The Thing 2 RPG – “Mirage”

Here is an enemy preview from The Thing 2 RPG’s v2.6 update, please note that we are redoing character sprites later on which is why there is a big checker box visible in one scene.

Captain, Gen Inc has many agents operating in the region, one of which we have identified as a Spectre named Mirage. Reports suggest she uses smoke and mirror tactics to confuse her targets before landing the killing blow. She is swift and deadly and is not to be underestimated. We also have intel to suggest other Gen Inc affiliated agents are actively looking for you in the area so stay tuned for more info as it comes in.




10 comments on “The Thing 2 RPG – “Mirage”

  1. Mmm, in my opinion she would look better, and most of all more professional, without the blond bangs. But don’t mind that, if you are satisfyed like this don’t change it.

    In my humble opinion she would probably look great with those red hair in a ponytail.

    Anyway, nice model. Wonder if there will be also an infected counterpart of her.

    • Hi Matteo thanks again for your feedback.

      Mirage references a video game character and an 80’s punk icon (Perfect Dark and Blondie respectively) hence the more wacky hairstyle, plus it’s the 80s big hair was a huge thing back then.

      These Gen Inc agent encounters will be one of fights. Mirage will only be encountered via a unique mission with Jose (if he survives Prequel mode) but the other 5 planned agent fights will be scattered throughout story mode regardless. They all offer a unique gimmick to keep them more interesting for players (like Mirage being able to make copies of herself) so I hope they add to the overall conspiracy of the game and provide an optional challenge. I am in the process of considering unique rewards for these bosses but haven’t come up with anything yet although Mirage does drop one of the unique spectre blades which is pretty hard to get outside of prequel mode.

      All the best, stay tuned.

  2. Hello Richard, it’s my pleasure.

    If it’s a reference, then i have nothing more to say. You are right to have her hair the way they are.

    Optional bosses are always welcome, in my opinion. A game that branches out with many side missions, optional bosses, secret whole areas, secret recruitable NPCs, and so on… is always great.

    Also, i had an idea. What about adding an optional boss as a sort of contest between we fans of your game. I mean, we develop the idea of the boss and its attacks, and you choose the one you like more and add that to the game. If you want, obviously.
    It’s your game afterall.

    • I welcome fan input. After all that’s how Prequel mode was born.
      I probably wouldn’t host any contest of sorts as I don’t get enough community interaction to sustain something like that.
      If you have any ideas let me know, I can’t say I will always follow them though :)

      Considering you do post a lot and seem to like the game would you like to appear in the games story mode as a character? I added a lot of optional characters in that mode and it’s an easy way to fit in extra stories.

  3. I would be honored if i could appear into the game, and i thank you in advance :-)
    Story mode is the last one, right? I always confuse Story and Original mode.

    Not to mention that whatever backstory you could create, i could truly fit in a TheThing setting even without an artificial backstory.
    Because i’m young, 28 years old, i’m a chemist and in order to find work i would go anywhere. If i would recieve a job offer in a research station in one of the many weather facilityes of Antartica, i would gladly accept.

    Yes, in fact i have a few ideas at the moment. Sure, no need to remind me that. This is your game, not mine. Suggestions are simply that, suggestions. You have the right to scrap them. You ought to, if you do not like them.

    Anyway, here they come, 2 optional bosses :

    1- Malacoda and Artemisia

    (Malacoda is the name of one of Dante’s Demons in the Divine Comedy. Artemisia is a name that in italian reminds of a aristocratic girl, or a witch)

    Malacoda could be roughly translated as Evil Tail.

    So, i was thinking of a boss battle with these 2 GenInc. elite assassins.

    Malacoda (Evil Tail) could be a stronger version of the black ops spectres, armed with their trademark Sword. (My favourite weapon in prologue, if they drop it).

    Also, Malacoda tends to protect Artemisia.

    Artemisia will focus on healing herself and Malacoda.

    Artemisia would have some small weak attacks but that damage the whole party, in order to not make too obvious that her role is to heal Malacoda.

    Now, Malacoda would have a high evasion chance (given as a boost by Artemisia? ) , so the right tactic would be to kill Artemisia.

    When you kill Artemisia, Malacoda would summon 4 GenInc soldiers (with a small chance to be already infected and ready to burst out).

    Malacoda would loose his evasion boost but would gain a boost on speed and damage.

    2- The second idea is a boss that you face in more encounters.

    Miranda and Judas

    Irony in the names. Miranda is latin, means ” to admire ” because she is supposed to be a beautiful mercenary hired by GenInc.

    Judas is her trusted companion, a wolf that aids her in battle.

    Irony is that Judas, named as the famous betrayer, during the first and second boss encounter somehow will get infected.

    And during the last encounter with this optional boss, when the player will reduce Miranda’s life to 1 / 3 , Judas will ” betray ” her and assimilate her.

    Irony also because Miranda, ” something beautiful to admire “, will become a monster.

    Here, i’m unsure. Unsure if making her become a hideous creature, or a sort of both beautiful and disturbing thing.

    Like, to do a mokery to japanese modern folklore, making her become a beautiful girl with a wolf tail and wolf ears. But at the same time, giving her things like vicious claws or insect like spikes sprouting from her legs and backs.

    In short both beautiful and very disturbing, because it is afterall a TheThing game. If you add beauty, mix it with a generous touch of horror.

    Anyway. The battles :

    1st Encounter :

    You fight both, the wolf and Miranda but the targetable enemy is only Miranda. (Wolf and Miranda are shown as a single image containing both of them)

    2nd Encounter :

    Rather easy battle until you weaken enough Miranda. When she gets assimilated and become the new creature ” name ? “, the real battle strarts.

    It has many life points, it is fast but it is dangerous because it has high chance to give you status effects ( bleeding , for example ) and so it is likely to infect at least 1 or 2 party members during the battle. If you survive the battle.

    If you defeat it, the boss drops Miranda’s weapon, a special Sniper Rifle. (Do you get the reference? )

    It could be a boss of mid-late game.

    • Story Mode is the “main portion” of the game where you create your custom character and go out to find Blake but end up fighting to take down Gen Inc. It’s the sort of open mode where you can travel around setting it up for easy access to other stories and content.

      Is there a image reference we can use to turn you into a character? It doesn’t have to be a real picture of you just something close to what you want, also what name would you like your character to have? Typically characters use surnames in the game but there are some exceptions like Jose, Natalie etc.

      After Mirage there are 5 more Gen Inc agents in development, one of them is a healing type of character and another is actually a hunter of sorts. I do like the idea of the wolf and I’ll see if I can implement it.

  4. Mmm… an image.
    I think you will have to use your immagination, but i can give you some pointers:

    1- i have more or less the same haircut (and black hair) of the one in this picture

    2- i have Hazel eyes, with much more green than brown (it’s something i’m quite proud of, because noone in my family has these eyes. )

    3- Average-tall ( 183 cm ) and quite fit, even if i do not have a lot of muscles.

    4- I love black clothes and blue jeans.

    Traits that could be helpful maybe :

    1-i have a great constitution, i rarely get ill. Last time i caught a flu had been like 10 years ago.

    2- i have a great tollerance to cold climates, while absolutely suffer from hot climates, even 26-27°C for me are almost unbearable.

    3- Due to a bad incident involving a dog while i was a kid, i have a great mistrust of dogs. I do not fear them, but around them i’m always ready to defend myself as if they are suddenly going to attack me.

    In the game setting, i would never allow a dog to be anywhere near me. And if it was unavoidable, i would be always alert, and ready to burn it.


    Name: i have no problem telling you my name and surname, Matteo Magnani. Use it how you desire.

  5. Before i forget, i hope i had been useful with my previous suggestions. It seems that at least the wolf idea interested you, i’m glad. But feel free to scrap even that if you want.

    I can’t wait to see what you will do.

    Another thing.

    What about revising the Thing scenario? Allow the player to get to know better the protagonist (what was it’s name…subject#21 ? ). Allow the player to make him grow stonger and stronger.

    I don’t know, maybe in Story mode you could visit some brand new places overrunned by Things. And in Thing mode, you are the one who for various reasons wreaked havoc in these places, killing and infecting the soldiers and researchers.

    You will have even more the feeling of playing an “evil” scenario. And the more you grow in power, the more the player will get attached to the Thing protagonist.

    THEN, in Story mode completely remake the encounter with this Subject#21. Maybe make him appear a few times during the time Blake and co. are visiting these optional places that Subject#21 previously corrupted in its scenario. There could be some minor encounters with it, giving him the power of a mid-boss.

    Then, at the end of the last optional place, Blake and co. will get the chance to fight for real against it. Giving Subject#21 a brand new model. Making it stronger than even Erika (it’s not unusual having optional bosses stronger than main plot last bosses )

    • Overall I could of probably done a better job of thing mode but time is a little limited so I’ll see if I get a chance to work on it some more. A lot of the short stories were just one and done things.

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