The Thing 2 RPG v2.5 Update #3

Captain; Here’s the brief on some changes and new features to the game & v2.5 release info.

v2.5 Changes

General Fixes

Fixed Bashford not Appearing in Thing Mode Scene
Disabled Starvation in Prequel Mode “Bridge” Area (Both Safe & Assault Variants)
Added a Save Station to Prequel Mode “Male Wash Room” Area
Fixed Prequel Mode Crate Drops so when “SMG” is rolled it will drop HG ammo instead of MG
Improved “Research”, “Survival” and “Scavenger” Skills to give more desirable boosts
Improved “Ghost Stim” and “Recovery Stim” to balance the risk/reward a little
Balanced Spectre and Spectre Elite to be more fair
Changed Jose Radio calls from 7.5 minutes to 10 minutes to spread out events and stop spam
“Walker” Things have been given the ability ‘Rage’ which gives them a chance to go Berserk
Increased Starvation Timer to 18 (easy) 15 (normal) 12 (Swedish) minutes
Infection rates have been increased by +1% for all enemies
Iron Strikes Skill is OP Lowered Chance to Stun from 50 to 20%
Added SP cost for Engineer to use “Petrol Bomb”
40mm Incendiary Rounds were classed as “Explosives” they are now set to “Flame” element
Reduced the Chances of Stun and other ailments for ALL skills; Chances are a lot lower for more risk/reward
STUN status is OP so I have reduced its chance to happen
Added “Skip Intro” for Prequel Mode to skip the long ass cutscene intro for returning players
Crafting Crate added to Facility Survival
Added a Random Trait Gainer to Facility Survival every time you beat 5 floors and return to the hub
Extended some status ailments to last after battles have ended
Flareguns and Melee Weapons should now come with a random mod
Made Starvation/Fever notice less annoying (Now has minor notice instead of text popup)
Fixed Fever happening during main story cutscenes, hopefully this should stop constant fever
Fixed tutorial issue with save stations
Fixed tutorial map with weird background

Mechanics & Gameplay

Added the “Blitz” Skill for SMG’s (Enemy too) Allows x2 multi attack to all enemies on screen
Added the “Ruptured Armor” Status Effect which reduces enemy armor by 30% and increases gun damage on them
Armor Piercing, High Caliber, Slug shells, MARS & AM Ammo all have a chance to “Rupture Armor”
Equipped some enemies with “CS Gas” Grenades which May Stun, Disorient and Blind twice as long and May cause fever
New Enemy: Spectre ODIN added, Orange Spectre that Packs a Spas Shotgun and Grenades
New Enemy: Spectre ASIN added, Black Spectre that Carries a L96A1 Sniper Rifle and Sword
Spectre Variant Added: Spectre (Normal, Blue) with Dual SIG Handguns
Spectre Variant Added: Spectre (Elite, Red) with HK33 Assault Rifle
Spectre Variant Added: Spectre (Elite, Red) with Dual SMG’s
Spectre Variant Added: Spectre (ODIN, Orange) with Magnum & Riot Shield Combo!
Spectre Variant Added: Spectre (ASIN, Black) with SMG and Sword
New Enemy: “Alpha” (Boss) Added, A special Red Spectre as part of the new Prequel Mode subplot.
New Enemy: Seeker, A mutation of the normal spectre. The most common mutation. Basic abilities.
New Enemy: Riler, A mutation of the Elite Spectre. Tough and can “call” more mutants to battle.
New Enemy: Bulwark, A mutation of the ODIN spectre. Strong, Defesnive, Aggressive and rages out.
New Enemy: Ghost, A mutation of the ASIN spectre. Weak but Evasive and Lethal.
New Enemy: Banshee, ?????
Added 10 New NPC’s to Prequel Mode with additional missions and content
Added a new special spectre enemy sub-boss
Added 4 new mutated-thing enemies that appear in Prequel Mode
Dogs have a medical aid skill so they can carry medical aid to allies in battle at an SP cost
Dogs have a Resupply skill so they can carry supplies to allies in battle to restore some SP
New Status: “Tracer Rounds”; A unit with this has a -15% penalty to evade all damage making them easier to hit
Enemies with Assault Rifles or LMG’s now have Tracer Rounds loaded to their weapons
Added “Fear Effect” Difficulty Modifier (Units can be “worse” in the dark, being more prone to fear, slower in combat and overall less accurate)
Gen Inc have now deployed MLNR mobile sentry units to support ground forces (Story Mode Only)
New Enemy: MLNR Urban, This mobile sentry uses an SMG and deploys flash and CS gas grenades for crowd control
New Enemy: MLNR Assault, A tougher sentry using assault weapons, deploys explosive and CS gas grenades
New Enemy: MLNR Heavy, A literal tank with an LMG; deploys explosives and CS gas grenades
New Enemy: MLNR Hellfire, An anti-viral sentry with a flamethrower, Incendiary & Nitrogen Grenades

Items & Equipment

Added “Mac-10” SMG to the Game; Special Variant added too
Added “Ventilator” Mask to the game
Added “Vibroblade” Melee Weapon to the Game; Special Variant added too
Added “Power Armor” Armor Vest to the game (Relic)
New Mod for SMG: “MG Ammo”; Allows an SMG to use Machinegun ammo (+15% DMG Boost)
New Mod for SMG/ARF/BRF/LMG: “Tracer Rounds”; Applies Tracer Rounds Status on ranged attacks
New Mod “Hair Trigger” for various weapons; Gives a 10% chance for an extra action in battle


Added extra voices to Prequel Mode to support the new characters and content
Additional scene added to Story Mode as part of an exisiting side mission, connects Prequel and Story Modes slightly


I am just waiting on the final artwork for the new sentry units for story mode. Only 6 of 12 new audio is recorded for Prequel Characters so far but I will release the v2.5 when the sentry units are ready with or without the audio and just update the game when that is done to save people waiting. I would estimate Mid-April 2016 for v2.5 release as I would like to divert my time to other projects.

If you are interested in small voice acting roles please message me. Also you can catch Supah Deku playing the game on twitch here at the moment; If there are any other lets plays let me know I like to watch them.

Gen Inc appear to have deployed Mobile Sentry Units to the battlefield Captain; The fight just got a lot tougher…


The Thing 2 RPG v2.5 Update #2

Hello Captain, It’s been some… time since our last contact. I have been occupied with certain other matters but now I am back with some new intel on The Thing 2 RPG v2.5 update.

Summary of v2.5 Update

A bunch of tweaks, balances and minor new features in game such as extra skills, some new weapons/items etc.

Prequel Mode
4 New *Voiced* Crew Members to appear scattered around the ship (You are not notified about these by Jose)
A New subplot on the ship involving a group of Spectres that change sides. There are 6 New *Voiced* characters who can be recruited if you follow this plotline. It’s optional but the soldiers are well trained and come with extra gear. This comes with a new boss battle and special relic gear.
A big difficulty rebalance for the Spectres introducing new variants and special types. Generally the more common ones are a lot easier to fight now. These New Spectres also appear in other modes in events where you fight spectres.
A new “Outbreak” on the ship. There’s been some sort of mutation! This introduces new enemies exclusive to Prequel Mode. These are Thing/Spectre Hybrids.

Story Mode
A new event during Robert’s Sidequest (where you help Grim/Keller). If a certain character is recruited in your team the dialogue will play differently and unlock a new relic weapon but if this character is not present the event will play differently but there will be no reward to it.

Facility Survival
There’s some minor tweaks in places planned for this mode.

If anyone is interested in Voice Acting please send me a Private Message. I have a few places left to fill.

New Enemies


“Alpha” is a new optional boss in Prequel Mode. Defeating him will advance the new subplot and allow you to recruit him. He’s tough but he’s a valuable recruit to your team. He wields special dual Mac-10’s which you can obtain after beating him.


The “Seeker” is a new enemy exclusive to Prequel Mode. There has been a viral leak in the lower ship levels and several Spectres have been exposed directly to a special variant of the Thing’s DNA. The seeker is the basic mutation and isn’t much of a threat alone…


The “Riler” is another new mutation. The Riler is tougher than the seeker and has a special ability to “call” extra mutants to the battle. Do not underestimate this one…


The “Bulwark” is another new mutation. This horrible fiend is brutish and relentless. It deals heavy damage, utilizes the “Odin”s armor for defense and can flip into a rage anytime. The chance of this appearing is lower than other mutations but if you’re unlucky you may have to fight up to 2 at once!


The “Ghost” is another, rarer mutation. It sneaks around and while it isn’t particularly strong it’s evasive and has a higher than normal chance to deal critical damage.



Let’s Play

YouTube user Sadonrii has beaten the 3 main stories in the game now. You can find the playlists on his Youtube channel. Until I complete the walkthrough on my website I recommend using his videos as reference if you get stuck. I have completed the Unlockables Guide on my website if you want to know how to unlock things (spoilers there).

What comes Next

I was busy modding & playing Xcom2 when it released and I spent the last couple of weeks making a demo for someone too. A new version of RPG Maker came out in 2015 and I did consider porting the thing over for a while and I’ve had numerous requests from people to work with them but I have had to think about what is most beneficial to me. I will be taking a course soon but I will also be teaming up with Sadonrii to make a new game taking features from The Thing 2 RPG as a foundation. I will release more information about this on my website as things get more organised.

Xcom 2 Mods:
My Website:

I can’t really give an estimated time for the v2.5 update yet, the audio is being remastered and I’m getting help with some test runs and of course Audio still needs recording for the game. I hope for those of you that played the game you got a lot of value out of it and hopefully you enjoyed it. If you’re new then download the game, it’s free. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Be Prepared Captain…