The Thing 2 RPG – “Chanka” & “Eliza” + Misc.

Here are some enemy previews from The Thing 2 RPG’s v2.6 update along with some more updated screenshots of the new icons in place.

Captain, Gen Inc has many agents operating in the region, one of which we have identified as a Mercenary named Chanka. Reports suggest he is heavily armored and lugs around a heavy turret which can unload some serious firepower. Rumors indicate that he is also affiliated with Russian Mercenaries so you should be be cautious when engaging him.

Captain, we have identified another Gen Inc agent in the field known as Eliza. Eliza isn’t subtle about disguise and seems to have other Gen Inc units under her command. Intel indicates she uses squad tactics and an under barrel grenade launcher to takedown her foes. You should be prepared for a bloody fight when encountering her.

Mirage has received some slight changes worth noting. Her proportions have been tweaked a little and her formation changed. In addition I have randomized the fight so that the real version of her can appear in any of the 5 places so you can never really predict where she is now.

Finally I’d like to show off some more of the icons that Arteaga worked so hard on. Below are some screenshots showcasing passive skills, traits, states and action skills. To keep things simple we’ve used a green box to represent positive effects, a red box to represent negative effects and a purple box to represent mixed (both positive and negative) effects. There are some other color boxes used in game but they are just cosmetic and don’t represent anything in particular but are distinguished not to be within the green, red and purple categories. Special abilities and Action skills have had a nice comic book splash effect added behind their icons to also distinguish them a little.


July 2018 Blog Update


This blog post is a little late again, sorry about that.

Life Stuff

I’ve been at work a hell of a lot to try and save some extra money. You sort of reach a point where you think that your time is worth more than this and I am pretty fed up with what I do. I’m going to try and find a better job but it’s always a risk, regardless lets hope that whatever the case I can get some damn free time. Speaking of free time I managed to beat the first Crash Bandicoot game this month, I’d forgot how hard it was. I also managed to watch a bunch of movies ranging from the men to the weirdly wonderful.

First off I managed to rewatch Scary Movie 3, I hadn’t watched this movie in years and I think it’s aged very well. The film wasn’t all that funny to me when I was younger but I got a good laugh out of it this time around. I then watched It Follows which is some weird movie about a creature that follows you and kills you unless you have sex with someone and pass the curse on (I guess its social commentary on STDs) it was alright but a little meh at the same time, the design of the creature was nothing special but it was still a fairly good one overall, I’ve definitely seen worse. I also got to watch Higanjima Escape from Vampire Island where a bunch of teenagers go and fight vampires on an island which was quirky and fairly decent but it had the worst CGI Gargoyle I’d ever seen in it but hell the film was worth watching alone just to see Asami Mizukawa. Finally I managed to rewatch Memories of Matsuko which I hadn’t seen in a very long time and its still one of the best Japanese movies I’ve ever, it’s a hard movie to explain without spoiling it but it tells the story of a woman named Matsuko and all the ups and downs she experiences through her life, it’s very moving.

The Thing 2 RPG v2.6 Update

Art: The in-game icons are all finally complete! Arteaga is now working on new enemy designs for the time being, I will showcase these in their own posts as they are completed.

Dev: I didn’t actually have time to do much of anything this month. All I manged to do was put the new icons in and add Mirage to the game. I need to finish off implementing the away team mechanic in story mode when I get a chance.

Planned: A lot of the planned stuff is artwork based, all I need to do is integrate artwork as it is completed, finish the away team mechanic and test the game as much as I can before release. With the redesign of the character sprites we may also have to resize some areas so I need to comb through the game at some point looking at this. A lot of the slowdown is due to the time it takes to make the art, Arteaga is but one man. I hope to wrap up my development work on the project this month so I only have to go into the game to replace art assets here and there. That way I can focus on PW’s development.


No major news this month, The Thing 2 RPG is stealing all its Thunder right now :P

PW Team: Richard2410, SadonriiArteaga


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That’s about all I have to say for now. I hope that I can fill these blog posts with enough decent information each month to keep them readable. Thanks for reading this and playing my game(s) over the years :)