Thing2 RPG PLAY “Test Build 6” / “Lite Build 2”

Over the course of the past 4 months or so I have been doing private test builds to iron out the game as much as possible before general release. I have decided that I need to expand on my feedback and criticism as much as I can so while I am working on the game hopefully people will play what I have already done and tell me what they think. I don’t think everyone will like it but I would appreciate it if you kept snide remarks to yourselves.

At the bottom of this post you will find the links (mediafire) to various builds of the game. Please read the rest of this post carefully to understand what BUILD you need and what game play has been completed so far.

Build Information

Test Build 6
This is the regular / standard build of the game. It is the recommended Build for players.
If you have a slower computer or older computer then I would advise you get the Lite Build.

Lite Build 2
Less tested than the Regular build but should work fine. This build is best for players with older machines as it is less laggy.
Please be aware that the lite build disables dynamic lighting (so some junction boxes may become redundant) and also be aware that Torches and Flares DO NOT work because they are disabled due to the removal of the dynamic lighting function.

Game Modes

There are 5 major game modes in the game.
When you select “New Game” you will be met by a pre-loader and then you will be offered the TUTORIAL MODE. Please play this, especially if you did not play the first game. It will teach you all the basics of the game. I also want to note that there is a command in the menu called FIELD GUIDE please reference this for in game help / tutorials on the fly.

Breakdown of Game Modes

Story Mode
The main game story, I have only just finished making the intro chapters (about 30 mins gameplay) so you may find that your progress is halted when you reach the Field Base. Please try it and tell me what you think, it is an original story of my own and I hope it makes sense.

Original Mode
A complete remake of the first game. With all the new gameplay features and an extended story. This mode is 100% complete and takes around 10 hours to finish. It has 12 Levels and please tell me if you make it past Level 9 “Airstrip” as none of my testers have passed this point. Also note that this is the main mode that has been tested so a lot of the game tweaking is according to how this mode plays.

Survival Mode
Survival mode IS NOT started. It will send you to the TEST MAP

Extra Content
Reserved for DLC. Extra Content Mode IS NOT started. It will send you to the TEST MAP

Test Map
Built for my use mainly. You may find that things do not make sense on it, just play around with it.

Game Download Links

Test Build 6

Lite Build 2

Please enjoy the game and note that these links will not stay up forever.
Thank you for your time.

You can find more information on this game at:


4 comments on “Thing2 RPG PLAY “Test Build 6” / “Lite Build 2”

  1. Richard, I’ve been playing the Test Build these past 2 days (I love it, it’s really well done even for a test) in original mode. I got past the Airstrip and I’m now in the Underground facility, with a playtime of approx. 5 hours on Easy mode. (Normal felt like a nice challenge balance, but I got stuck after being captured.)
    Things I like-
    The random infection system. This was good in the original Thing RPG, but I feel like it’s been improved. The random events (such as ‘Someone is destroying supplies…’ and ‘Through his ordeals, x gained courage! +1 rank’) are also really well done. Can you tell me what the trigger rates for these are?
    The tactical knives/secondary weapons! That was a really great idea, and since I ran out of ammo once or twice, it was a saving grace.
    The darkness is also really well done; This game actually felt pretty damn scary.
    The skills! That’s an amazing addition. I really liked being able to pick which things I wanted to learn and upgrade my guys. Also, even though I always groaned when I got a starting skill like ‘stupid’ on one of my guys, I have to admit it gives the game character.
    Things I didn’t like-
    The spelling and grammar needs to be tided up, a lot. This is just a minor issue, I suppose, but it would make the game look and feel better.
    This is just me nitpicking I believe, but here goes: I think accuracy on everyone should be a tad higher. (maybe 1-3%?) I feel like I was losing way too much ammo on missed shots. I understand the tense environment they’re in, but still. On that note, I think ammo drops should be a little bit bigger occasionally (1-2 extra), because, like I said, I was running out of ammo an awful lot.

    Well, that’s all I have to say! I’ll try to finish up Original mode and give you more feedback. In case you were still wondering, I LOVE the game, and I absolutely can’t wait to see you finish it.

    • Well Thanks. That is very nice of you to say.
      My aim in the game was for literally everything to be as randomized as possible. Which as I understand can play against you some times.
      In terms of in game triggers there are invisible markers in the game that call the event which then calls from a list of options. A lot of it also depends on who is left alive in your team.
      As for things you didn’t like I have a few prepared arguments lol.
      Spelling and Grammar… well yeah your right there.
      As for Accuracy, You have to consider the whole “HIT” stat. It can only go up to 100% right? (Which would be perfect aim) There are lots of things to consider, There is of course the Equipment and Skills that boost accuracy as well as attachments and also the random skills. I will consider increasing accuracy but an additional level of the skill for Scout/Sniper/Soldier is being put in.
      As for Ammo, The amount you get depends on difficulty and a random number. The range on easy is 4 to 7 I believe. (Originally Ammo was ranged from 1 to 3) With the addition of Ammo Supply Boxes (Large boosts of ammo) I think there is too much ammo. For example I am on the US Army Base testing the Lite Build. I have over 100 Handgun ammo which is a bit of overkill. The soldier has the Empty mags skill if you need to scavenge extra ammo and there is an item crafting (for ammo) too. In terms of survival horror I think the game is too easy as it stands.
      But yes there are a lot of things that need “Ironing” out. And I thank you for your time and especially your feedback. If you defeat the final boss let me know.
      Also one last question for you, The infection system is random (20% chance for new starters, few exceptions) but do you find a lot of people get infected by enemies? Its very rare for me to have more than 1 infected individual usually. I thought about increasing the infection rate.

  2. I actually did finish the game last night! It was very fun, and I think the original game has been significantly improved. Also, I really love the transfer option for your surviving crew members. Nice job!
    I concede to you on the ammo point. Looking back, I had way too many guns I wasn’t using. I did however have the Empty Mags skill. I suppose I just forgot to activate it.
    Regarding the Whitley battle, I think it went pretty smoothly, though I did have to improvise a little with flamethrowers, rather than the rocket launcher (I forgot to have someone trained in it, since in the original game I usually just gave it to Blake). It still felt pretty good as a last encounter, though!
    Regarding your feelings on the infection system, I think you’re right in suggesting it should be bumped up a little. Towards the end of the game, I did lose a couple people in my party, which I think was mostly resulting from boss fights. I’ve had three people burst out on me at once, but never more than that, and that only happened once. At the end of the game, I still had lots of teammates left to use. I lost Stanmore and Parnevik after a boss (the fourth, I believe, the one in the underground facility) but they were quickly replaced with Temple and Sturdy.
    Just for fun, my final party was:
    Burrows, Fisk, Sturdy, Price, Honeywell, Van Cliff, Temple
    Those still alive:
    Cohen, Stolis, Pace, Collins, Parker, Webster, Keyes, Guy, Rodriguez, Bashford, Russell, Powell, Parkes, Reed, Levelle, Peitola, Pierce, Daly, Orton.

    I had to leave behind at least two people: Falchek and Mackeowan. This was just because I couldn’t find their items to recruit them (I got a Medical Mask on my first playthrough on Normal, but Falchek was a Thing in that one, too.) I also couldn’t get Austin to come with me, and I tried to coerce him, with ill effect. (Was this intended? I know he was a bug character in the original PS2 game)
    One last thing to note- On Normal, at my checkpoint in the prison, I have at least 2-3 less team members than I do on Easy, which feels right, since it’s more difficult.

    Thanks for reading my comments! I hope I’m helping you with the development of this game. It’s truly one of my favorites.

    • Well Done, at least it is finish-able. The story mode will probably be long and complicated.
      For Story Mode there is a trading system so I suppose ammo shouldn’t really be an issue there. At least the boss battles are tough.
      Sad to see Smith didn’t live. (I’m Smith lol) He never lives for me either.
      Yes a few of the buggy characters do appear (Like Guy) But Austin will not join you. He can only be coerced (Small Chance).
      Yes your feedback is helpful of course.
      I hope that the completed game is more up to scratch and I hope my own story makes sense. Its not so level based, its more free roam which is going to be tricky but well see how it goes.
      Thanks for playing.

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