The Thing 2 RPG v2.5 Update (2)

Here’s a quick update for any of the news/images missed on the ModDB site Captain.

New Features/Balancing:

Lowered Stun Chance across the board, Melee Stun was way too OP
Infection Chance Increased (You’re Welcome)
Added an additional scene to a side mission in Swedish Story Mode with a unique relic reward
Recorded & Mastered 7 of 12 new NPC Voice Acting for Prequel Mode
Implemented the Spectre “Suicide Squad” that you can meet & recruit in Prequel Mode
Implemented 4 New Hidden Ship Crew Members for Prequel Mode (Normal+)
Revealed 5 of 13 New Prequel Mode Enemies
Added New Melee Weapon to the Game

Planned/In Progress

Record & Master the 5 remaining VA sets needed (Having Trouble with this)
Test New Prequel Content & additional Story Scene to make sure they work
Get Artwork Completed for the Remaining Spectre Enemies (3 Variants for the Spectre Elite and 1 New Spectre-Boss enemy)
Get Artwork Complete for & Reveal the 4 New ???? Enemies exclusive to a new event that occurs in Prequel Mode… (SomeThings goes wrong in the B4 Epidemic Prevention Block)
Release v2.5 Update

Let’s Play

YouTube user Sadonrii has finished his let’s play of Prequel Mode. He did a fairly good job and exceeded expectations. (Spoiler Warnings)



Blue Spectres have a 2/16 chance of being replaced by new types. One of these is the “ODIN”; A Mighty Juggernaut suited up to take damage in the field. The ODIN has 2 variants. One that uses a Magnum & Shield to protect weak allies. The Other opts for the shotgun approach. Both of these pack Hand Grenades, Nitro Grenades and CS Gas Grenades. Beware the ODIN Captain…


Blue Spectres have a 2/16 chance of being replaced by new types. One of these is the “ASIN”; A sneaky ninja-like assassin that uses stealth and trickery to evade enemies and hunt down its target. The ASIN has 2 varaints. One that uses a Micro SMG and Sword (You may be able to ‘acquire’ this sword) who slashes foes and sprays a hail of gunfire. The Other does have the sword but opts for taking enemies out at range with a sniper rifle. Both of these pack Flash, Gas and Smoke Grenades. Before you even see the ASIN in battle it will already be too late Captain…


Spectre HG

I don’t like reducing difficulty of enemies. The Regular Spectre has been weakened a lot and so I introduced the ODIN & ASIN variants to counter some of that. Another complaint/annoyance with the average spectre was the SMG. Damn that SMG is deadly and so we have introduced the Dual Handgun version to ease up on the player a little. Don’t get too comfortable though as sometimes you might get an ODIN or ASIN to fight instead!


The Elite Spectre (Red) is next on my list for changes so stay tuned to ModDB for image updates as they become available. Be careful out there Captain; oh and one more Thing… SomeThing stirs inside the ship captain, some sort of… mutation….


The Thing 2 RPG v2.5 Update

It’s the new year Captain! What better way to start it off then to take a nice cruise in the Arctic? Below are the details for what’s coming in the short v2.5 Update. Most of the content will be utilized by Prequel Mode as there has been some disagreements over the difficulty of the Spectres.

Work Completed:

Fixed a couple of bugs in the game, nothing major.
Changed the way “Research”, “Survival” and the “Scavenger” skills work. They are now more appealing.
Improved “Ghost Stim” and “Recovery Stim” items.
Reduced Jose’s Radio call timer in prequel mode so he will call you every 10 minutes instead of every 7.5.
Added new SMG Skill “Blitz” for enemies and the player. Blitz allows a x2 attack on all on screen enemies in an attempt to spread enemy SMG attacks out a little.
Added new status “Ruptured Armor”. Whenever you attack an enemy with ammo such as ‘AP Ammo’ you may have a chance to inflict this status. It will lower enemy DEF by 30% and reduce their resistance to bullets in general. This is useful to counter some of the enemy armor perks.
Gave some enemies “CS Gas” grenades. These may stun/disorient/blind twice as long and have a chance to cause fever.
All Human Soldier Enemies now drop supplies to help in Prequel/Story Mode. Supplies gained in other modes carry forward from most modes on your save anyway.
Added the “Mac-10” Machine Pistol as an SMG type weapon to the game. It is low accuracy but an even higher CRI than the Uzi. It also has a special variant.

Work Planned/In Progress:

The Spectre enemy (the blue one) is being weakened due to complaints about their difficulty. There is also going to be an alternative version with dual handguns.
The Elite Spectre enemy (the red one) is being weakened too slightly. There will also be an alternate version of this one with an assault rifle.
2 New Spectre’s are being added (each with an alternate version) which will make up for the lost difficulty of the basic/blue spectre. I will release details of these via screenshots when further intel is available.
Infection chance will be increased by 1 to 2% as I don’t feel like it is enough of an issue to annoy the player. It hurts when you loose someone you spent time on but burstouts rarely happen to me personally.
A secret bonus scene is going to be added to a side mission in story mode. It reveals someones identity from Prequel Mode. It’s really obscure but will give a special weapon.
A New Melee weapon is going to be added to the game as a special rare drop from a new spectre type.
4 New *Voiced* NPC’s are being added to the Prequel Mode ship crew. These guys will appear at a certain point in the story but will not be announced by Jose and will be scattered throughout the ship. They will appear on Normal difficulty and above just to give an extra helping hand to those who can find them.
A new event is being added to Prequel Mode. Something goes wrong in the “Epidemic Prevention Block” on the B4 levels and causes someThing to infest the ship; This will introduce 4 new enemies exclusive to Prequel Mode. By weakening the Spectres I had to add challenge somewhere else :P
A new set of side missions are being added to Prequel Mode. Now when you get an “Incoming Transmission” it might no longer be Jose calling you. You might pick up radio chatter from a special Gen Inc Suicide Squad. Following these transmissions will be able to get you 6 New *Voiced* NPC characters and extra weapons and ordnance that you so desperately need; especially to deal with what’s to come. This also introduces a special fights and a human sub-boss to Prequel Mode.

Let’s Play

YouTube user Sadonrii is kicking ass in his let’s play. It was a slow start for him but on normal he easily mops up the enemy crew. (Spoiler Warnings)

It’s unclear if v2.4 saves will work with the v2.5 when it comes out as I’ve made some changes to the scripts (things that run code) and added new database objects. The v2.5 should come out in February as it’s only a short update contributing to Prequel Mode mainly. I’ll post screenshots on ModDB as content becomes available.

Gen Inc are still out there Captain and there not giving up just yet. Keep fighting the good fight.