much shock value (I actually thought it was a Hentai at parts) but it doesn’t seem to be afraid to tackle and depict more graphic themes. Jeanne d’Arc is about the French and English 100 year war in premise but really is a Harem anime with loads of Waifus and is really light hearted and a good watch after Goblin Slayer for sure. So far it seems really cutesy but the main character looks like he’s about to get cucked hard after the first episode so we’ll see how it goes.

Speaking of the Switch there is a Smash Brothers Direct on November 1st. Here’s a little Bingo Card I made with some character predictions! (I’m really excited for it!)

These are the characters I felt were most likely, if at all. Though if I had to pick just one of these to make it it’d probably be the Black Knight. I love me some Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn.

The Thing 2 RPG (v2.6 Update)

Art: Arteaga is working on the new character sprites and character face models for the game. This will likely take a while due to the larger amount of animation frames we are using for the models not to mention the size increase.

Dev: I still haven’t finished the Away Team mechanic, I have to keep pushing it back due to having to go through the game and get new size templates for all the characters and objects. Bigger Characters means bigger environments but I’m trying to make it as less work as possible but obviously some of the larger stuff like Planes and the UFO need not only resizing but having the environments they are situated in partially remade. With the inclusion of CHIBI Mode and some changes to other sprites in the game there is a ton of objects that need swapping out, manually. It’s a nightmare for me! So expect me to be somewhat moody these next few months, I’ve already gone a little crazy.

Planned: There’s so much to do but we are just focusing on the NEW Character Sprites and Faces for now. This will take some time but it should look a lot flashier.

Preview: Below is some of the art in the game for Natalie. You can see we have the New Character Sprite and the Chibi Version. The new sprites will use 9 frames of animation instead of 3 but the Chibi versions will always be available to switch back to on a NewGame. In addition we are updating the character face portraits. Before to save time and money I just used the characters sprite as a display for menus and text boxes. This time around we are going to make dedicated portraits for the characters but we still haven’t decided on a style. Below are 2 samples one is of Natalie from an art scene and the other is a mock up of an 80’s retro style version by Arteaga. Are there any games you’ve played with good portraits? I’d love to know of any good examples we can take inspiration from, I like the portraits in Final Fantasy IX myself.

Natalie is best Waifu

Release: Unfortunately a 2018 release is not possible. If I’m realistic I’d say a Q2 2019 (Spring) release is more likely.



Nothing new to report. We are pulling resources towards The Thing 2 RPG currently. Press F to pay respects.

PW Team: Richard2410SadonriiArteaga



Wow I can’t believe the site has now served 1,943 ads to users. Thanks to everyone’s support I’ve now earned $0.01! I know it seems like such a small amount but I’m really excited by it :) It’ll probably never even cover the costs of maintaining the Website but it’s a great start, Thank you!



I am now open to taking Donations and have added a page on my site with more information about what the money (if any) will be used for. If your able to help us out I’d really appreciate it.

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That’s about all I have to say for now. I hope that I can fill these blog posts with enough decent information each month to keep them readable. Thanks for reading this and playing my game(s) over the years :)



The Thing 2 RPG – v2.6 Release Delay

This probably isn’t good news for most of you but we won’t be able to get the v2.6 update out in 2018. The main reason for this is we are doing a big overhaul with a lot of the art assets in game with the most time consuming ones being the character sprites and the “tiles” (the graphics used to make up the areas in-game). I will say that I never promised a 2018 release but I was aiming for that window but it’s looking like Spring 2019 at this point based on the amount of work Arteaga has left to do for me.

On the plus side the game will look a lot better and I’m aiming for more cohesion between everything in the game. Below is a sample of what you can expect from the new character sprites, you have Natalie (from The Thing 2 RPG) compared to Logan (Our Test Dummy from PW who has been scaled down to match the older engine). The characters proportions will look more realistic and will also be getting face portraits to match. In addition we are increasing the frames of animation, before everyone had 3 frames but now they will have 9 frames making the movement look more fluid than before.

RIP Chibi Style

I hope everyone will understand and I apologize in advance, since we started developing PW I’ve looked back a lot on The Thing 2 RPG and thought it could be so much better. Spending the time to improve the assets now also makes it easier later on if we get the chance to port The Thing 2 RPG to the RPG Maker MV engine as a sort of remaster (although don’t hold your breath on this).

The Thing 2 RPG – Nova & Huan

We have one final enemy to add to the game, this time I’d like to introduce Nova, a Gen Inc Spectre and Huan her great white wolf companion. They appear in Story Mode as part of an optional encounter (not tracked by the quest log).

In this scenario a former Gen Inc Scientist is on the run from his employer, with him he carries a unique serum which can apparently immunize someone from infection. However he is being tracked by Nova, a deadly Spectre who uses a Sniper Rifle at range and her pet great wolf Huan at close range.

The fight against Nova & Huan is the most complicated fight I’ve made in the game and has several stages to the fight as well as different outcomes.
The fight has 3 main outcomes but there are multiple ways to get some of them and there are 8 distinct enemy graphics used to make up the fight. It’s a little difficult to write about it without spoiling it but lets just say that someThing is a miss.

If you can save the scientist you will get a new party member as well as a possible cure for infection. Based on the outcome of the fight you may also  gain a new ally or face a dangerous foe…

The Gen Inc Agents *Update*

With the addition of the Gen Inc Agents to the games Story Mode we have made sure to give them some decent loot as well as each agent having one piece of unique gear only obtainable from defeating them. If you keep their gear til the end of Story Mode you will be able to save it to your file for NewGame+ Story Mode runs where you can recover it from the Field Base.

Whats Next?

I’m working on the “Away Team” mechanic for Story Mode still and after completing this I will start playtesting the game while Arteaga finishes up artwork. If I have time I will stream some of my playtest on twitch.