March 2018 Blog Update

Hi Everybody!, (Hi Doctor Nick!)

It’s been a while since I actually posted anything on here and almost a year since the last update for The Thing 2 RPG. I’ve been quite busy the last year and I’ve missed updating this blog so I thought I’d start putting an effort in to write something at least once a month if I can.

Life Stuff

I’ve mostly been busy with work really. I’ve been putting in a lot of overtime hours which has really impacted the amount of free time I have. This has slowed game development down for me and created a colossal backlog of video games to play and films/series to watch. I suppose its just one of those things that happens as you start to get older and take on more responsibilities but I must admit I do miss my free time.

Last October I bought a Nintendo Switch and have started collecting for it, got about 19 games now but I’ve sunk most of my time into Fire Emblem Warriors (about 200 hours). I recently picked up Kirby Star Allies and Attack on Titan 2 for the system, they are both alright games, played a bit of them. On PC I’m Still Playing XCOM 2 (which I’ve put over 1100 hours into and made mods for) and have been playing Rainbow Six Siege since November, it’s pretty fun I’ve logged around 60 hours but I’m still a noob. I still also collect for Xbox 360, Wii and Gamecube but haven’t picked up anything in a while. Been trying to get a copy of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance but that shits expensive.

In February I went to Vietnam for Lunar New Year to visit my Girlfriends Family. Vietnam is a nice place, it’s warm and everyone is so friendly there. I stayed in the Nha Trang and had a great time. Not many locals speak English so if you ever visit I’d recommend going with someone who knows Vietnamese.

The Thing 2 RPG

It’s been sometime since I last updated The Thing 2 RPG. To be honest it needs to come to the end of it’s life so I can focus on other things but alongside our artist Arteaga I have been preparing a final major update for the game to give it a good send off. The list of changes is quite big, so much so that it has gone from v2.5.3 to v2.6 and will feature realistic character models this time around. The Thing 2 RPG was made in RPG Maker VX Ace but I was considering a port/remake in the RPG Maker MV engine for a while but sadly I feel like it would take too much time as is and decided to focus on improving the VX Ace Version.


For many years we have been working on ideas for a Post Apocalyptic Open World RPG and we finally started Production in 2016 on what we have been calling “PW” (working title). We are working on this project in the RPG Maker MV engine but due to the costs of creating artwork for it I haven’t had much time to actually work on the game itself. This project is intended to be our first commercial project and I am working alongside artist Arteaga and Youtuber Sadonrii to turn this into something worth playing.

Currently the scope of the game is probably “too big” and I am working on the ideas still to think about ways we can do things better. Currently it’s taking a back seat as I finish development of The Thing 2 RPG’s v2.6 update. Once we have something half decent to show for the game I will share more details.


I’ve never accepted donations before and I hate to ask for money but I’ve hit a bit of a wall. I am the sole member of my team funding PW / The Thing which is why I have to work extra hours to be able to fund the project and keep up with responsibilities in my personal life. The only problem with this is I lack a lot of the free time I used to have to actually work on the damn projects.

I am now open to taking Donations and have added a page on my site with more information about what the money (if any) will be used for. If your able to help us out I’d really appreciate it.

For more information on Donations go here.
To Donate click here. (Any amount is welcome)


That’s about all I have to say for now. I hope that I can fill these blog posts with enough decent information each month to keep them readable. Thanks for reading this and playing my game(s) over the years :)